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Robot Helps Gunshot Victim Walk Again - Chicago,IL,USA
CHICAGO -- Spinal cord injuries are among the toughest conditions doctors encounter. So far, science has little to offer paralyzed patients. ...

Award-winning robot has human-like inquisitiveness - UK
A mobile robot that demonstrates intelligence as it meets a new object has won the Electrolux-sponsored 2005 Fourth British Computer Society's Annual Prize ...

The robot invasion will be NXT...
GadgetsPaper - UK
A next-generation Lego Mindstorms robot has been unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, boasting a number of improved features over their previous model ...

Building a better robot
Crain's Detroit Business (subscription) - Detroit,MI,USA
... iRobot is a $95 million company whose technology has military and commercial uses, including a robot used to search for the miners in last week's accident at ...

Robot separates stem cells
Iowa City Press Citizen - Iowa City,IA,USA
... lawsuit," he said. The robot can do four simultaneous operations, which drastically increases productivity, Kamath said. The six ...

Sony continues development of human-like robot called QRIO - Taichung,Taiwan
QRIO is 60 centimeters tall, weighs 16.5 pounds and can use both arms to hold and move small boxes. If the box drops, the robot can find it and pick it up. ...

Better robots could help save disaster victims
New Scientist (subscription) - UK
... Although they tried to use a robot to move ahead and test conditions, the robot, a commercial model usually used for bomb disposal, was not specifically ...

Have an Emergency? Call in Robot
The Ledger - Lakeland,FL,USA
The robot, which belongs to the State Fire Marshal's Office in Tampa, is equipped with a video camera and is used to snoop out situations too dangerous for ...

Mine mud bogs down rescue robot
Charleston Gazette (subscription) - WV, USA
TALLMANSVILLE -- A robot designed to search mines during emergencies was bogged down by mud Tuesday, and was at least temporarily out of service in efforts to ...

First Robot Park Opens in Puchon
Korea Times - South Korea
... _ There is nothing that really captures one¡¯s imagination as one arrives at the entrance to the office building that is Korea¡¯s first robot park located ...

Army To Fund Robotics Toolkit
InformationWeek - Manhasset,NY,USA
... The US Army's Transportation Command (Warren, Mich.) will fund a six-month research project to develop a low-cost "robot infrastructure toolkit" that can be ...

The Hits of Tokyo Robot Week
IEEE Spectrum - New York,NY,USA
The world's largest robotics show, the International Robot Exhibition, was held in the Tokyo Big Sight complex from 30 November through 3 December 2005. ...

The 50 Best Robots Ever
Wired News - USA
... The game industry's only hope? A robot. ... What would you get if Robby the Robot got busy with a Mars rover? Probably something like the Mobots. ...

Robot Demonstrates Self-awareness
Slashdot - USA
shinyplasticbag writes ""A new robot can recognize the difference between a mirror image of itself and another robot that looks just like it. ... ...

Danger, Will Robinson - Robot Saves New Mexico Lab
RealTechNews - San Francisco,CA,USA
If you don't know where the reference to "Danger, Will Robinson" comes from, it's an homage to the robot from the old "Lost in Space" TV series. ...

Putting a robot in every home
The Journal - Westchester,NY,USA
... That's because the appliance in question is an iRobot Roomba Vacuuming Robot. ... It's a consumer product that's a robot, and it's not a robot toy. ...

Robots key to future, surgeon tells Capital
Scotsman - United Kingdom
ROBOT surgeons which can carry out complex surgery without even making an incision may soon be performing operations in Scottish hospitals. ...

Robots prove value in military exercises
Independent Online - Cape Town,South Africa
... Technology Agency (DSTA). Each Packbot robot is no bigger than the famous R2-D2 droid from the Star Wars movies. An evaluation of ...

Robot chopper documents Katrina's power
By Marsha Walton. The use of robotic vehicles is new to most first responders and emergency operations centers. BILOXI, Mississippi ...

Worth watching
Financial Times - London,England,UK
Butlers and housekeepers were in vogue at the world's largest robot show in Japan last week, according to a report on ...

A Healthy Little Robot
U.S. News & World Report - USA
... So can a robot pet provoke the same reactions? ... Some reported they got out of their chairs more often to play with the robot, increasing their exercise. ...


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