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 Since our last Newsletter, RobotShop has teamed up with 8 new suppliers: Innovation First,

 Active Innovations, Hagisonic, RoboBuilder, Ocean Server Technology, Geewiz Entertainment, Merlin Robotics and Invention Concepts. Check out their great products!

iRobot Roombaฎ 580 Vacuum Cleaning Robot


New iRobot Roomba Lifetime Warranty

RobotShop is now offering a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the iRobot Roomba product line for a normal non-commercial use!This warranty is supported directly by the RobotShop Robot Repair Center. RobotShop repairs or replaces the defective product free of charge, during its useful lifespan (5 years for the Roomba) if the defect is caused by a problem with the material or manufacturing of the product.

View more details >>

GeeWiz Mr. Clock Radio Invention Concepts Solar-Breeze Intelligent Solar Robot Pool Skimmer Infinuvo CleanMate QQ-2L Personal Cleaning Robot White RoboBuilder CREATOR 5710K Robotic Kit
GeeWiz Mr. Clock Radio

Solar-Breeze Intelligent Solar Robot pool Skimmer


Infinuvo CleanMate
QQ-2L Personal Cleaning Robot - White


RoboBuilder CREATOR 5700 Series Robotic Kit
from $745.00

• Talking alarm clock
• Motorized head and face
• AM/FM tuner and input jack
• LCD backlit display and LED lights

• Solar powered Robot Pool Skimmer
• No hoses or power cords required
• Integrated chemical dispenser
• Requires no external power source
• Costs absolutely nothing to operate

• New user friendly LCD panel displays unit operation status
• Automatically returns to its home base (included) for self-recharging when low on battery power
• Operates with a NiMH 2500 mAh battery (included)
• 3 1/2 hours quick battery charging
• 1 Year manufacturer's warranty (6 months on battery)


• 16 DOF and includes sound sensor (available in Black or Transparent)
• Design and build your own robotic creation or build one of 3 standard designs
• Download, program and play fancy robotic motion files
• Participate in robotics competitions
• Designed for ages 14 and up

Merlin Robotics Miabot Pro Aquaproducts Ultramax Gemini Commercial Robot Pool Cleaner Hagisonic StarGazer Robot Localization System OceanServer OS5000-S Solid State Tilt Compensated 3 Axis Digital Compass Module (RS-232 Serial)
Merlin Robotics Miabot Pro
from $1232.74

Aquaproducts Ultramax Gemini Commercial Robot Pool Cleaner


Hagisonic StarGazer Robot Localization System


OceanServer OS5000 Series Solid State Tilt Compensated 3 Axis Digital Compass
From $256.47
• Miniature C programmable autonomous robot
• Robust Bluetooth wireless communication
• Fully controllable via simple ASCII serial protocol
• Assembled and ready to use
• Recommended for pools 80' or larger
• Filters up to 10,000 gallons of water per hour
• Provides full floor coverage
• Remote control feature
• Infra-red eyes sense objects
• Reduces energy bills and pool maintenance costs


• High resolution and high speed indoor localization
• Provides position and heading angle
• Serial (TTL 3.3-5V) Interface
• Worlds best in resolution, convenience and cost
• Small size: 50x50x28mm

• 3-axis Magnetic Sensor 
• 3-axis Accelerometer for tilt compensation
• Optional Support for a high resolution depth or altitude sensor (24 bit A/D)

• Multiple interface options
• Micro Size : 1” x 1” , and weighs less then 2 grams
• Power: 3.3V regulated, 3.3-5V unregulated

Inex ROBOBOX V3.0 Discovery Set WowWee Robopanda Animated Robot Toy Tamiya Remote Control Robot Construction Kit Images Scientific Hexapod Walker - Black (Assembled)

Inex ROBOBOX V3.0 Discovery Set


Save $40.00!

Wow Wee Robopanda Animated Robot Toy


Save $40.00!

Tamiya Remote Control Robot Construction Kit


Save $7.00!

Images Scientific Hexapod Walker - Black (Assembled)


Save $76.95!

• Intelligent LOGO programmable robot kit for beginners
• Fully autonomous robot which is suitable for lower and higher educational students
• Perfect for people who are interested in microcontroller applications without much programming knowledge & skills

• Autonomous animated Panda robot toy

• Awarded eToys 2007 Hot Holiday Toy
• Sound and Touch responsive interaction (stroke, touch and pat)
• Interactively tells stories and plays games
• Recommended for ages 8 and up

• Remote controlled eight-legged star explorer
• Fun and educational (teaches basics of mechanics)
• Ages 12 and up. Quick to assemble and requires no soldering

• Hexapod walker robot kit
• Comes fully assembled and tested
• Simple three servo motor construction
• Standard alternating tripod gait (walking)
• Obstacle Avoidance using touch sensors
• Can walk forward and backward, turn left and right


 RobotShop duplicates its Canadian website and launches www.robotshop.us

 RobotShop Distribution inc. announced the launch of its new website www.robotshop.us to exclusively serve its

 U.S. customers. RobotShop thus becomes the first company in the world specialized in domestic & professional robotics to

 copy its business model into more than one country.


Visit the RobotShop Support Center

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