RobotShop has teamed up with 3 new suppliers for distribution of their products in North America:

 Microbric, Hokuyo and On Shine. Check out their great products!


Microbric Viper Robot Development Kit On Shine 433MHz High Sensitivity Transmitter/Receiver Pair Dimension Engineering Buffered 3g 3D Accelerometer Hokuyo URG-04LX Scanning Laser Rangefinder
Microbric Viper Robot Development Kit


On Shine 433MHz High Sensitivity Transmitter/ Receiver Pair


Dimension Engineering Buffered 3g 3D Accelerometer


Hokuyo URG-04LX Scanning Laser Rangefinder


Can be pulled apart and put back together in an unlimited number of ways

Electronic connection system is like nothing that has ever come before

Based on the Basic Atom microcontroller

1Kbps to 9.6Kbps Data Rate

Power Down Capability (on receiver)

300 foot range (92 meters)

Perfect for small robots, sensor telemetry and anything requiring wireless transmission

Draws only 0.9mA!
Triple axis 3g accelerometer

Buffered for direct connection to microcontrollers

DIP-16 form factor

Reverse voltage and Output short protection

240 area scanning range with 0.36 angular resolution

Detectable range is 20mm to 4m

USB and RS-232 interfaces

Low power consumption (2.5 Watts, 500mA @ 5V)

Zucchetti Ambrogio Evolution Robot Lawn Mower IRobot ROOMBA VIRTUAL WALL Summerour Robotics Botster Robot Kit Joinmax Quadruped Robot Platform

Zucchetti Ambrogio Evolution Robot Mower


Save $100.00!

iRobot Roomba Virtual Wall


Save $20.00!

Summerour Robotics Botster Robot Kit

Save $20.00!

Joinmax Quadruped Robot Platform


Save $25.00!

Totally autonomous

Covers 33,000 square feet!

Random mowing pattern

Elegant Italian design

2 year warranty

Keeps Roomba cleaning where you want it, or out of trouble spots

Creates a 13 foot virtual wall


Rugged design holds up under constant usage

Integrated wheel encoder

Can be controlled with any microcontroller, PDA or PC104 device

Programmable movement such as slow walk, fast running, turning left and right, 360 turning, etc.

Assembly processe is simple and does not require prior knowledge of any kind



 The call for robotics standards is on
 Register - London,England,UK
 RoboBiz The robotics industry's penchant for bespoke gadgets has so far led to a slow moving field where every company and

 hobbyist has to spend huge amounts ...


 Mini-robot proves fatally attractive to cockroaches
 Guardian Unlimited - UK
 The kick in the mandibles comes from a Belgian-led team who spent three years developing a mini robot that can convince

 cockroaches to creep out of dark holes ...


 Japan to open its first robot museum in October
 Digital World Tokyo - Tokyo, Japan
 Once cleansed of cars and sales staff ("Nice robot here, one owner only!"), the site will become home to cast-off bots from the

 2005 Aichi Expo and their ...


 Shuttle's robot arm performs well during spacewalk
 New Scientist Space - UK
 Future astronauts may be able to inspect and repair the shuttle's heat shield while in space by dangling on the end of a 30-

 meter-long robotic arm on the ...


 Robotics provide advance in prostate surgery
 Huntington Herald Dispatch - Huntington,WV,USA
 HUNTINGTON -- More than 230,000 new cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed each year in the United States, according to

 the American Cancer Society. ...


 Robot Helpers for the Elderly by Next Year
 Chosun Ilbo - Seoul,South Korea
 The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Energy said Wednesday that it will introduce a robot pilot product that will help the 

 elderly and handicapped as part of ...


 Divining AI, and the future of consumer robotics
 CNET - San Francisco,CA,USA
 ... CNET sat down with Thrun to talk about artificial intelligence and the future of consumer robotics. ... Division one is

 industrial robotics. ...

 iRobot Schedules Second Quarter 2006 Earnings Call
 Business Wire (press release) - San Francisco,CA,USA
 BURLINGTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 19, 2006--iRobot Corp. (NASDAQ: IRBT) announced today the company will

 issue its second ...


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