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 Happy Holidays from the RobotShop Team!


iRobot Roomba® 560 Vacuum Cleaning Robot  


RobotShop Gift Center

At the RobotShop Gift Center you can find products that are certain to please! Although the RobotShop team has selected the most popular products for this holiday season, other excellent robot products are available.

Whether you are looking for domestic robots, robot kits, robot toys or robot parts to build your own robots, you can find all your holiday gifts here at RobotShop, the world's leading source for domestic robot technology. Make this holiday season memorable, with RobotShop.


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Hitec MA-VIN Robot Kit AutoPetBowl - Automatic Pet Bowl (Small) Elenco Titan Tank Robot Set OWI Rhinoceros Beetle Robot Kit
Hitec MA-VIN Robot Kit $149.99

AutoPetBowl - Automatic Pet Bowl

From $32.00

Elenco Titan Tank Robot Set


OWI Rhinoceros Beetle Robot Kit

• Modular construction for easy transformation
• Easy Icon-based visual programming for beginners
• Also programmable in C using WINAVR

• No soldering required
• Suitable for people aged 13 and up

• Available in December 2007

• Pet feeder opens automatically when approached
• Closes automatically 5 to 10 seconds after pet finishes its meal

• Safe and easy for the pets
• Can be used for feeding or hydrating pets

• Pair of Infrared remote controlled combat robots
• Fun and educational (teaches basics of mechanics)
• Ages 12 and up. Quick to assemble and requires no soldering

• Top Toy of the Year Award for 2007
• Control this Rhinoceros Beetle's movements and claw action with an 8 channel infrared remote control
• Ages 10 and up. Quick to assemble and requires no soldering

Images Scientific Flexible Stretch Sensors Images Scientific SR-07 Speech Recognition Circuit Assembled Pololu IR Beacon Transceiver (pair) Elenco TK-1500 Deluxe 32 Piece Technician Tool Kit
Images Scientific Flexible Stretch Sensors
From $8.95

Images Scientific SR-07 Speech Recognition Circuit

From $179.94

Pololu IR Beacon Transceiver Pair


Nanda Clocky Robot Alarm Clock

• Flexible cylindrical cord available a variety of lengths
• Measures stretch, displacement and force
• Changes resistance when stretched

• Great for virtual gloves, suits and robot exoskeletons

• Control your robot vocally!

• Speech recognition circuit with headset
• Can recognize up to 40 words lasting 1 second each or 20 words lasting 2 seconds each
• Trained words can be in any language

• Provide your robots with a simple way to detect each other
• Four red LEDs provide visual feedback for the direction of the other beacon
• Four digital outputs, each representing a cardinal direction

• Robot alarm clock that runs away and hides when you don't wake up!
• Beeps and flashes as it runs around your bedroom
• Jumps off your nightstand from up to 3 feet
• Aqua color also available

Microrobot Robo Jr. Line Tracer TOMY Omnibot 2007 i-SOBOT Humanoid Robot LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT (English) WowWee Roboreptile Robot Toy

Microrobot Robo Jr. Line Tracer


Save $5.00!

TOMY Omnibot 2007 i-SOBOT Humanoid Robot


Save $30.00!



Save $10.00!

WowWee Roboreptile Robot Toy


Save $10.00!

• Uses two infrared emitters along with two sensors to follow a dark line on a light background
• This line follower robot is perfect for school projects!
• Requires soldering and assembly

• The world's smallest humanoid robot according to Guinness World Records
• 17 DOF (degrees of freedom)
• Controlled by a real-time remote control, built-in actions, user programmed actions or voice commands
• Ages 10 and up. Provided pre-assembled and pre-programmed

• All-new NXT Intelligent Brick with 32-bit microprocessor
• USB 2.0 and Bluetooth support
• Easy-to-use PC and Mac compatible interface
• Intuitive, icon-based drag-and-drop "building" environment

Remote controlled/autonomous reptile robot
• Features two walking speeds, flexible neck, whipping tail and can be programmed with the remote on top of the 28 pre-programmed functions
• Explores and interacts with his environment searching for prey
• Ages 8 and up

 RobotShop iRobot Roomba Trade-In Program
 At RobotShop we care about our environment and want to recycle your old or defective Roomba. Roomba Parts are not beneficial 

 to our environment this is why ...


 Robot alarm clock lets time really fly

 Detroit news  

 Before you hit the snooze button a second time on this alarm clock, you'll have to hunt it down...


 Elvis robot may shake you up
 Minneapolis Star Tribune - Minneapolis,MN,USA
 York has dared to tread into what robot mavens call the Uncanny Valley, where cool borders on creepy. Honda's ASIMO robo-

 valet and Sony's AIBO robo-dog are ...


 iRobot Unveils Gutter-Cleaning Robot

 PC Magazine
 iRobot's new Looj robot does a dirty, disgusting, dangerous job for you: cleaning your gutters.


 Getting intimate with robots
 Radio Netherlands - Netherlands
 Someday soon you may be able to end all these messy human relationships and take up with a robot. David Levy is an i

 international chess master. ...


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