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Back in May, Softbank purchased more than 80% of Aldebaran Robotics for $100 million. Then, Aldebaran purchased Karotz, the company which previously purchased Violet, creators of the Nabaztag. Now, Aldebaran has purchased Gostai, creator of the Jazz telepresence robot.

The association of our expertise in robotics with Gostai skills specialized in the field of applied software allows us to reinforce our position significantly. Aldebaran Robotics is more than ever a major international player in this area which is supposed to become very competitive in the near future

-Bruno Maisonnier, Founder and CEO of Aldebaran Robotics

This means Aldebaran Robotics, which was founded as recently as 2005, has already made two acquisitions  despite not even selling the Nao Humanoid to the general public. Look out iRobot – Aldebaran is becoming a serious player in the robotics industry.

Aldebaran Nao gostai-jazz aldebaran-karotz

Next out the door will likely be their full-sized humanoid, ROMEO.

Gostai Press Release


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