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Hassle-Free Moving with Robot Lawn Mowers

     After being introduced to the highly innovative and ingenious home robots from the iRobot company, the Roomba and Scooba home robot models that cater to your indoor cleaning needs, now comes the Zucchetti Ambrogio Basic which, like its present companions in the domestic robots department, is also causing quite a stir with its aim to liberate people from doing the same old boring routine of mowing the lawn. A robot lawn mower sounds great right? Wait till you hear more about this new robot lawn mower.    

Having a robot lawn mower around is actually the most convenient way for one to be able to maintain a healthy looking lawn. And with not much work from you since automatic robot lawn mowers are designed to help you save a lot of time and effort when it comes to the upkeep of your lawn. You may even mow your lawn any time of the day or night without the worry of disturbing your neighbours. Thus, you’ll end up having more free time for yourself as well as for your family. You can practically have the luxury of having the weekend to yourself. Another great convenience from having a robot lawn mower is its many safety features that enable it to identify trees, rocks as well as other obstacles. You won’t need to worry about it bumping over anything. It has specially equipped bumpers to avoid scratches and lift detection so that you don’t cut yourself, plus a whole lot more. 

The Ambrogio Basic is suitable for up to 0.18 acre (700 square meter or 7500 square foot) lot size of lawn. Simply press start and the Ambrogio Basic gets to work. In order to keep your lawn looking healthy, the Ambrogio Basic robot lawn mower uses a special cutting method that has been proven to be much more beneficial for grass. It even actually helps retain your lawn’s valuable nutrients. Very environmentally friendly, the Ambrogio Basic robot lawn mower doesn’t need gas or oil and has no emissions. You can order your robot mower at .

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Zucchetti Ambrogio Basic Robot Lawn Mower

Small, compact, and quiet, Ambrogio Basic is your personal gardener with an electronic heart and loads of talent. The new Ambrogio Basic mower is ideal for medium sized yards, the perfect tool to keep your lawn groomed like the greens on your favorite golf course.

You will now be able to enjoy your week-ends!

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Zucchetti Ambrgio Basic Robot Mower

$CAD 1799.99

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