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Every single day we are reminded that the robot revolution is moving forward. From autonomous vehicles to automated cashier, the robots are taking a larger and larger place in our daily lives. And while our attention has been focused on robots in manufacturing industries, there’s one vital field of activity […]



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We had the pleasure to sponsor a very interesting school project that targeted a real-world problem. These two smart students developped their own connected lock and are sharing today the story of their project. Who are we? We are Nathan Hampton and Quinn Sulejmani. Two Engineering Design and Development students at […]


go lock connected door knob keyless

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You may have probably stumbled upon one of their videos depicting some incredibly ingenious concepts of Lego builds. From Zambonis to hay-balers, their YouTube channel has gathered over 13 million views in less than 3 years. Their latest invention, a LEGO brick picker called “Rumba”, caught our eye and so we […]



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You may or may not have heard, but the world saw the first robot obtain citizenship last fall. Although this was a historic milestone in the history of robots, it hasn’t come without its lot of controversies (both about the citizenship and the praise for the robot). This left many a […]



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Arduino is a 15-year-old brand and I believe that nowadays everyone with even a minor interest in technology may be owning one of these microcontroller boards. But how many of you are actually using it or have ever made a useful project with it? Sometimes the Arduino is abandoned on […]