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 The RobotShop team would like to take this opportunity to wish you Happy Holidays!

 Since our last Newsletter, RobotShop has teamed up with 6 new suppliers: Element Direct,

 Dakota Robotics, RobotisSmarthome, Spark Fun Electronics and Vesture

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        White Box Robotics 914 PC-BOT    

Home Automation and Domotics

Take a step forward and simplify your life with RobotShop!

RobotShop has extended its product offer by including a new category of products: Home Automation and Domotics. Home Automation and Domotics are oriented toward surrounding humans with intelligent technology that provides more comfort, more security, higher convenience and better peace of mind. These technologies are paving the way for our future robot environments. Sooner or later, all our home electronic and mechanical equipment will be wired together and placed in communication with mobile domestic robots.

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RoboDynamics RooTooth Bluetooth Roomba Interface Module Shadow 6mm Air Muscle Firgelli PQ-12s Dynalloy Flexinol Sample Kit
SFE BlueSMiRF Bluetooth Modem

Smarthome Home Theater Lighting Control Starter Kit


Robotis Bioloid Comprehensive Robot Kit


Basic Micro BasicATOM Pro 24-M Microcontroller Module

• Extremely small 2.4GHz Bluetooth Radio Modem

• Built-in antenna

• Encrypted connection

• 350 foot transmission range

• Low power consumption


• Control lights and adjust the temperature using the remote that controls your TV and stereo

• Universal remote controls up to 5 A/V components and multiple lights

• Allows users to build multiple types of robots using interchangeable block-shaped parts
• Freeware GUI based software
• Uses powerful AX-12+ Smart Serial Servos (229.2 oz-in torque)

• Up to 100,000 Plus

Instructions Per Second!
• 32K of Program Space

• 28K of EEPROM

• 2K of User / System RAM

• Based on the Hitachi 3664

• Up to 8 A/D pins

Zucchetti Ambrogio Basic Robot Lawn Mower Active Robots Easy-Step 3000 Standard Stepper Motor Driver Module Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System 2.0 Wow Wee RoboRaptor Robot Toy

Wow Wee Roboreptile Robot Toy


Save $5.00!

Fischertechnik ROBO Mobile Set


Save $50.00!

Active Robots Easy-Step 3000 Standard Stepper Motor Driver Module

Save $20.00!

PowerFilmฎ 15.4V 100mA Flexible Photovoltaic Module


Save $20.00!

• New product!

• Realistic biomorphic movements

• Multi-sensory environmental awareness

• Explores and interacts with his environment searching for prey; attacking, roaring, biting behaviors

• Construction set for building 8 mobile robot models
• Includes ROBO interface and ROBO Pro software

• Improved all-round edge detection and obstacle detection

• Compatible with Microsoft Robotics Studio

• Small Footprint

• Up to 35Volts and 3 Amp per phase

• Drive Unipolar Stepper Motors in Full 2 Phase, Full 1 Phase and Half Step
• Easy to use Command Set

• Lightweight, paper-thin, and durable

• Specifically developed to recharge batteries

• 15.4V 100mA power output

• Can be cut in half with minimal loss allowing artistic freedom

• Measures 10.0" x 5.9"

 Scientists to launch underwater autonomous robot fleets
 engadget - Santa Monica,CA,USA
 You might want to watch where you wade while at Montego Bay, California this month, as a fleet of sea-searching robots will be 

 on the prowl collecting all ...


 White Box Robotics' 914 PC-BOT on the loose
 engadget - Santa Monica,CA,USA
 It's been a long seven years for the folks at White Box Robotics, but it appears that the company is all but ready to start pushing

 a limited production lineup ...


 New Robot Glides Through Intestines
 Slashdot - USA
 TechFreep writes to mention a NewScientist article about a new mucus-riding robot, intended for use in medical examinations of

 the intestinal tract. ...


 Artist robot to become part of New York museum collection
 TODAYonline - Singapore
 A robot devised by a Portuguese artist that creates its own paintings went on display in Lisbon before it becomes part of the

 permanent collection of New ...


 Robot Arm for Stroke Victims
 Zaman Online - Istanbul,Turkey
 By Anadolu News Agency (AA), Tokyo. Japanese scientists have developed a robot arm to help stroke victims regain the use of

 their arms. ...


 Robotics could help people in wheelchairs
 CBC News - Canada
 US government engineers are working on a robotic chair system that could help people in wheelchairs live a more independent

 life. ...


 Watch that Scooba scoot!
 The State - Columbia,SC,USA
 ... In the 21st century, can’t we out-source the work to machines instead? That’s the thinking behind the Scooba, a floor-washing

 robot from iRobot Corp. ...


 Musical robot composes, performs and teaches
 ... Weinberg and Driscoll coordinated with various computer and architectural departments to engineer a memorable robot. ... "It

 doesn't have the metallic robot feel.". ...


 Now a robot to treat baldness
 Daily News & Analysis - Mumbai,India
 LONDON: British biotechnology firm Intercytex has developed a robot that will help treat baldness by growing new hair follicle

 cells. ...


 Robot Grabs and Solves Rubik's Cube
 LiveScience.com - New York,NY,USA
 RuBot II is an amazing robot that can easily pick up and solve the Rubik's cube puzzle game in a completely interactive (and

 talkative!) way. ...


 Breakthrough Robotic Surgery Makes Cancer Recovery Easier
 WFtv.com - Orlando,FL,USA
 But with the help of a robot, two surgeons are the first in the world to treat these types of cancers without making even one

 incision. ...


 Robot museum launch
 Newham Recorder - London,England,UK
 THE UK's first museum of kinetic art - complete with robots - has been launched at Old Spitalfields Market. The museum is

 described ...


 World’s First Cooking Robot
 SlashGear - Scottsdale,AZ,USA
 Why pop in that old frozen entr้e into your microwave when you can get a robot chef to cook you freshly prepared meals?

 Named the ...


 Public must prepare for 'robot revolution'
 24dash.com - Hereford,Herefordshire,UK
 ... Roboticist Professor Noel Sharkey from the University of Sheffield said: "Robots are coming thick and fast with robot 

 domestics, gardeners, cooks, companions ...


 Shadow Robot Hand
 Coolest Gadgets - Newburry,Berkshire,UK
 ... that of a human hand. All that is changed forever with the Shadow Robot Hand from Shadow Robot Company. This unique

 piece of technology ...


 Photo in the News: Robot Senses Damage, Learns to Walk Again
 National Geographic - Washington,DC,USA
 November 17, 2006—It may look like a metallic starfish, but scientists say this robot might have more in common with a

 newborn human. ...


 Telerehabilitation Robotics: Bright Lights, Big Future?
Medical News Today (press release) - UK
 Using robotics for remote treatment over the Internet is now a reality. As care moves fromthe inpatient setting to the home,

 mining ...


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