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British undersea robot saves Russians
Gulf Daily News - Manama,Bahrain
MOSCOW: Seven exhausted Russian sailors returned to dry land yesterday after a dramatic operation by a British undersea robot freed their mini-submarine three ...

LG Roboking V-R4000 Floor Vacuum Robot
LG has recently launched a floor vacuum robot similar to the iRobot Roomba called Roboking in Korea. ... The LG robot cleans with 0.3m/sec. Runtime is 70min. ...

Robot workout for stroke sufferers
CNN International - USA
... In the gym is the "MIT-Manus" robot, which has been proven in clinical trials to help stroke patients regain movement of their arms. ...

Coffee Company Tchibo Sells Low-Cost Vacuum Robot
German coffee chain Tchibo is selling beginning tomorrow a floor vacuum robot for a low 89,90 Euros (~$110USD). ... This robot has sensors to detect stairs. ...

CMU team packs up robot for another life-detecting trip in Chilean ...
Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Pittsburgh,PA,USA
NASA's latest robotic mission to detect life will get under way this week as Carnegie Mellon University researchers pack up the robot known as Zoe and ship it ...

Japanese researchers develop robot skin - UK
... temperature. These are supple enough to wrap around robot fingers and relatively cheap to make, the researchers have claimed. Someya ...

Real Robot Modeled after 'Terminator' - New York,NY,USA
The TerminatorBot CRAWLER (Cylindrical Robot for Autonomous Walking and Lifting during Emergency Response) is a search-and-rescue millibot funded by the DARPA ...

He is robot raptor, hear him roar
CNet Blog - USA
... computer era. The Roboraptor is a fierce but cuddly interactive toy robot dinosaur that simulates a real raptor's body movements. His ...

Mitsubishi Heavy eyes commercializing humanoid robot
Japan Today - Tokyo,Japan
TOKYO -- Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd said Wednesday it plans to commercialize the Wakamaru humanoid robot, possibly within this year, as the company has ...

A robot to guard your house
News24 - South Africa
... on vacation? Japan has the answer: a housesitter robot armed with a digital camera, infrared sensors and a videophone. Stores across ...

Rock n' roll robot regains its feet
New Scientist (subscription) - UK
A humanoid robot with an exceptionally nimble knack for getting back on its feet after a fall has been developed by researchers in Japan. ...

Tchibo Floor Cleaning Robot Review
This floor cleaning robot looks similar to the Roomba robot, but has no vacuum function. This robot cleans just by brushing the ...

iRobot Settles Patent and Copyright Infringement Lawsuit to ...
Black Enterprise - New York,NY,USA
... Corporation. The lawsuit was filed to protect the patent, copyright and trade dress rights of iRobot's Roomba(R) Floor Vacuuming Robot. ...

Humanoid robot to go on sale in Japan can recognize 10,000 words ...
Boston Herald - United States
TOKYO - A 3-foot-tall humanoid robot that can recognize about 10,000 words and work as a house sitter will go on sale in Japan in September, its manufacturer ...

Surgical Micro-Robot - San Francisco,CA,USA
A new microscopic robot that is so small it can be injected into the body through a syringe could one day be used by doctors to analyze medical conditions ...

Robot In Touch with Its Emotions
Discovery Channel - USA
... 2, 2005-- The ability to express feelings is difficult enough for humans, but now a humanoid robot named Kansei is able to frown or smile according to a flow ...


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