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Since our last Newsletter, RobotShop has teamed up with 8 new suppliers:

Asus-AgaitPCS Edventures, GeStreami-O Display Systems, Kinova Technology, GHI Electronics,
Mondomatrix and Fine Tune Golf.

Kinova Technologies and RobotShop launch the academic version of the revolutionary Kinova JACO robotic arm
RobotShop has obtained world-wide exclusivity for Internet sales of the academic version of the new generation Kinova JACOtm robotic arm. The carbon-fiber constructed JACOtm offers 6 degrees of freedom, 1.5Kg capacity and can reach up to .9 meters. Check out the Kinova JACO™ Robotic Arm Features video on RobotShop TV. You may also wish to read the official press release to this effect.

RobotShop Distribution Inc. announces the launch of RobotShop Europe
RobotShop's regional web sites offer quick and affordable shipping options, supported by optimized logistics, involving one or more territory specific warehouses. We now add specific service to the 27 European Union member nations via, along with a new EU warehouse in France, in order to better serve our European clients. Currency displayed on the EU website is the Euro(€) and prices include taxes (VAT).

RobotShop Announces VIP Repair Services now for their Customers Only
RobotShop Distribution announces important changes to the RobotShop Robot Hospital. RobotShop will now be offering their very unique repair services exclusively to customers that have purchased their domestic robot from RobotShop.

RobotShop now including a 5 Year Warranty with each Neato XV-11 Robot Vacuum
The popular Neato XV-11 Robot Vacuum is now offered with a standard 5 year warranty when purchased through RobotShop. This warranty is supported directly by the RobotShop Robot Hospital.
Here is a sampling of new products available at RobotShop. Feel free to browse all our New Arrivals
Hexbug Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Set Aldebaran Robotics Nao H21 Humanoid Robot Aldebaran Robotics Nao T14 Humanoid Robot Arduino Uno USB Microcontroller
• Get everything you need to battle your HEXBUG Nanos
• 2 extremely rare mutations
• 29 easy connect pieces
• Batteries included

• Perfect platform for academic purposes
• Lively hands-on experiments and programming
• 21 Degree of Freedom humanoid robot
• For students of all levels

• Humanoid torso designed for academic purposes
• Features a user-friendly programming environment
•14 Degree of Freedom humanoid robot
• Provides complex movement and prehensile capabilities

• Arduino microcontroller module with USB connection
• Specialized Library functions for robotics
• It is intended for roboticists, artists, designers and hobbyists
• The Uno is based on the Atmega328 (double memory)
• Variety of I/O pins including anaog, digital, PWM and more

Araneid King RC Quad Tracked Car PICAXE Microbot Programmable Robot BeRobot Professional Modular Humanoid Development Platform Robocup™ Golf Ball Return Robot

• Totally Hackable!
• Versatile remote controlled tracked vehicle
• Front and rear tracks rotate 360 degrees
• Capable of climbing ~6" high stairs
• Includes battery pack and charger (power adapter required for North America)

• Easy to assemble kit
• Powerful PICAXE 20X2 microcontroller
• Programmable with Windows, Linux and Mac computer systems
• Requires no soldering of wires
• Power Supply: 4.5V from 3 x AAA batteries (not included)

• World's smallest humanoid robot
• Includes all-in-one sensor controller and geared motor
• Programmable movements and sensor functions
• Wired and wireless remote control
• Easy-to-use graphical user interface
• 15 Servos and 12 Al-Mg Alloy Brackets

• Ball return device designed to work on any practice green
• Perfect golf gift for any golfer
• Saves your so much time
• Includes a protective molded carry case
• Autonomous navigation with outdoor GPS and 9 DOF IMU
• Runs on 4 AA batteries (not included)

Here is a sampling of deals offered by RobotShop. Feel free to browse all products that are On Sale
Parallax Propeller Starter Kit LawnBott LB1200 Spider Robot Lawn Mower (Open Box) Hitec Robonova-1 Kit with Roboremocon Merlin Robotics Miabot Classic

• Includes a built-in Propeller (P8X32A-Q44), EEPROM and 5 MHz crystal pre-wired
• Propeller Starter Kit helps to develop impressive projects
• Power requirements: 6 - 9 VDC
• RoHS Compliant

• Open Box: Product like new, customer return
• Powered by one lithium battery
• Designed for smaller yards, up to 5,500 sq. ft
• Easy, just set it down, turn it on, and walk away!
• Rated slope usage of 27 degrees
• Lightweight at only 18 lbs.
• 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (minus original shipping fees)

• Exciting 16 degree-of-freedom humanoid robot kit offers a complete robot package
• Can be retrofitted with several accessory modules
• Once programmed, ready to compete in any Robo One Class “J” competition
• Can walk, run, do flips, cartwheels, dance moves

• Miniature C programmable autonomous robot
• Robust Bluetooth wireless communication
• Fully controllable via simple ASCII serial protocol
• Assembled and ready to use

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