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Robot soldiers bound for Iraq
时报 - Ji'nan,Shandong,China
... of the 1m-high robots
equipped with cameras and operated by remote controlare going to Iraq this spring.The machine is based on a robot already used by ...

Ayanna Howard: Robot Wrangler
Spectrum - New York,NY,USA
... Her goal: a robot that can be dropped off on a planet and wander around on its own, eliminating the kind of intense supervision from Earth that Spirit and ...

Rescue robot deployes camera to see victims
Asia Times Online - Hong Kong
TOKYO - A research team at the Tokyo Institute of Technology has developed a small, mobile search-and-rescue robot that can deploy a tiny camera pod to help ...

Ernie the robot pharmacist: Hospital calls on machine to sort ...
Longview Daily News - Longview,WA,USA
... Evergreen Hospital Medical Center pharmacists estimate up to 93 percent of the hospital's drugs are now dispensed by Ernie, a $3 million robot who works around ...

Talk gives view of robot future
The Shorthorn - Arlington,TX,USA
He thinks the robot team could happen in as little as 50 years. ... "Maybe by the year 2050, we will get to the end of the robot road map," Kaynak said. ...

Sex and the single robot
Guardian - UK
Kim Jong-Hwan, the director of the ITRC-Intelligent Robot Research Centre, has developed a series of artificial chromosomes that, he says, will allow robots to ...

Adult Swim: Robot Chicken Premiere
Animated Bliss - Germantown,MD,USA
20, when Robot Chicken, from actor/producer Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, premieres. ... In Robot Chicken, no pop-culture target is safe. ...

I, Robot, am feeling a little randy today ...
Today (Singapore) - Singapore
Prof Kim Jong Hwan, the director of the ITRC (Intelligent Robot Research Centre in Taejon, South Korea) has developed a series of artificial chromosomes that ...

Carnegie Mellon's Red Team Seeks Two Million Dollar Robot Racing ...
AScribe - USA
... Grand Challenge goal.". Sandstorm is the Red Team's veteran robot racer. H1ghlander is the hot new contender. "Our ambition," says ...

Octopus Arms May Point Way to New Robot Designs
National Geographic - Washington,D.C.,USA
... "Our specific aim in this project is to learn from nature how to build and control a flexible-arm robot," said Binyamin Hochner, a biologist at Hebrew ...

Elektro, the Oldest US Robot
Slashdot - USA
... happen to be around Ohio this coming fall, don't miss an exhibit at the Mansfield Memorial Museum featuring the 7-foot-tall Elektro, the oldest robot in the US ...

Scorpion robot could conquer worlds - London,England,UK
The Scorpion robot is able to descend steep cliffs, climb rough terrain, and squeeze into crannies that are inaccessible to larger, wheeled vehicles. ...

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