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 Since our last Newsletter, RobotShop has teamed up with 3 new suppliers: Simplehomenet,

 Images Scientific and Private-Door. Check out their great products!


iRobot Roomba® 560 Vacuum Cleaning Robot  



The new Roomba 500 Series is now shipping!

We are very impressed with the new generation of robot vacuums from iRobot. The iRobot Roomba 500 Series which includes the Roomba 530 and Roomba 560 will change the way you clean! Both models, available through RobotShop, offer improved navigation, floor coverage, edge detection, improved corner cleaning abilities and a new soft touch bumper. The brush technology was also revamped with an anti-tangle technology to make them clean your home better then ever! This, and much more makes these robot vacuums the best on the market. View more details >>

WowWee Roboquad Animated Robot Toy Simplehomenet EZRain V1 INSTEON/X10 8-Zone Irrigation Controller Spark Fun Miniature Wireless Camera 200mW Private-Door System Automatic Door Opener/Closer (Left Hinge)
WowWee Roboquad Animated Robot Toy

Simplehomenet EZRain V1 INSTEON/X10 8-Zone Irrigation Controller


Spark Fun Miniature Wireless Camera 200mW


Private-Door System Automatic Door Opener/Closer

• Remote controlled / autonomous animated quad robot
• Sleek and agile with its rotating legs and articulated neck, headlights turn on and off, can be programmed with the remote on top of the 72 pre-programmed functions
• Ages 8 and up

• Powerline interface delivers individual and programmed timer commands to your lawn sprinklers
• INSTEON and X10 compatible ready for PC or standalone operation
• Free Windows XP utility for easy PC programming of up to 4 timed irrigation programs

• Light and small wireless color camera and receiver
• Wireless Transmission Range: 50-100m
• 1.2GHz technology for high-quality full-color surveillance
• The camera weights only 72g rams!
• Easy to install

• Automate the entrance door to houses and townhouses
• Retro-fits virtually any existing door up to 36 inches and 100 pounds
• The Private-Door System requires no high-voltage wiring

• Easy to install with simple hand tools

Aquabot Pool Rover Junior Above Ground Robot Pool Cleaner KA LawnBott LB2000 Professional Robot Mower Microrobot ROBO-Lefter Robot Kit CLO Systems X-Arm Robotic Display Mounting Solution

Aquabot Pool Rover Junior Above Ground Robot Pool Cleaner

Save $40.00!

KA LawnBott LB2000 Professional Robot Mower


Save $399.99!

Microrobot ROBO-Lefter Robot Kit


Save $87.49!

CLO Systems X-Arm Robotic Display Mounting Solution


Save $173.25!

• Clean any shape flat-bottomed above ground pool
• Proven long life and low maintenance
• Vacuums and filters without hoses
• Removes large leaves to algae
• Pool cleaning at the touch of a button
• Maintenance cost savings

• Fully autonomous Professional Robot Mower

• Rated maximum slope usage of 12 degrees
• Powered by two lead acid batteries
• Automatically covers 33 000 square feet
• Weighs 39 lbs

• Robo-Lefter is a maze solving micro-mouse
• Robo-Lefter employs a left turn algorithm
• It is easily constructed and programmed by beginners (no soldering required)

• Handles bigger size plasma or LCD flat panel TVs up to 60" and 180 pounds.
• Retracts the TV to 4.6” from the wall and extends the TV about 12” from the wall.
• Swivels a 42” TV left and right 28º each way and tilts the TV up 7º and down 25º.


 RobotShop Now Offering Scooba Parts

 Roomba Review

 RobotShop Now Offering Scooba Parts ...


 Why We Mine: Can Robots Replace Humans?
 A small corps of engineers and robotics experts envision a day in the not-too-distant future when robots and other technology do

 most of the dangerous ...

 RealEstate.com Shares Bright Ideas to Make Your Home Smart
 PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
 While the possibilities for home automation are only limited by your imagination, the choices facing the average homeowner

 may seem daunting. ...


 Robot pilots are beating us humans
 Neoseeker - USA
 The robot flyer was able to lock in and attach to the fuel nozzle, even in high turbulence conditions that had the port flapping up

 and down by five feet or ...


 New iRobot Roomba 500 Series Vacuums
 Slippery Brick - Portland,OR,USA
 iRobot has today released a new series of its Roomba vacuuming robots, marking the first new model upgrade in about 3 years.

 The model comes with a number ...


 Gutter Cleaning is a Multimillion Dollar Business
 By thorn_stevens(thorn_stevens)
 Gutter cleaning and protection generates millions of dollars of business every year, something to think about given the upcoming

 iRobot Looj gutter cleaner. (I'm trying to get an accurate total if anybody can find one.) ...


 Monitor Your INSTEON and X10 Devices via Computer Network
 By Chief Gadgeteer 
 The EZBridge IP to INSTEON/X10 Bridge allows you to control and monitor your INSTEON devices from anywhere, by bridging

 your home automation network and your computer network. And if you're connected to the Internet via a broadband ...


 Home robots offer spying skills
 FayObserver.com - Fayetteville NC,USA
 A new device by iRobot Corp. resembles the company's disc-shaped Roomba vacuum cleaner, but with a webcam bulging from

 the top. It's designed to enable a ...


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