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Neato Robotics has just released a firmware update for their smart robotic vacuum cleaner XV-11.

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As illustrated in the table below, your Neato XV-11 vacuum robot will get many new features from this upgrade, such as spot-cleaning capabilities, wiggle action that allows for better docking, bug fixes, and more!

Neato Upgrade Chart

Neato Upgrade Chart

Download the free Neato Vacuum Software update today and install it on your robot by using a regular USB cable.


2 Responses to “Firmware Update Released, Make Your Neato XV-11 Smarter”

  1. andrea seward

    why has the free neato vacuum software update been removed? I have had my neato since 2011 with no problems. I’ve updated it once and now I can’t, shy?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Andrea Seward Neato has removed the software updates from their website and we do not have any information of why they removed it.

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