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Since our last Newsletter, RobotShop has teamed up with 10 new suppliers:
 BAC Industries, Robot Add-Ons and Parallax. Check out their great products!

RobotShop is now Distributing Parallax Products!

RobotShop is glad to announce that Parallax products will now be available via the RobotShop websites.

Here is a sampling of new products available at RobotShop. Feel free to browse all our New Arrivals.

Centroform EZFORM Tabletop Vacuum Forming Machine
Kondo KHR-3HV Humanoid Robot Kit
Arduino Experimentation Kit
Sherline CNC Ready Tabletop Vertical Milling Machines

• The EZFORM SV 1217 works with all formable plastics
• All metal construction
• Heavy duty 10' grounded electrical cord
• Fuse protected

• KHR based on 17 servos (DOF) + 5 dummy servos
• RCB-4 controls up to 35 serial servos
• Offers longer battery life with its 10.8V-800mAh battery
• Emulates human like movements: walks, does somersaults, climbs steps, does back flips, etc.

• Arduino Duemilanove USB Microcontroller Module
• Phidgets Rotation Sensors, Hitec Servo Motor and IR sensor included
• All required cables included
• Perfect for getting started with an Arduino

• Multi Axis tabletop vertical milling machines
• CNC-Upgrade Ready (CNC upgrade package required)
• Create 3D custom parts in metal, plastic and more!
• Create custom 3D molds for production
• Computer and software (3D CAD and CNC) sold separately
• Many additional parts included to get started.
• Available in metric or imperial

Parallax Propeller Education Kit - PropStick USB Version
Softpot Rotary Potentiometer
APSX RFID Reader/Writer Modules
Robot Add-Ons Aqua Glide Cleaning Pads for Roomba

• Powerful 8-cog multi-processing Propeller microcontroller and PE Labs
• Features the PropStick USB, with built-in Propeller chip, EEPROM and regulator
• Running with minimal wiring time
• RoHS Compliant

• Resistance linearly changes from 100 Ohms to 10,000 Ohms
• Custom linearity of 1% - 5%, residence 20% standard tolerance
• Cost lower than mechanical potentiometer
• Installation complete in a fraction of time

• 13.56MHz operating frequency
• Small Physical dimensions
• 19.2Kb Data Rate user memory
• Reads and WritesRFID tags that are brought in close proximity (4-11" depending on model)

• Is it Roomba or is it Scooba?
• Turn your Roomba into a hard floor, wet cleaning machine with these Aqua Glide Cleaning Pads for Roomba
• Comes with mounting pad and eight long lasting cleaning pads
• Ultimate in home cleaning and germ protection

Here is a sampling of deals offered by RobotShop. Feel free to browse
all products that are On Sale.

Belrobotics ParcMow Robot Lawn Mower
Aquabot Turbo T Jet (Open Box)

LawnBott LB1200 Spider Robot Lawn Mower (Open Box)

Vex Transmitter + Receiver

• Operates for over 1 hour at 3km/hr (~2.5 acres)
• Powered by 2x NiCd 24V, 10Ah batteries
• Automatic self-recharging
• Touch sensitive bumper
• Three “floating” cutting heads cover 65cm
• Weight: 36kg (80lbs)

• Open Box: Product like new, customer return
• Complete cleaning of ANY pool in 1 hour or less!
• Hydro-Scrubbing Jet system loosens stubborn debris
• High-pressure impeller
• Offset vacuum ports for clog-free operation
• Largest capacity reusable filter – more debris with less cleanings
• Industry’s healthiest filtration and water circulation

• Open Box: Product like new, customer return
• Powered by one lithium battery
• Designed for smaller yards, up to 5,500 sq. ft.
• Easy, just set it down, turn it on, and walk away!
• Rated slope usage of 27 degrees
• Lightweight at only 18 lbs.

• Allows a second user to control the Vex robot on a different channel
• New design with integrated LCD display
• 6 Channels

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