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Robot may perform breast exam - Evergreen,VA,USA
... system, told the magazine. The robot hand is remotely controlled by an operator wearing a motion-sensing glove. The operator's hand ...

Watch the New Roboraptor Robot Dance!
PC World - USA
When I took home the new Roboraptor, a robot that resembles an 11-inch-tall Tyrannosaurus Rex, for my kids to play with last weekend, I thought I knew what to ...

Robot car runs 200 miles - USA
The Carnegie Mellon Red Team's Sandstorm robotic HMMWV ("HUMMVEE") completed a 200-mile test run last week, a small step on the way to claiming the 2005 DARPA ...

Ditch the remote, get a robot
Register - London,England,UK
... The other iCat has all the characteristics of a Japanese robot toy, and comes equipped with 13 servos that control different parts of the face, such as the ...

LG Electronics Unveils Vacuum-Cleaning Robot
Korea Times - Seoul,South Korea
LG Electronics, South Korea's second-largest consumer electronics maker, Thursday unveiled a new vacuum-cleaning robot, setting the stage for a market-share ...

Robo-Rx - Robot fills prescriptions at Fallon Family Drug
Lahontan Valley News - Fallon,NV,USA
Parata cannot speak, but it can count. The 5-month old robot is used to count and dispense pills, a task traditionally handled by human pharmacy technicians. ...

Autonomous undersea robot developed - Evergreen,VA,USA
University of Hawaii scientists say they are close to completing the nation's first autonomous robotic vehicle for deep-ocean work. ...

Korea's intelligent robot industry
Asia Times Online - Kowloon,Hong Kong
SEOUL - With South Korean robot manufacturers vying to unveil new products in the second half of the year, intelligent robots represent a soon-to-be booming ...

'A robot saved my sex life'
Daily Mail - UK - UK
... However, a new operation performed by robot means that 90 per cent of patients are still able to make love after having their prostate taken away. ...

TERRORISM: Robot checks
Australian IT - Australia
THE artificial intelligence system used to monitor the Sydney Harbour Bridge will be adapted to create a robot capable of inspecting and removing suspicious ...

Factory robot retooled as amusement park ride
A robot originally designed for the factory floor has found a lucrative career moonlighting at amusement parks. The Robocoaster ...

You, Robot
Scientific American - USA
... experimentation for the past 35 years, first as the graduate student at Stanford University who created the "Stanford Cart," the first mobile robot capable of ...


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