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RIKEN Develops Snake-like Robot Using Artificial Muscle
Medical News Today - UK
Tokyo (JCNN) - RIKEN announced that it has succeeded in developing a "flexible" robot using artificial muscles made of polymer gel (IPMC [Ionic Polymer Metal ...

Robot cars aim to kick up dust
San Francisco Chronicle - United States
... miles of desert without human assistance. And the new sponsor wanted its brand on the robot car. It's all in preparation for Grand ...

Polite robot ready for retail world - Detroit,MI,USA
Let Japanese electronics maker Fujitsu's robot help guide your way. ... Japan boasts one of the most advanced robot industries in the world. ...

Robot Exhibition To Highlight Wtec International Study Of Robotics
WebWire (press release) - Atlanta,GA,USA
... The exhibit will also show two compact, image-guided robot systems developed for prostate biopsy and brachytherapy applications. ...

Robot vehicles line up for race in the desert
International Herald Tribune - France
... The most successful robot, developed by a Carnegie Mellon University team, managed all of seven miles. With the next running scheduled for Oct. ...

Startup designs robot that helps physical therapy
Chicago Sun-Times - United States
A Chicago startup has designed a robot to help people in physical rehabilitation recover more quickly from their injuries. Time ...

The World's Smallest Robot - New York,NY,USA
Researchers have built an inchworm-like robot so small you need a microscope just to see it. In fact about 200 hundred of them could ...

US starts race for war robot
Business Online - London,UK
... The first race was 18 months ago for a $1m prize, but no machine finished. The best-­performing robot was from Carnegie Mellon University. ...

Seoul to Build Combat Robot
Korea Times - South Korea
Defense and communications technicians will team up to develop a mobile combat robot to fight alongside human soldiers on the battlefield, the government said ...

Presenting American Robot Servants
Men's News Daily - Guerneville,CA,USA
GeckoSystems, Inc., a leading developer of mobile service robots (MSRs), has announced completion of a revolutionary servant class personal robot designed for ...

Too good to be true? Robot finds treasure on Robinson Crusoe ...
Santiago Times (subscription) - Santiago,Chile
... The team used new robot technology that is able to scan the atomic composition of materials such as water, metals and petroleum buried up to 50 meters ...

FAQ: Keeping pace with robots
... Among commercial ventures, iRobot stands out. ... iRobot CEO Colin Angle says some people in Japan foresee 39 million household robots by the end of the decade. ...

Defend yourself against the coming robot rebellion
Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Pittsburgh,PA,USA
... sexy roman a clef or an investigative look at the school's ties to the US Defense Department, but rather a humorous guidebook for battling a robot takeover of ...

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