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Hate mopping? Let a robot do it
USA Today - USA
By Kevin Maney, USA TODAY. Roomba, the vacuum cleaner that created a market for robot housecleaning appliances, has a new sibling. ...

Pioneering transplant operation carried out by robot
Scotsman - Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
BRITISH surgeons have completed the first live transplant operation using a robot, it emerged yesterday. The 1million machine ...

Scientists Unleash Robot Horde On Humanity
WebProNews - Lexington,KY,USA
... A swarm of robots seeking a chemical leak can cover more territory than a single robot, and if one robot encounters a problem and can't take part in a search ...

Self-replicating robot developed
TVNZ - New Zealand
Scientists have taken a step towards turning science fiction into reality by building a rudimentary self-replicating robot. The ...

Insect robot walks on water
ABC Science Online - Australia
A bug-like robot inspired by insects that skate across water has been engineered by US scientists. The machine provides deeper insight ...

Robot wars start in North America
Inquirer - Harrow,Middlesex,UK
A US maker of robotic vacuum cleaners has launched a lawsuit against a Canadian company which it alleges has infringed its patents. ...

Osaka is quickly becoming the robot capital of the world
Taipei Times - Taipei,Taiwan
... Now the port city is pinning its hopes on a 39cm-tall humanoid with an eye on the goal of achieving a more worthy reputation -- that of robot capital of the ...

Ministry predicts robot nurses in '25
Asahi Shimbun - Tokyo,Japan
By TAKASHI KAMIGURI. Japan in 2025 will have household robot nurses that can help lift elderly people into wheelchairs from their beds. ...

Visit the Robot Zoo - Little Rock,AR,USA
Today was the grand re-opening of Mid-America Museum in Hot Springs and also the opening of a neat new exhibit, "The Robot Zoo." The zoo features 8 life-like ...

A monkey moves a robot arm in MIT
Hindu Business Line - India
... The author cites the research breakthroughs achieved by Miguel Nicolelis and John Chapin - such as showing that a rat could control a robot arm in much the ...

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