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Eva the android and the creepy robot pirates
engadget - USA
... a lot of ridiculous-looking robots, and a fair number of downright creepy droids, cross the news desk here at Engadget, but we have never seen a robot with a ...

Robots Are Ready to Rumble
Wired News - USA
... a series of very loud crashes or the sound of saw blades cutting violently through metal, it's probably from RoboGames, a gathering of robot-combat enthusiasts ...

Pentagon Invests in Robot Surgery for Wounded Soldiers
Scotsman - UK
... Surgeons will need to manipulate the robot in real time, using technology that prevents any delays between their commands and the robot's actions. ...

Robots reveal their human side
... of visitors. "Humanoids are really exciting," Richard Walker of the Shadow Robot Company told the New Scientist magazine. "People ...

Japanese town gets real Robocop
Bru Direct - Brunei Darussalam
Tokyo - The safety of a Japanese neighborhood was put in the hands -- briefly -- of a robot, which became police chief for the day in a campaign to promote ...

Learning about the human vocal mechanism - A Talking Robot
Medical News Today - UK
... about the human vocal mechanism and how it creates speech, researchers at Waseda University in Tokyo have created an "anthropomorphic talking robot" called WT ...

Walking Human-Shaped Robot Going on Sale
Forbes - USA
A small walking man-shaped robot for home security and entertainment is going on sale in Japan for 588,000 yen ($5,450). The 15-inch ...

Is the world ready for the self-aware robot?
For early researchers in artificial intelligence who were out to play God, it turned out the devil was in the details. Their efforts ...

United Defense to develop robot warriors
San Jose Business Journal - CA,USA
They're robots and they're armed. That's what the Santa Clara campus of United Defense Industries Inc. plans to develop for the ...

Israeli dental robot makes implants less painful, less expensive
Israel 21C - Cupertino,CA,USA
By Allison Kaplan Sommer April 17, 2005. A new Israeli start-up wants to put a robot in your mouth. The company, Rehovot-based Tactile ...

Robot spacecraft mission halted
Gulf Times - Doha,Qatar
WASHINGTON: A mission for a robotic rendezvous with a military satellite was halted early when the unmanned spacecraft prematurely ran out of fuel, the US ...

Robot plays golf
Inquirer - UK
... Golfers are likely to be teed off that the robot - intended to be a caddy substitute - moves around on wheels, and so will be a tad hampered by bunkers. ...

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