RobotShop has teamed up with 3 new suppliers for distribution of their products in North America:

 POB Technology, Inex and Maxbotix. Check out their great products!


POB Technology POB BOT Maxbotix MaxSonar-EZ1 Sonar Module Summerour CMUCam2 Sensor Turret w/Servos Inex Interactive C Robot Kit V2.0

POB Technology


Maxbotix MaxSonar-EZ1 Sonar Module


Summerour CMUCam2 Sensor Turret w/Servos

Inex Interactive C Robot Kit V2.0


• Demonstrates the amazing POB Technology Products.

• Impressive vision system

• Programmed in C, JAVA and BASIC.

• Ranges from 6 to 254 inches (6.45 meters)

• Superior beam shape

• Serial,  Analog voltage or Pulse Width outputs

• Anodized Aluminum Pan and Tilt Turret

• Allows you to mount popular robotic sensors

• Programmed in C

• 68HC11 based microcontroller board

• Supplied with a great assortment of sensors

Kondo KHR-1 Humanoid Robot Kit Microbot ROBO-Lefter Robot Kit PDJ ARACHNOBOT Quad Robot Platform NPC 12 mph 24V Robot Propulsion Kit

Kondo KHR-1

 Humanoid Robot Kit


Save $300.00!

Microbot ROBO-Lefter Robot Kit


Save $100.00!

PDJ Arachnobot

Quad Robot Platform

Save $50.00!

NPC 24V Robot Propulsion Kits

Save $50.00!

• 17 DOF Humanoid platform

• 34cm high and weighs 1.2kg

• Controlled with a PC, microcontroller or R/C gear

• Pre-soldered main board

• Maze solving micro-mouse

• Employs a left turn algorithm

• Fully articulated 12 total DOF

• Climbs obstacles and carries payloads

• Made of rigid plastic using precision CNC equipment.

• Motor 24V, 3/4 hp

• High-performance motor with rock-solid gearbox and rubber caster wheel



 Microsoft Announces Robotics Studio
 Microsoft Corporation - USA
 Microsoft released a preview of a new Windows-based platform Tuesday that would allow for the easy development of robotics

 applications in academic, hobbyist ...


 The New DARPA Robot Car Challenge? City Driving
 PC Magazine - USA
 The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) said late Monday that it plans to hold its third Grand Challenge

 for autonomous robot cars in about ...


 Mars robot test in holiday spot
CBBC newsround (audio) - London,England,UK
 A robot, which scientists hope will land on Mars, is being tested out on the holiday island of Tenerife. ... The robot is set to be
 launched in 2011. ...


 India To Begin Robotics
 All Headline News - USA
 Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that India would soon begin production of cutting edge technology weapons in sensors, 

 robotics, propulsion systems ...


 Robot limb inspired by nature
Discovery Reports Canada - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
 Think of it as a robotic octopus arm. Teams of researchers at seven American universities have co-developed a manipulator that 

 promises ...

 RoboReptile – new advanced reptile robot
 Gizmag - Victoria,Australia
 Now there’s a new Wowwee robot about to be set loose – Roboreptile is a highly interactive, seeing and hearing 72cm long

 cyber-reptilian with a 28 function ...


 Hospitalized schoolkids use robot replacements in classroom
 Boston Globe - United States
 Half a second later, in a social studies class discussing the Erie Canal, a 5-foot-tall steel-blue robot raised its hand.


 Japan creates Asimov-like robotic laws
 United Press International - USA
 TOKYO, May 31 (UPI) -- Japan is creating "robotic laws" along the lines envisioned by scientist Isaac Asimov in the Laws of

 Robotics he presented in a 1940 ...


 Researchers Make Robot Hand Controlled By Human Thought - Budapest,Hungary
 ...brain when they thought about making a “rock”, “paper”, and “scissors” shape with their hands, then mapping the scans to

 robot hand actions ...


 Japanese store hires robot staff - UK
 A robot sales assistant started work for the first time at a Japanese department store. The 130cm high machine


 Ontario Science Centre Works With New Partners to Expand Robot-Building Workshops...
 CCNMatthews (press release) - Toronto,ON,Canada "at risk" youth at a special presentation followed by a lecture by Chris Hadfield, Canadian Space Agency

 Astronaut and Chief of Robotics for NASA. ...


 German robots 'outwit' opponents in football championship
 Monsters and - Glasgow,UK
 ...German robot teams won in 11 of 33 categories, including football and rescuing people from disasters. The event attracted 440 

 teams from 36 nations. ...


 Angst Over Arming Robots
 Strategy Page - USA
 ...develop armed versions of its UGVs. One of these armed robots is the PakBot, made by iRobot. There are several models of 

 Packbot ...


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