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 Since our last Newsletter, RobotShop has teamed up with 7 new suppliers: Litter-Robot, Yujin Robot,  

 Banebots, Radiotronix, Cortexa, Robotics and Things and Violet. Check out their great products!


        Violet Nabaztag/tag Wi-Fi Internet Rabbit  

Violet Nabaztag/tag Wi-Fi Internet Rabbit

The new generation of smart objects is upon us. Meet Nabaztag/tag, the new baby brother in the Nabaztag family. The 23cm tall Nabaztag/tag can move its ears, light up in hundreds of colors, play music, speak and even accept voice commands. The Violet Nabaztag/tag Wi-Fi Internet Rabbit will inform you of the weather, air quality, RSS feeds, traffic, stocks, email arrivals or tell you stories...but that's not all. Your family and friends can make Nabaztag/tag work from a distance, via SMS or email. Nabaztag/tag is compatible with PC, Mac and Linux computers. Configuration is entirely web-based and requires no platform-specific software.
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Wow Wee FlyTech RC DragonFly Yujin Robot iClebo free Intelligent Vacuum Litter-Robot Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box (Beige) Robotics and Things ROBOTIX 5000 Robot Commander Set - 98600
Wow Wee FlyTech RC DragonFly

Yujin Robot iClebo free Intelligent Vacuum


Litter-Robot Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box $399.99

Robotics and Things ROBOTIX 5000 Robot Commander Set

• Unique indoor flyer with innovative flying action

• Impact-absorbing flexible body and wings

• 2 channel digital proportional remote

• Available in 2 frequencies (Green-49MHz or Blue-27Mhz)


• Superior cleaning and filtering ability (3 stage filtering, Mesh, anti-bacterial, electro-static)
• IR sensors (No collision with walls and furniture)
• Low noise (60 dB)
• Li-ion battery (long life and operation time)
• Higher home base return rate

• Reliable and Dependable - Patented Litter Sifting System
• Easy Set Up & No Special Receptacles or Waste Bags
• Works with Clumping Litter
• 18 month full warranty.

• 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

• Available in Beige or Black

• Create a life size robot, 5 fEEt high, with this amazing set
• Hundreds of pieces

• Waves his hand, opens and closes his mouth, and the visor above his eyes moves up and down.

• Full Replacement Warranty

Kondo KHR-2HV Humanoid Robot Kit Hitec HS-985MG Servo motor Cebek 4 Message Digital Recorder TR-5 Ibotz InsultaBotz Robot Kit

Kondo KHR-2HV Humanoid Robot Kit


Save $200.00!

Hitec HS-985MG Servo motor


Save $10.00!

Cebek 4 Message Digital Recorder TR-5


Save $100.00!

Ibotz InsultaBotz Robot Kit


Save $15.00!

• Very capable humanoid robot platform

• 17 degrees of freedom (DOF)

• Walks, does somersaults, climbs steps, does back flips
• Includes everything you need to get started with humanoid robots

• Coreless Ultra Torque servo
• Speed (sec/60o): 0.13

• Torque (Kg-cm/Oz-in): 10.4/144.42

• Size (mm): 40 x 20 x 37
• Weight (g/oz): 62/2.18

• Allows storage and playback of up to 4 different messages with 16 seconds total recording time.

• Power Supply: 9-12 VDC / 35 mA.

• Detects objects with its infrared eye and moves accordingly, and while it does so, it insults you!
• Comes with a re-recordable voice chip that allows you to pre-record any message or multiple messages (up to 15 seconds)


 Robot hospital opens in Osaka


 The doctor will debug you now. Got aches in your actuators? Pains in your processor? Then check in to Osaka's

 new robot hospital...

 A robot to explore deep water in Mexico
 ZDNet - USA
 David Wettergreen of Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute has developed DEPTHX navigational software. Here is a short 

 comment. ...


 Robot nurses 'on wards in three years'
 University of Newcastle Upon Tyne - UK
 MRSA is a major issue, and if it were possible to manage a robot to routinely clean wards, walls and windows in the hospital, 

 that would serve a very useful ...


 Robot Subs in Space
 Popular Science - New York,NY,USA
 NASA hopes to someday use a robot like Bill Stone's DepthX to explore Europa, a frozen moon of Jupiter and one of the most 

 probably places in our solar ...


 A link to learning: Robot connects homebound third grader to class
 Brookline TAB - Needham,MA,USA
 Instead, the robot that was taking her place clicked and whirred as a neon orange hand dipped out the left side of its monitor. ...


 Robotics Studio expected to spawn various apps
 Eetasia.com (subscription) - USA
 Microsoft Corp. believes hobbyists' interest in commercial robotics today is similar to their enthusiasm for PCs in the 1970s. ...


 The Age of Robot

 economistsview.blogspot.com -  USA

 Bill Gates writing in Scientific American about the coming age of robots...


 Robots not just for geeks, villains
 Press-Enterprise (subscription) - Riverside,CA,USA
 If you haven't noticed, robots are making a comeback, whether it's the "BattleBots" on TV or the tamer variety, like the Lego

 Mindstorms robot. ...


 Sick of driving? This robot car takes the wheel
 CNNMoney.com - USA
 He reinvested some of it in an even more intelligent Stanley, which will be unveiled at the next iteration of the robot car contest -

 one that takes place ...


 NASA robot to plunge into 'bottomless' sinkhole
 Sci Fi Tech - New York,NY,USA
 Those are just a few of the questions NASA plans to answer by sending a crazy underwater robot down into the sink hole to 

 explore its mysteries. ...


 Experts predict brave new robot world
 Record-Searchlight (subscription) - Redding,CA,USA
 The term "robot" was coined in the 1920s when Czech playwright Karel Capek used the word "robota" -- relentless work or

 drudgery in his own tongue -- to ...


 Robot Rights?
 By BrainLova(BrainLova)
 Isaac Asimov, revered science fiction author of I, Robot and Foundation Series, died almost 15 years ago. Yet now, the South 

 Korean government is looking to his writings to inspire a new Robot Ethics Charter: rules to keep humans from ...

 Satellite repair robot faces orbital field test
 Scotsman - Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
 CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (Reuters) - A prototype satellite repair robot that can refuel, upgrade and repair satellites is slated 

 to begin a three-month ...


 Nanotechnology and Micro-robotics
 By Beacon(Beacon)
 Nanotechnology is any area of science I have always been fascinated with. Some of you may have heard of it, some of you may

 not have, but I am sure every one will know what it is and be affected by it in the near future. ...


 Robot surgeon to be tested 400 feet below sea level
 Daily - University of Washington - Seattle,WA,USA
 This week, a surgical robot, designed by UW researchers to perform medical procedures in extreme environments, will dive 400

 feet below sea level to undergo ...


 Robot love
 Montreal Gazette - Montreal,Quebec,Canada
 The UN predicts that 4.1 million domestic robots will be in use by the end of this year, and South Korea is expected to have a

 robot in every household by ...

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