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 Since our last Newsletter, RobotShop has teamed up with 4 new suppliers: Nanda Home,

 CoroWare, RoboBrothers and Soyo. Check out their great products!

Revell VEXplorer Modular Robotics System


Revell VEXplorer Modular Robotics System

The Revell VEXplorer Modular Robotics System is the next generation robot construction kit that allows you to build something cool in less then an hour. This fine kit includes over 300 parts and is endorsed by FIRST, NASA, Carnegie Mellon, and other organizations

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Robotics Connection Stinger Robot Kit RoboBrothers RoboPhilo Humanoid Robot Kit Futaba 6EX 6-Channel 2.4GHz Radio System CoroWare CoroBot CB-DL Robot Development Platform (With Robot Arm / Xubuntu Linux + Windows XP)
Robotics Connection Stinger Robot Kit

RoboBrothers RoboPhilo Robot Kit


Futaba 6EX 6-Channel 2.4GHz Radio System


CoroWare Corobot Development Platforms
from $2874.00

• An excellent starter kit, which can grow as the user's expertise grows
• Very rugged two piece powder-coated chassis
• Driven by two high torque DC gear head motors with integrated quadrature encoders
• Large, wide foam tires for excellent traction

• Arriving any day now,  pre-order your RoboPhilo robot kit!
• 20 degree-of-freedom humanoid robot in kit form requiring assembly
• Controlled by a real-time IR remote, built-in actions or user-programmed actions
• Includes graphical software interface

• 6 channel 2.4GHz radio system
• The simplest and most advanced 6-channel system available
• Interference-free
• Compatible with most standard servo motors such as Hitec, GWS and Futaba.

• PC based robot development platform
• Optional 4 DOF robot arm w/gripper and pressure sensor)
• Windows XP and Xubuntu Linux options available
• Microsoft Robotics Studio and Player stage support pre-installed
• Fully assembled and ready to use

Elenco Snap Circuits 300-in-1 Experiments Kit w/Computer Interface SFE USB Weather Board ServoCity 4-Servo Recorder/Playback Controller Solarbotics I2C-It IR Rangefinder
Elenco Snap Circuits Experiments Kit
from $29.95

SFE USB Weather Board


ServoCity 4-Servo Recorder/Playback Controller


Solarbotics I2C-It IR Rangefinder
• Build your own circuits by snapping together modular parts
• Full-color assembly manual with exciting projects and optional computer interfaced experiments
• Ages 8 and up. Does not require tools or soldering
• Detects Humidity, Pressure and Temperature Accurately
• USB Interface
• Can be easily connected to RF modules for wireless operation

• Control 4 servos up to 180° by rotating the control knobs
• Can be used as a simple servo driver or a complete servo motion recorder
• Record motions and delays (up to 2.5 minutes), select between single or loop playback

• GP2D12 Range Sensor 10cm (~4") to 80cm (~30")
• Simple 2-wire I2C Interface
• User-selectable device addressing

Wow Wee RS Media Robot Toy WowWee Robopanda Animated Robot Toy Elenco Space Nine Robot Kit KA LawnBott LB3200 Evolution Robot Lawn Mower

Wow Wee RS Media Robot Toy


Save $25.00!

Wow Wee Robopanda Animated Robot Toy


Save $20.00!

Elenco Space Nine Robot Kit


Save $10.00!

KA LawnBott LB3200 Evolution Robot lawn Mower


Save $450.99!

• Third generation remote controlled/autonomous humanoid robot
• Chest mounted color LCD screen
• Stereo speaker system: 2 hand speakers and back mounted woofer
• Head mounted camera
• 4 complete default personalities
• Media functions: Photos, Video, Audio and Games
• Take control of RS Media with the PC Editing Suite

• Autonomous animated Panda robot toy

• Awarded eToys 2007 Hot Holiday Toy
• Sound and Touch responsive interaction (stroke, touch and pat)
• Interactively tells stories and plays games
• Recommended for ages 8 and up

• Remote controlled eight-legged star explorer
• Fun and educational (teaches basics of mechanics)
• Ages 12 and up. Quick to assemble and requires no soldering

• Pre Season Sale Price
• Advanced self programming system
• Rated slope usage of 27 degrees
• Powered by one lithium battery
• Automatically covers 33 000 sq.ft
• Includes wireless RF remote
• Weighs 21.6 lbs


 Robot Uprising 2008-2015, Market to Reach $15B
 By Hrafn
 Bring out your robot; your Roomba, your Robosapien, your Pleo, your AIBO, they’re gonna wanna see this. A new report states

 that personal robotics industry is expected to reach USD$15 billion in 2015. If we compare this to previous ...

 Romancing the robot
 Globe and Mail - Canada
 Using examples of human-robot interactions from around the world, Dr. Levy - who won the 1997 Loebner Prize for developing

 conversational software and who ...


 iRobot Looj Wins 2008 CES Best of Innovations Award
 Dexigner - USA
 irobot announced the irobot Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot has been honored with the 2008 International Consumer Electronic

 Showcase (CES) Best of Innovations ...


 Pleo dinosaur robot toy
 PC Advisor - London,UK
 It would be easy to call Pleo a robotic dinosaur toy, but that's unfair to both Ugobe, Pleo's maker, and to Pleo itself. ...

 A Toy Robot That’s a Flexible Friend
 New York Times - United States
 I-Sobot, Tomy’s new humanoid robot, is smaller and less expensive than most comparable models. It comes ready to use, with

 many preprogrammed, ...



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