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ROBOT walks on water
The Inquirer - England,UK
BOFFINS AT Carnegie Mellon's NanoRobotics Lab have developed a robot so light that can walk on water. According to Associated Press ...

ROBOT Dispensing Medicine at Valley Hospital
Team 4 News - Rio Grande Valley,CA,USA
SEPTEMBER 14, 2004 - A Robot has taken over Valley Regional Medical Center's pharmacy. It's the wave of the future and known as ROBOT-RX. ...

FUJITSU robot performs myriad chores for sake of customers
Asahi Shimbun - Tokyo,Japan
... The company announced Monday it has developed a robot designed to aid customers in shopping malls, museums, train stations and airports that can do all of the ...

FUJITSU Develops Robot Porter
Forbes - USA
Tokyo, Sept. 13 (Jiji Press)--Fujitsu Ltd. said Monday it has developed a robot able to lead the way and use a cart to wheel baggage, like a porter. ..

If you are serious about robotics and motion control, you must have a "pod"
New Micros ServoPod Controller

Product number: RB-New-01

Manufactured by New Micros inc., ServoPod™ is a 16-bit DSP motion controller embedded with a Virtually Paralell Machine language, IsoMax™ on a small, user-accessible board. Features include: connections for 26 RC-Servo motors, two serial RS-232 channels, CAN bus driver, JTAG interface, 16-channel 12-bit A/D, 60Kx16 program flash eeprom, serial cable & transformer included, and more.

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