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Walking robot learns new trick: dancing
Xinhua - Beijing,China
BEIJING, May 26 (Xinhua) -- Somewhat comically, a walking, talking robot manages to twist its hip and extend its arms, as it imitates human dancing. ...

Robot baby helps medical students train
E-Health Insider - UK
... owns a PediaSIM, a representation of a five-to-seven year old child, and Stan D. Ardman (Standard Man, abbreviated to Stan), a sophisticated fully-grown robot. ...

The Italian R2D2 Robot
OnRobo - Lake Orion,MI,USA
The university's Department of Computer Science developed the robot in an effort to learn how to program robots to interact with people in the real world. ...

Here robot, robot: Your next pet may be of faux fur in the future - Detroit,MI,USA
... Alexander Libin softly strokes the orange-cream fur of NeCoRo -- a semi-realistic 3.5-pound cat-robot packed with visual, auditory and movement-sensitive ...

Toyota ponders robot sales
CNN/Money - USA
... Seiichi Sudo, a managing officer overseeing Toyota's robot division, has said he hoped to put the droid to use as a receptionist at some of the automaker's own ...

I Robot' Becomes 'We Robot
ABC News - USA
... out their mission. Soon, such marching orders will be real, carried out by robot groups known as "swarms" or "hives." For example:

Robot therapy helps man battle back from a spinal cord injury
Billings Gazette - Billings,MT,USA
... A therapist recommended a program at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, where researchers were using a robot to provide gait ...

Helping Human and Robot Firefighters Work as a Team
Money Plans - Mumbai,India
... Our aim was to enable robot and human to work together in partnership and share their complementary skills.". PELOTE focused on ...

DARPA picks 40 robot hopefuls for $2m race
Register - London,England,UK
... The $2m prize and unique nature of the Grand Challenge, which requires robot cars to steer themselves across a 150 mile, obstacle laden desert course, has ...

Robotics: Grow Up!
ABC News - USA
I propose that we officially retire the term "robot." It's so freighted with unfortunate implications that it is one of several key factors holding back the ...

Robot Request: Give Me Some Skin
Betterhumans - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
... It's nothing more than a huge sensor.". The idea is to develop a "sensitive skin" that technicians could use to cover a robot. This ...

Give me my robot slave
Malaysia Kini - Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
Try this on for size. Answer the question: "Would you like to own a robot?". ... Then we move on to the next question: Why? Why do you want a robot? ...

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Since Sony’s introduction of the robotic dog “Aibo”, it has aroused tremendous interest in the robotic toy industry. The Joinmax initial introduction of a robotic dog with 15 degrees of freedom is aiming to establish a robotic dog platform to provide a more flexible playground for the Robotic Dog enthusiast community. Through the construction of this robotic dog, one can have a much better understanding of the fundamental concept of a robotic dog’s mechanical architecture and its basic principle of movement.

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