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For those who have been enjoying the Litter-Robot automatic self cleaning litter box for a few months or a few years, you know that this is a great product that has very few issues. But, it is a robot with sensors etc. that can fail with usage. We do have tricks and things to verify for basic issues if the robot goes into error and wanted to share them with our readers. In many cases, just a verification and adjustment of sensors can fix the Litter-Robot without having to repair it.

You can find our Litter-Robot II troubleshooting guides here:

Litter-Robot II Basic Troubleshooting Guide
Litter-Robot II Advanced Troubleshooting Guide

You can find our Litter-Robot II repair guides here:

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Litter-Robot II

Litter-Robot II

All Litter-Robots purchased with us come with a 5 year warranty. But, before having customers send the product for repairs, we suggest verifying the following:

1. While the globe is at the dump position please check to see if the waste port guard handle is interfering with the entrance lip of the flexible liner.

Litter-Robot Lip Extender Not Installed Correctly

Litter-Robot Lip Extender Not Installed Correctly

If this appears to be the case like in the picture above then please re-position the lip such that the channel at the base of the lip is fitted onto the hard plastic opening. If you have a lip extender, please also make sure it is properly installed under the arm such as the arm moves freely up and down.

Litter-Robot Lip Extender Installed Correctly

Litter-Robot Lip Extender Installed Correctly

2. Remove the globe and make sure there is nothing stuck on the base where the globe turns. Make sure there is nothing preventing the globe from turning properly. Please also make sure the litter-robot is on a level surface.

Litter-Robot Base

Litter-Robot Base

Especially verify the gear that the base sits on for debris.

Litter-Robot Motor Gear

Litter-Robot Motor Gear

3. Please check the control panel for any evidence of urine residue. Also, if you see urine in the bottom of the waste drawer, this would be an indication that your cat is missing the litter and urinating just outside the opening, which may be damaging the circuit board behind the control panel.

Removing Litter-Robot Control Panel

Removing Litter-Robot Control Panel

You may remove the control panel by pulling on one side from the top left or right corner.

Verify Circuit Board

Verify Circuit Board

You will then be able to visually verify the circuit board for evidence of urine. If this is the case, a new circuit board would be recommended.

4. Let’s also make certain the cat sensor is at the factory setting. Please remove the globe and waste drawer and make certain the unit is off.

Litter-Robot Cat Sensor Covered

Litter-Robot Cat Sensor Covered

You will see a black cover just inside the base. Remove it.

Remove Litter-Robot Cat Sensor Cover

Remove Litter-Robot Cat Sensor Cover

You should see about 2 threads between the nut and black holder.

Litter-Robot Cat Sensor

Litter-Robot Cat Sensor

If you do not, then adjust the cat sensor by turning what we call the foot/knob that is directly underneath the base until it is. Depending on the size of your cat, you may need to adjust it slightly.

Adjusting Litter-Robot Cat Sensor

Adjusting Litter-Robot Cat Sensor

Make sure the correct amount of litter is inside the globe before adjusting. A maximum of two inches below the cat entrance and not above the fill line inside the globe.

Verifying Litter-Robot Cat Sensor

Verifying Litter-Robot Cat Sensor

You may press on the bottom of the base to make sure the switch clicks when pressed.

5. Make certain there is no debris on the safety line and then SNAP it a few times to make certain the switch is not stuck.

Pull On Safety Line

Pull On Safety Line

You may also press on the safety line and make sure you hear a switch click inside the Litter-Robot.

Verifying Safety Line Switch

Verifying Safety Line Switch

Put everything back together and let the unit cycle. In many cases, most problems should have been fixed by verifying the switches. If the problem persists we do have parts available if your Litter-Robot is no longer under warranty.

Still having problems? Please take a look at our Litter-Robot II Advanced Troubleshooting Guide.

Do not hesitate to contact us if your Litter-Robot was purchased with us for repairs under warranty or after our 5 year warranty.


281 Responses to “Litter-Robot II Basic Troubleshooting Guide”

  1. Cameron Cotrill

    Litter robot doesn’t stop and reverse correctly when cycling. How does it know where the waste port is? I’m an engineer and don’t see how it works. Went through troubleshooting guide and found no issues. What next?

    • Coleman Benson

      The Litter-Robot houses a hall effect sensor inside the base and magnets inside the globe. When the magnet in the globe reaches the sensor, the globe stops. It is possible that there is an issue with the sensor in this case. Unless you see anything wrong with the rubber inside the globe. There could also be an issue with the circuit board. You may contact our experts for more information on our forum or support center.

  2. Ilya

    My litter robot seems to be turning in the wrong direction! It turns clockwise at first, causing much of the litter to spill out of the flaps. Is there some way to solve this? My issue doesn’t seem to be connected to any of the above trouble-shooting points.

  3. Julie Gendron

    It is possible in this case that your Litter-Robot circuit board is defective. We suggest that you contact us via our support center so we may troubleshoot your product. If it was purchased with us, it is most likely still under our 5 year warranty.

  4. shannon

    My litter robo is not cycling at all. Tried cleaning and everything. I think maybe the motor? The yellow light is not flashing it just stays on. Help…. any suggestions?

  5. Julie Gendron

    The issue could indeed be the motor itself or that the motor is not getting proper power. There could also be an issue with the connections to the motor. We would therefore suggest to verify the connections going to the motor. They are found under a black cover in the inside of the base. If you feel comfortable, you can open up the Litter-Robot in order to verify the motor and connections with more ease.

  6. Michele Ashburn

    My litter robot is cycling then stops mid way and then the red light comes on and it never cycles back to dump the litter back in and if i move it after 30 mins all my litter dumps out. I have tried resetting it but it just does the same thing over and over. I need help fixing this for what I paid for it I am becoming disappointed and ready to go back to the old fashioned litter box

    • Julie Gendron

      There appears to be a sensor issue with your Litter-Robot in this case. We suggest that you please verify the sensitivity of the cat sensor. Please also remove the globe and pull and push on the safety line a few times to dislodge any debris. You should hear the switch inside the Litter-Robot click when you push on the safety line. Then try to have the Litter-Robot turn without the globe.

  7. Kevin

    Mine will start to cycle all the way until the waste is dropped into the bin underneath. It will then reverse direction like it should but once the openings for the waste close, it stops. It will try to turn again but stops after about a second. After it tries a few times, it gets stuck and the yellow and red lights begin to flash. Most times if I unplug it and plug it back in, it will go back to normal but sometimes it won’t. Any suggestions? I’ve checked for debris on the wire but there is none.

  8. Mathieu Thibault

    Your issue with your Litter Robot seems to be caused by either the motor or a sensor. We suggest you to verify the safety line, by removing the globe and pulling on the safety line a few times. You should hear the sensor click. You can also verify if the waste door has some debris on it, blocking it to close correctly.

  9. Kevin Burton

    Thank you but I’ve tried both of those with no luck. If it’s the motor, what are my options?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      If it’s been purchased with us, then we suggest you to contact our support center with your invoice number and we should proceed with the repair of your Litter Robot. If not, then you can certainly purchase the Litter Robot motor on our website.

  10. carol shaffer

    Hi. Unit isn’t cycling when cat leaves box. Green light stays on all the time. I get it to work by unplugging and plugging back in.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      Hi Carol, it seems the problem you are experiencing is caused by the cat sensor. We suggest you to take a look at the cat sensor and adjust it accordingly. You can also verify manually, by pressing on the Litter Robot and verify if the light turns from green to red.

  11. Carleata Jensen

    No power. All connections seem to be ok. It just stopped one day without any problems before.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      Hi Carleata, The problem can be caused by either the circuit board, the power jack or the power supply itself. We suggest you to have your power supply tested. If it is working, then we suggest you to replace the circuit board and/or the power jack. You can test the power jack by wiggling the power supply barrel when it is plugged in. If you are seeing the lights flash, then you’ll need to replace it.

  12. Jennifer Bierie

    My Litter Robot cycles and as the unit begins to cycle back, it stops and begins flashing all three lights continuously. Your website says it can’t find the home position when this happens but there is no good explanation for this that I can find. Nothing has changed recently to trigger this. i find it usually happens when I add new litter to it but it will happen randomly as well. Any suggestions on what could be causing it?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      Hi Jennifer, if the Litter Robot stops just when it is supposed to cycle back, then your Litter Robot seems to have a problem with the motor. If it triggers someway along the cycle, then we suggest you to contact our support center and send us a video of your problem, it’ll be easier for us to troubleshoot.

  13. Anna C.

    My litter robot will not cycle. I’ve tried unplugging and plugging back in, as well as turning the power switch off and on and the yellow cycle light just comes on and stays on. The motor makes a quick sound like it is starting to cycle and then stops quickly — almost like a short circuit sound. Help!

    • Mathieu Thibault

      Hi Anna, can you please take a look and verify the step#4 and #5 of the troubleshooting guide? The problem you are experiencing can be caused by either a sensor or a motor problem.

  14. Janet

    Our robot will start it’s cycle, then stop midway, but it’s not happening consistently. Usually when this happens when we start the cycle again we end up with litter spilling out the sides. We’ve had ours for 3+ years and this just started a couple of months ago. Help! We love our robot!

    • Mathieu Thibault

      Hi Janet, it seems it can be a problem with a sensor, the motor or the circuit board. We suggest you to verify if the cat sensor is correctly installed and if the safety line switch clicks correctly. If so and the problem still occurs, if you have purchased your Litter-Robot with us, we suggest you to contact our support center with your order information and we will proceed to the repair of your robot.

  15. Alyssa

    My litter robot will not turn on at all. I have tried different outlets and nothing is working

    • Mathieu Thibault

      Hi Alyssa, this problem can be caused by the power jack or the circuit board. If your litter robot has been purchased with us, we suggest you to contact our support center with your order information and we will proceed to the repair of your robot.

  16. Lori Dobson

    My litter robot will not cycle at all – when turned on, the globe twitches but doesn’t rotate and all three lights flash on and off continually.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Lori This problem can be caused by either a sensor or a defective motor. We suggest you to verify the sensors if they are correctly in place. If so, then it’s possibly a defective motor.

  17. Nancy

    My litter robot is over-rotating. Once it gets to the part of the cycle where the waste ports open instead of pausing and then cycling back the other direction it continues turning in the counter-clockwise direction until it has almost completely returned to the home position and then it cycles back in the clockwise position to end up at the home position. I’m getting a lot of litter clumps spilling out of the right side of the unit now because the waste ports don’t stay open long enough for the clumps to fall through completely.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Nancy It seems like you are having a problem with the circuit board. If the Litter Robot doesn’t stop at the dump position but stops at the home position, it’s likely a problem with the circuit board.

  18. Bonnie Maxton-Harvey

    My Litter Robot no longer cycles after my cat uses it. I am not referring to the Litter Robot’s customary delay after the cat uses the litter–I mean, the Litter Robot just sits there with the green light on but never cycles. When I manually cycle it, it does fine, although sometimes it makes a groaning noise as it cycles. Can you speculate what the problem might be? It sits on a large piece of board that my husband has leveled so that the surface it sits on is perfectly even, and our power supply is constant. Last year, I sent it back to you for a replacement motor, and up until recently, it had been working fine ever since. I never see any yellow or red lights–just the steady green light, even when it’s not cycling when it should. This problem was intermittent for a few weeks, but now it’s every time my cat uses it.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Bonnie It seems the problem you are experiencing is caused by the cat sensor, which no longer triggers when the cat is stepping on the Litter-Robot. We suggest you to remove the black cover and verify if the switch is correctly in place. Verify is the switch triggers when you are stepping down on the Litter-Robot. If it does, then we suggest you to adjust the sensitivity, so your cat could trigger the cat sensor switch.

  19. Carly

    Hello. I accidentally dropped the globe while cleaning it, and I seemed to pop the clear plastic window out. It’s not cracked or broken, but I can’t seem to get the little rivets back into the holes in the window. Any ideas?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Carly The rivets cannot get back in place after they popped out. We would suggest you to replace them with bolts and nuts.

  20. Kathy Burns-Fernandes

    My litter robot will not cycle. I’ve tried unplugging and plugging back in, as well as turning the power switch off and on and the yellow cycle light just comes on and stays on. The motor makes a quick sound like it is starting to cycle and then stops quickly. I saw where you said earlier to verify steps #4 and #5 in the troubleshooting guide however, when I looked at the manual online, I didn’t see steps #4 & #5. Please advise what they are. Thank you!

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Kathy The steps #4 and #5 are in this current blog post. Step #4 is to make certain the cat sensor is at the factory setting. Please remove the globe and waste drawer and make certain the unit is off. Step #5 is to make certain there is no debris on the safety line and then SNAP it a few times to make certain the switch is not stuck.

  21. Bri

    The globe begins to turn when one of my cat gets inside to use it. She is about 9lbs pounds, but the sensor does not detect her weight. Please tell me what I can check to fix the problem. I have to shut it off manually when it happens, because my cat does not jump out while it’s rotating. I do turn off the unit each night, and turn it back on each morning. I thought that should reset the unit, but the problem continues. It doesn’t occur all the time, but often enough to make me worry that it can happen when I’m not home.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Bri It seems there’s a problem with the cat sensor. We suggest you to remove the drawer, remove the black cover and verify if the sensor triggers when you press down on the Litter-Robot. If it’s hard to press down, then we suggest you to adjust the cat sensor sensitivity. You can do so by referring yourself to the Step 4 of this blog post.

  22. Julian Cedeno

    ….Solid yellow light. Checked steps 4 and 5, the sensor is at factory 2 thread setting and no debris in the safety line – it clicks. …over a period of a couple days it sounded like it was “groaning” when it would cycle.. thinking the motor might be shot? I’m pretty handy, I can replace any parts myself, just need to know what to replace. I’ve checked the cat sensor for any rust/corrosion, none. I’ve

    checked the power supply line, nothing there either. The motor itself I have not taken out yet.. thinking that might be the culprit? Please advise! thanks

    • Bryan Hubert

      @Julian Cedono, from what you are describing we suggest that you replace your motor.

  23. Kim ketterer

    Hello, I have had my litter robot for a bit now (around 5 years). Recently It has started to sound like the motor might not be working properly. It’s much slower to rotate and has started to not rotate all the way to the point where the globe dumps. Any suggestions to fix would be a great help. Thanks.

    • Bryan Hubert

      @Kim, replacing the motor in this case would solve this issue.

  24. Amber Shirey

    Our litter robot does not seem to be able to go in reverse. We cleaned it top to bottom. It seems that the gear/motor is to weak (only when on the reversing-the-globe-back function). For example, the slightest resistance to the motor (again, only when reversing), seems to cause it to groan to a near halt and it continues turning slowly while the globe idles in place. If it’s a motor problem, how can we fix?

    • Bryan Hubert

      @Amber, replacing the motor would be the best thing to do from what you are describing.

  25. Courtney

    Our unit was stopping mid-cycle, almost as if it was triggered by something. We were able to continue the cycle by pushing the button multiple times but it at least cycled. We checked all the sensors and were not able to fix it. After speaking to someone in Customer service we purchased a new circuit board thinking that would fix it. It did not and now we are stuck with only the yellow light on. Upon initially turning it on you can here a slight motor movement but then stays on yellow and does not continue to cycle. After a bit it will go to red blinking lights. HELP!!

    • Bryan Hubert

      @Courtney, it sounds like the motor is defective in this case and not the circuit board. If you purchased the circuit board you can contact exchanges/returns and exchange the circuit board for the motor.

  26. Sharon curtis

    My robot stopped powering on. I’ve tried using another power supply from my other working litter robot, and it still does not power on. I purchased my robot from in 2012 and it says mine is out of warranty, but here you are saying that the warranty is 5 yrs. Did I miss something? Any suggestions on how to get power going to my unit?

  27. Charity

    Help! My litter robot globe does not turn anymore, and in fact will not sit properly on the base. It is like the teeth of the turning cog don’t catch in the little holes, or the turning cog itself does not hold it in position. The globe turns by itself until the “mouth” is sitting improperly to the left instead of bottom center, and then when it is supposed to turn, nothing happens. When I lift the globe off of the base while the motor is running, the cog that is supposed to turn it still turns with the motor, but it isn’t actually moving the globe. 🙁 This is a new base we purchased after our old one went bad, and it is less than a year old.

    • Bryan Hubert

      @Charity are you able to adjust the holes from the globe with the cog teeth? Maybe the motor inside the base is not positioned correctly. If you are not sure how to proceed you can contact RobotShop’s Support Center for further support.

  28. Debbie Cornsweet

    Hi, When I rescued a cat due to I

    My Litter-robot cycles many times a day even when my cat hasn’t used it. How can I get it to only cycle when she triggers it?

    • Bryan Hubert

      @ Debbie, you can make certain the cat sensor is at the factory setting. Remove the globe and waste drawer and make certain the unit is off. You will see a black cover just inside the base. Remove it. You will now be able to see a bolt that is coming out of a nut. This bolt should show 1/4 inch above the nut. If it does not, then adjust the cat sensor by turning what we call the foot/knob that is directly underneath the base until it is. This should fix the issue you are having with your litter-robot.

  29. Joe Williams

    The arm of my litter robot is constantly in the “up” position even when the Robot is not rotation. In other words, at rest it looks exactly like the arm in the “Litter-Robot Lip Extender Installed Correctly” photo above. The cats seem to be able to work around the issue at this point, but I’m concerned that having the arm constantly blocking the opening could eventually discourage them from using the device. Is there any way to fix this problem? The arm moves freely but is stuck in the “up” position.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Joe Williams Can you verify if there’s anything stuck around the arm or the doors? Usually, when the door is stuck in this position, it means there’s something stuck between the doors and the Litter Robot, blocking the door partially.

  30. Michal

    We have had the LR for about 6 years and thank the kitty litter gods every day. However, in the past 6 months or so, clumps of wet litter from urination stick to the sides of the globe. As a result, the clumps don’t drop into the drawer when the doors open but stay stuck. Can you please advise? Thanks!

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Michal It seems the problem you are having with your Litter Robot is caused by the Litter itself and not the Litter Robot. We suggest you to try a new Litter or change the Litter completely inside your Litter Robot. This problem is caused when the litter doesn’t have enough time to clumps before the cycle starts.

  31. Regan

    Our litter robot has served us well for a while now, but recently, it won’t complete a cycle. It will begin a cycle, then at some point in the process, it will stop and all three lights will start flashing (usually when all the litter is hidden). It had done this before, but I was always able to fix it by removing litter and then restarting it. Now, I have tried removing all the litter and it still stops mid-cycle. Help!

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Regan Does the Litter-Robot stops when it’s supposed to cycle back? If so, the problem you have can be caused by the motor. We would suggest you to verify the following : Turn your litter robot on and after 5 seconds, press the fill button 2 times. The first time, it should stops. The second time, it should turn counter-clockwise. If it’s not, then the problem you are having is caused by the motor.

  32. Ashley

    My litter robot doesn’t recognize one of my cats anymore. It works for my heavier cat but not the lighter one. She used it after the larger one and in mid poop it started rotating on her. Now she’s scared of it. It always recognized her before. Is the sensor off?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Ashley It seems the problem is caused by the cat sensor. We would suggest you to adjust the sensitivity. The Litter Robot doesn’t detect the lighter cat because it’s not sensible enough. To do so, you can refer to the blog post or your user manual.

  33. Cyril

    Our LR worked fine and suddenly now make a turn in the wrong direction and after a complete turn (and pushing most of the litter out), all 3 lights are flashing slowly and the globe return a bit in other side. Is the circuit board suddenly deffective ?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Cyril Usually this problem can be caused by the circuit board or the magnetic sensor. We would suggest you to verify your sensors and the connections with the help of the basic and advanced troubleshooting guide.

  34. Lisa

    My Litter Robot II (which is beyond warranty), will not rotate. When I turn it on, the yellow light is steady on. After a few minutes, it goes to green without having rotated. If we press on the step, it goes to red, and seven minutes or so later, it goes to green without having rotated. I went through the above troubleshooting guide and think my motor must be bad, but before I order a replacement, I want to make sure you don’t think it’s the circuit board. Can you please advise me on which part I should replace?

  35. Rolf Wigand

    Seeking advice: My Litter Robot II works like a charm, except that during the rotation process small amount of litter litter fly out/shoot out on the left side of the unit. This may not be much at the time, but after 10-15 rotations, this is quite a bit of kitter litter that I have to clean up from the floor. Could this be due that the felt strips are worn out? Should I try to replace these? I cannot quite detect why the litter kernels fly out the way they do. this only happens on the left side of the unit, i.e. the right side stay clean and does not allow litter to fly out. – Thanks!

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Rolf, it seems the problem you are experiencing is due to the fact that the litter you are using is sticking on the side of the Litter-Robot. When the Litter-Robot is dropping the wastes, some litter would stick near the Litter-Robot flap doors and it would fall from the side when it’s turning back into position. We would suggest you to verify if the litter inside the globe is clean and if it would need to be changed. If not, we would suggest you to try another brand if possible, as it could fix the problem you are experiencing.

  36. Maxton

    We have had our litter robot for about 6 months now and it has worked great but it is now all of a sudden rotating the wrong way dumping out the majority of the fresh litter every time one of our cats goes in. It seems to be running an empty cycle when the triggered instead of a normal cleaning cycle I did trouble shoot and after balancing it out did get it to rotate the correct way when I ran it through a cycle,However it seems to have only been a temporary fix as it has continued to rotate the wrong way since . What can I do to fix this?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Maxton We would suggest you to verify the advanced troubleshooting guide for the sensors connections. Verify if the cat sensor, safety line sensor and the Hall effect sensor are correctly in place.

  37. Tickles the cat

    Love the robot! Best Kitty Tv ever. However, lately after I use it, the yellow light flashes and the machine stutters while cycling. It’s not a smooth rotation. And it will keep cycling until it is turned off and reset.

    Thanks for your help.

  38. Erika Balazs

    Hi, my litter robot stopped working; I have it for 6 month; the problem that I have got is the yellow light is on, after it goes to red light, and the both three lights starting flashing; it doesn’t goes to the green light and is not running and rotating and cleaning, simply both 3 lights are flashing after that goes to and stay at yellow light or just simply goes to red, switching off. I am wondering where could be the problem: on sensor, or a problem with the motor, or circuit board……Thanks

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Erika The problem you are experiencing can be from multiple sources. Usually, three lights flashing means there’s a sensor triggered in this case. We suggest you to verify the cat sensor adjustment and the safety line switch. If you cannot fix the problem after verifying these, we suggest you to verify our advanced troubleshooting guide.

  39. Reuben

    Hi, from today my literrobot is not working any more! I plug it in and the orange button flashes lightly (colour not bright) or just nothing flashes at all. Can you help me please?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Reuben Are you using the original power supply? Have you tried following the basic and advanced troubleshooting guide? We suggest you to verify the connections of the Litter-Robot with these guides, as it seems it’s either a problem caused by the motherboard, the power supply or simply the connections between them.

  40. Reuben

    Hi Mathieu, thnks for your fast reply.
    Yes, i am using the original power supply. I did try the basic guide.
    Cannot test the power supply as i do not have a voltage meter. This morning i tried plugging it in again. The orange light (in use) lit up and the motor started moving very slowly. (This without the bubble top part) It did a full cycle very slowly. When i tried placing the bubble on top it just did not move, but makes a noise as if its trying to go round. Based on this behaviour would you be able to indicate what you think is wrong? I’m still under warranty but if its something that i can fix it would be much better then staying without the robot for some time. Thanks. Reuben

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Reuben This behavior can be caused usually by the motor but it can be caused by the power supply as well. If you have another 12V 500mA positive centered power supply, you can test if the problem is caused by the power supply or the motor. If you don’t have one and you have purchased it with us, we suggest you to contact us on our support center and we would go with a repair.

  41. Judy

    The above photos and instructions are a great start but it would be even MORE helpful if there was a guide at the beginning explaining ie. “If the light is yellow and steady…..check these things.” That’s where my problem lies. I’ve tried recycling power several times. I’ve found that if I remove the globe it will automatically start cycling on its own after a few seconds. Unfortunately as soon as I put the glob back… it stops immediately and the light goes back to solid yellow again.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Judy Thank you for your comment on our guide. The lights troubleshooting can be found in your user guide. As for your problem, if the yellow light is on but the Litter-Robot is not turning with the globe, the cat sensor is triggered. We would suggest you to adjust your cat sensor. You can do so with the guide above.

  42. Steve

    My litter robot has stopped working and shows a solid yellow light. When I tried to cycle the litter robot by turning off the power using the switch it didn’t respond. I then tried unplugging the jack from the litter robot. This worked less than 50% of the time. I verified that the power source is constant and is not the source of the problem. What is the next step?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Steve We suggest you to verify the cat sensor if it’s properly configured. Also, remove the globe and verify if the motor is turning slightly when you are powering up the Litter-Robot. If so, the problem should caused by a defective motor. We suggest you to replace it.

  43. Melanie

    excess litter is being dumped into the drawer along with the cat waste. What could cause this?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Melanie make sure to fill the Litter-Robot properly. There should be a guide line inside the globe, do not fill it over or the excess litter will be dumped into the drawer.

  44. Jsn

    What keeps the port doors closed? Is there a magnet or is it the spring? The port door keeps dropping open when the unit is in the ready position. I thought it was a broken spring that had rusted out, so I changed the spring provided by you. Everything worked fine after the first rotation, but then the port door started dropping open again. If I manually close the door, it pops open again after a few seconds. There’s no debris blocking the door, and I don’t have a lip extender.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Jsn There’s a spring in the back of the globe keeping the door closed. It seems there’s a confusion, since we do not provide springs for the globes, maybe it was purchased from another company. It seems like the installation of your new spring has been done incorrectly. The door should stay close with the spring. The tension of the spring is pushing on the door, closing it by the pressure.

  45. Robyn

    Mine won’t turn on. It worked fine a few days ago and today I noticed it was starting to smell. When I checked it, I realized it had not been cycling and the lights are not on. I unplugged it and plugged it back in, tried a different outlet, and checked the circuit breaker.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Robyn The problem you are experiencing is usually caused by the circuit board. If it’s ~3 years old, corrosion in the barrel jack can also be the cause. If it’s been purchased with us, we would suggest you to contact our support center. If not, we would suggest you to purchase a new board.

  46. Betsy

    My LItterRobot recently came out of storage (about 5 months of non use — cleaned, etc, before being put away). When I turn it on, it goes straight to the yellow light. After a bit, all three lights start blinking. Before putting it in storage, it was having issues that I hadn’t had time to fix — not rotating unless I started it manually, and then having issues completing a cycle (it often wouldn’t go far enough to dump the littler, or if it did go far enough, the globe would get stuck. I could get it to rotate again by lifting the globe and pushing the gear a bit). Now the gear doesn’t move at all if I try to trigger it. I checked the circuit board and it looks clean. I also verified everything else above (though I can’t tell if the switch is “clicking” when I press on the safety line. Any idea if this is motor or electrical problem, or both?

    • Bryan Hubert

      @Betsy, the issue you’re describing is mostly caused by the motor, if it’s been purchased with us, we suggest that you contact our support center, if you have not purchased it with us and it is no longer under warranty we suggest that you replace the motor.

  47. Sharon

    My litter robot just stopped turning on. I checked all the steps above and it all looks good. I googled elsewhere and people are suggesting the power port is faulty! Help 🙁

    • Bryan Hubert

      @Sharon, it can either be the power supply, circuit board or the power jack. To verify the power supply you can refer to the Litter-Robot II Advance Troubleshooting guide. If the power supply is working than we would suggest to start by replacing the power jack first. If you have purchase your litter-robot with us you can contact our support center.

  48. Ian

    Hi, our Litter Robot is not cycling. It starts then stops almost immediately most of the time. Sometimes it will cycle for longer periods before stopping. I have to turn off/on about 10-15 times to get it to complete. I have checked safety wire, bottom cat sensor, gear for stuck debris, and cat sensor for appropriate height/activation.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Ian The problem you are experiencing is usually caused by the motor. It can be caused by worn out gears.

  49. Ian

    @Mathieu Our litter robot is under warranty. Can a new motor be sent out if I send the defective one to you?

  50. Ilan

    Having issues with the Litter Robot 2, When cycling it gets as far as getting the litter behind the grate and then goes back without dumping the “remains” is there something I can adjust to fix this? where is the sensor located?

  51. HD

    Washed my LR2, thought I was careful about not getting the electronics in the base wet. Plugged it in and nothing, not lights and no motion. Probably the circuit board?

  52. Gail

    Our Litter Robot is awesome but has recently developed a problem. After our cat exits when it does the initial rotation it gets just to the dumping point and the barrel lifts and skips several times then goes into the return rotation. It’s very loud and I imagine damaging. Suggestions please. Thanks!

    • Bryan Hubert

      @Gail, it sound like you are having a problem with the sensor harness. On the sensor harness there is a hall effect sensor that detect magnets in the globe, if the globe is not stopping where it should than either the sensor on the sensor harness is not positioned correctly or that it is defective. Here take a look at the Litter-Robot II Advanced Troubleshooting Guide

  53. Jessica

    We replaced the power jack and circuit board earlier this year (it’s about 3 years old). However, now all three lights flash and nothing happens. What could our problem be? Thanks!

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Jessica The problem can be caused by the cat sensor, the harness or motor, depending of how your Litter-Robot behaves. If it turns but doesn’t find its home position, than it’s a problem with the harness. If the Litter-Robot doesn’t turn at all, then we would suggest you to verify the cat sensor if it’s correctly in place. If so, the problem can be caused by the motor.

  54. regina

    I have two of your robot litter boxes, and loved them…but the waste door will not stay closed when it is done…one is the older model and has an arm, the other doesn’t…I understand that it may be a rusty spring…how do I fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Regina You can push the Fill button on the Litter-Robot and have the waste door on top of the globe. Once it is, we suggest you to open fully the waste door and you should see the spring between the door and the back of the globe, inside. We suggest you to clean it, using pressured air. After it is done, you can add some grease to help the spring to close the door.

  55. Billy

    Our cat sensor is intermittent. I can set it off every time with 15lbs. But when using 5-10lbs weights, it wont work. Our cats that our 6-8lbs set it off every now and then. but when we first got in 2 weeks ago, it worked everytime. If I adjust the foot/knob to 2 threads and that is still not enough, should i go higher or lower?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Billy You should turn the cat sensor foot counter-clockwise, as it will be more sensitive and it should detect your cat easier.

  56. Jon

    My LR2 has started behaving like Anna C’s – solid yellow light, quick counter-clockwise turn when plugged in, on button press globe starts turning clockwise and doesn’t stop until unplugged. The cat sensor does stop rotation. I tried the wire-snapping but the problem persists. Checked my circuit board, no urine, looks fine. Any other ideas?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Jon If the unit starts for half a second, stops with a yellow light but it restart when you are pressing the button cycle but doesn’t stop, the problem is caused by the magnetic sensor. We would suggest you to replace the harness.

  57. jo gregg

    My 8 year old Litter Robot (which I used for 4 years, then had to put away, when I moved to a small apartment), isn’t going around. The black wheel goes around, but the big beige ball just sits there. The yellow light (the one in the middle that says, “Cycling/in use” comes on. When I press “Fill”, the yellow light goes out, and the black wheel stops going around. Thank you.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @jo gregg If the black cog wheel from the motor is turning, that you can hear the motor but the globe is not, then the globe isn’t correctly in place.

  58. wout

    I’ve been using my litter robot for about 5 years now. It started to have some problems lately. Sometimes the globe will rotate to dispose of the litter and on its way back it stops too early with a solid yellow light. I’m guessing that the motor is worn out. Can I test this in some way?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @wout This issue appears when the motor is worn out. We would suggest you to replace it. You can test the unit by pressing the fill button once and after 15 seconds, press it again twice. It should start to turn the other way. If it gets stuck, then the problem is caused by the motor.

  59. Andrew

    hello ,my litter robot ,if im switching on he makes his run but after he stops running he give al the 3 light flashing?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Andrew The problem you are experiencing can be caused by the motor or a sensor. We would suggest you to verify the Basic and Advanced troubleshooting guide. If you have verified the cat sensor and the safety line sensor and they are working perfectly, then the problem should be the motor.

  60. R Douglas

    My litter robot goes through most of it’s cycle normally, but ends on a 45 degree angle with all lights blinking. At the end, it would normally pause at a 45 degree angle and then return to center. Now it stops center and ends at 45. I’ve performed the basic troubleshooting guide instructions, but there’s no change. Any suggestions?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @RDouglas Verify if the hall effect sensor is correctly in place. This problem can be caused by the circuit board, the magnetic sensor or the motor if it doesn’t turn fast enough.

  61. Liz BC

    Hi there, I’ve had my LitterRobot2 for many years (8 or 9 at least) and last year I started getting the problem that GAIL had, and now I have the problem ANNA C and LAURA CONNER (in advanced blog) described. I’m wondering if it is the motor or the hall sensor? I’ve checked the cat sensor. The solid yellow/orange light does not change when the sensor is activated. Please can you advise?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Liz When the cat sensor is pressed down, the light should turn red. If are pressing on the clean button, does the Litter-Robot cycles correctly?

  62. Erika

    Hi; I just have changed my base from my litter robot ll bubble unit; the robot is cycle and working lights are okay and the problem is that after cycle the dust staying in the globe and is nothing in the tray how it should be What could be the issue? The globe was cleaned as I was thinking about the litter that could cause blocking the windows to open during cycle…..many thanks for your answer.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Erika, We suggest you to start a cycle using the cycle button and verify if it completes its cycle correctly. Verify if the traps are opening completely. Let us know how it goes.

  63. Clifford Stichter

    Replaced motor hooked wires the way they came off but unit runs backwards. can I reverse the wires to run the other way since it is a DC motor?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Clifford The motor connection should be; White+Brown and Green+Red. If it is like that, then we suggest you to verify the cat and safety line sensors, which would be triggered, having the Litter-Robot to turn the wrong way.

  64. Lemond Adams

    My LR2 stopped working, I’m wondering if there is a problem with the power supply or where the cord attaches to the base

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Lemond Adams The problem can be caused by the power supply, the power jack or the circuit board. We suggest you to test the power supply with a voltmeter.

  65. Kyle Cowden

    Tried the troubleshooting guide a few weeks ago and got the Litter Robot to cycle. It has stopped again with the yellow light staying on even after disconnecting power and checking/testing switches. Connections all seem to be good. Tested the gear for rotation and it does not regardless of effort. I am thinking it is the motor. Should I be able to manually rotate the drive gear?

    If so, I guess I need a new motor.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Kyle We do not recommend turning the gear manually. The problem you are experiencing seems to be caused by the motor, we would suggest you to replace it. You can purchase one here.

  66. Jess

    Our little robot is about 3 years old. It does not automatically cycle when the cat does his thing. It cycles fine when I cycle it manually. Does the sensor need to be replaced or do you think the sensitivity just needs to be adjusted?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Jess Maybe the sensitivity needs to be adjusted. Verify the user manual at page 18 to help you with the adjustment. You can also remove the drawer and remove the black cover to reveal the cat sensor. Verify if the metal piece is still touching the cat sensor switch.

  67. Scott

    I replaced the circuit board and power supply today… I put it back together and when I power on the unit I hear the motor engage and the yellow light comes on steady… Then after a couple of minutes it starts flashing red… Thoughts?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Scott Make sure you have installed the circuit board properly. Follow this guide for the installation. It is likely that you installed the wires the wrong way. Let us know how it goes

  68. Scott

    PERFECT! You were correct.. one of the plugs backwards… Thanks for the great support to solve my issues…

  69. Dyan Campbell

    I’ve had my Litter Robot for several years. Last year the motor went out, so I bought a new base unit. Now I’m losing litter, and I can’t tell why or where it’s coming from. The unit seems to cycle just fine. But I’m finding mounds of litter on the floor to the side of the unit. I don’t think that I’m over-filling it. Besides, if that were the case, my cats would be tossing the litter out as they cover their messes. This is like litter leaked out while the globe was spinning. Btw, as I look at the unit, the litter is on the right hand side. Since the globe spins counter clockwise, it’s not coming out the openings on the side. I took the thing apart, gave it a good cleaning and even replaced the seal strips. I’ve looked inside the globe to see if there was a tear in the lining, and it seems okay. But I’m still finding litter outside and on the floor. Help! Do I need a new globe?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Dyan We suggest you to press the cycle button and verify on the side of the unit if litter is coming from globe. If it is, you should see it coming out from the grate. It can also drop from the flap doors if the litter is sticking on it when the Litter-Robot is cycling.

  70. craig

    I have a little robot to that is not cycling. Turn the power switch on it will start to cycle then all 3 lights flash. It does this even with the globe not on the base. I’m guessing weak motor any thoughts?

  71. Tricia

    The waste doors on the robot won’t open at the end of the cycle. It goes through the whole process and just spins back around with the waste still inside. The doors are not stuck as I can open them manually without difficulty.

  72. Robyn

    Waste port doors are not opening during cycle because peg on back of globe does not stick out far enough to engage.

  73. Brian

    4 year old Litter Robot II.
    The motor was struggling harder and harder over a few days. Not related to the amount of litter in the box.
    Finally it stopped mid-cycle and didn’t turn ever again.

    I ordered a replacement motor, swapped it out, now at power-up the yellow cycling light just flashes repeatedly, motor is not turning the globe. I’ve left it for 4 or 5 minutes, no change. Took it apart, checked all connections, still same result.

    I don’t see constant flashing yellow error light described in the manuals or troubleshooting guides. What to check next?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Brian We suggest you to verify the motor connections to verify if you have correctly installed it. You can verify the motor installation with our Repair Guide for the motor. If you do not have any light on your circuit board, we suggest you to verify the power adapter. Please test it with a voltmeter, you should have between 15V to 21V.

  74. Kyle Cowden

    @Mathieu The motor you linked to says “compatible with Litter Robot II” only. The front panel simply reads “Litter Robot TM”. How can I determine if it is a 1 or a 2? Thanks.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Kyle If your Litter-Robot looks like this, it’s a Litter-Robot 2. The Litter-Robot 1 is very old, from what you have described, it should be a Litter-Robot 2.

  75. Brian

    Well, it seems that a fast flash of the yellow light means that when you leave it plugged in, soon you will have no lights at all…

    I don’t mind swapping the circuit board but don’t want to kill it or be replacing the wrong part.
    Thoughts welcome.

  76. brian

    “white wire with the brown wire and the red wire with the green one.” confirmed.
    I have swapped the power adapter with a known working one from our second litter-robot. Still no lights on the circuit board.

  77. Sonya

    The arm of the waste drop door of our Litter Robot II no longer stays closed. I see a previous commenter had a similar issue and there’s a spring at the back that hold tension for it to remain closed. Unfortunately I think this spring may have sprung from the unit as my husband found a rogue spring on our kitchen floor and tosses it, neither of us knowing where it may have come from. There’s nothing blocking the door whatsoever. Could this spring be replaced?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Sonya It could be replaced, but we unfortunately do not offer this part in our catalog. We usually suggest to our customers to purchase a new globe. This part can be tricky to install and need adjustments. You can find Litter-Robot globes on our website here.

  78. Jennifer

    My litter robot is less than 4 months old. Worked fine – until all of a sudden it stopped working. Had the blinking lights so I took completely emptied it, cleaned everything, checked everything I could. Now the machine lights up like its going to work, but it does not cycle – doesn’t even make a sound like its trying. Any advice or help you could offer would be great!

  79. Danielle

    My litterbot doesn’t turn on. I tried it on several (working) plugs and nothing is happening. I have had it for about a year. What can I do?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Danielle The problem is either caused by the circuit board or the power jack, most likely the circuit board as it’s only one year old. The power jack problems can occur if there is corrosion inside the jack. We would suggest you to contact your reseller to have it repair or exchange under warranty, as there’s a 18-month warranty on the product.

  80. Valerie

    I’ve had the litter robot for about a year and a half and have generally been very happy with it. However, recently I have noticed a LOT of clean litter in the drawer and the globe is definitely not overfilled – I haven even tried using significantly less letter than usual and have the same problem. I have watched the robot rotate and the litter goes into the sidewall fine, but when it reaches the empty position, clean litter comes flowing out from the front and back where the sidewall pocket is holding the clean litter. The globe has never been damaged or anything – any advice?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Valerie When the Litter-Robot is starting its cycle, which way is it turning?

  81. Valerie

    @Mathieu Thibault Counter clockwise. It just looks like the sidewalk that holds the clean litter is leaking front and back

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Valerie Thank you for your confirmation. It seems you would need a new globe for your Litter-Robot II. You can find one on our website.

  82. Jen

    Hi, I’ve had my LR for a few years– recently when I cycles, it has an issue half way through where the gear doesn’t seem to be catching the holes in the globe correctly— and the globe “bounces” a few times then eventually falls into a slot and continues to cycle. Sometimes I’ve see it not catch at all and I get three light error message. I’ve checked to make sure there’s nothing in the gear or the holes. Not sure what else I can do. Any advice?

    • Bryan Hubert

      @Jen, when the globe “bounces” is it where it should stop to empty the waste? If not maybe the glider buttons are used and have the globe no sitting properly on the base. The link for the glider buttons is here. The new ones do not have screws, if you are seeing the screws well on the ones you currently have in this case they need to be replaced.

  83. Michael

    While the globe is returning to its normal position, the gear keeps slipping when it gets to one particular spot, and slips over and over again, until the robot gives up and all 3 lights flash. I’ve located the spot where the gear is unable to grab the track properly. What should I do?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Michael Is there any damage on the globe rail? If you turn the globe slightly at that point, does the Litter-Robot continue its cycle?

  84. Chris Weiss

    I have more of a social/hack issue with my Litter Robot. I do love the thing, and so do my cats. Maybe a bit too much.
    The LR has a feature to stop rotating if a cat steps on it mid-cycle. It also appears to have a safety feature that if this happens 3 times in the same cycle, it will lock up with all 3 lights blinking. This is an awesome feature except my cats are attracted by all the racket when things empty into the tray, so they’ll keep jumping up to look inside and will eventually lock the unit up. This is OK as long as I’m around, but if I leave town, I’m forced to point a webcam at it and hook up an internet-connected switching outlet so I can remotely reboot the LR.
    What I’d love to do is find a way to trigger an alarm or some other warning to the cats. Is there a trace on the circuit board I can sense against to determine if the sensor is triggered while in-cycle?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Chris Weiss You can follow the wires from the cat sensor until it reaches the circuit board. From there, you’ll be able to find the trace for this sensor.

  85. Chris Weiss

    @Mathieu Thibault – That covers the sensor part, but how do I AND it with the “in cycle” signal? I don’t want to pull directly from the motor wiring if I can help it, since that’s 12v-18v(?) and I’m hoping to just tie stuff to an Arduino or even a simple gate and not need to voltage change. (Thanks!)

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Chris Weiss When the cat sensor is triggered, there’s a timer starting until the motor turns on. Unfortunately, since this programming is on the motherboard, there’s no way for you to know if the motor is running. We would suggest you to do a separate system in order to keep the integrity of your Litter-Robot and make sure the Litter-Robot isn’t damaged. You can simply hook a sound detector to an arduino and once the motor turns, your alarm would go off for a certain amount of time.

  86. Liz BC

    Hi Mathieu. I’m continuing to have varying issues with the litter robot. These days, the machine won’t cycle the whole way around. All three lights flicker quickly. If I press down on the cat sensor nothing happens. I turn the unit off and on. The yellow light comes on and the unit either makes a tiny movement and stops, or cycles till the doors open, but then on the return direction, stops about half way to the end. It will wait a bit, then move a few inches back towards the trap doors. then waits a few minutes and moves a few inches back toward the end position, back and forth until all the lights start flickering again. If I lift it off the tracks and put the globe in the “end” position, it moves a little and eventually the green light does come back on. This is the only way I have found to get the green light to come on, but once the cat uses the box, we’re back to the same problem again. Can you determine, from the description of these current behaviours, what the issue may be? It seems like there could be many possible causes. I want to make sure I get the right part(s) to fix it. Many thanks, Liz BC

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Liz BC Please contact our support center and send us a video (You can have it hosted on YouTube) of the problem you are experiencing. We think you are having problems with the motor and possibly the sensor harness, from what you are currently describing.

  87. Phoenix

    I’m on my second litter robot, this one is a LR2 purchased about 3 years ago. Recently it will sometimes start its cycle by turning the wrong way, will dump litter out the sides and into the base, and then stop with all lights flashing. I have taken it a part, checked the sensor and circuit board (both are clean). I am unable to reproduce the problem, it happens seemingly randomly. When the LR is powered off and powered back on, it will cycle the wrong way (clockwise) until it dumps all the litter and then will stop with the globe upside down.

    The only way I have been able to recover the LR is by turning it off and leaving it for a few hours. When I turn it back on it will start spinning the correct direction and finish the cycle normally. It will work properly for a day or two and then start turning the wrong way again. I don’t know if it is an issue with the sensor, the magnet in the base, or the circuit board. It is frustrating because I never know when the thing will stop working and become useless for the cat. Who then has no where to do his business because the globe is either empty from dumping all the litter or is stopped upside down.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Phoenix The problem is usually caused by the sensor harness or the circuit board. We suggest you to replace the sensor harness first, you can verify our repair guide for that manipulation.

  88. Tom Scearce

    My LR, which I’ve had for nearly 3 years, intermittently requires power cycling when it stops in an upside down state and all the lights blink repeatedly. This typically happens once every 1-2 days. I have not done the diagnostics recommended above as I’m not particularly handy. What would take some of your other customers an hour or so might take me half or all of a Saturday, and my Saturdays are precious to me. FWIW, I do know that the felt ring that encircles much of the base unit has peeled off in the past, requiring that I re-glue it to varying degrees of success. That may or may not be the issue here. It seems to be more or less staying in place now.

    What I’m really wondering is why you guys haven’t cultivated a network of certified LR repair technicians around the country (I’m in Seattle, btw). I’d gladly forego the self-satisfaction and benefits of a DIY repair and fork over some money to just have the problem solved. As it stands now, the need for near-daily reboots means I have to board my cat or hire a sitter when I go out of town for more than a day. Therefore the cost of paying for a repair is easily justifiable.

    Plz I can hasz repair hoomin?? 🙂


    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Tom The reason why we haven’t cultivated a network of certified LR repair technicians around the country is because we are repairing robots that were purchased at RobotShop only. If you do have purchase the robot with us, please contact our support center with your invoice number and we’ll gladly repair it. We would suggest you to verify the troubleshooting guide and let us know how it goes.

  89. Schucky

    I recently moved and my litter robot will no longer turn on. It was working fine right before the move. I see from reading posts that it could be either the power jack or circuit board. Is there a way to check the power jack? Also, you had mentioned that this replacement part is for sale however I do not see it listed? Appreciate any help! Thanks in advance!

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Schucky We would suggest you to test the power adapter with a voltmeter, to verify if there’s voltage. If so, then you can find power jack and the circuit board on our website.

  90. Raquel

    Sometimes my litter robot stops mid-cycle (possibly in the same place). If I turn it off and manually turn the globe a bit and turn it back on it completes the cycle just fine.

    Sometimes I find the red light blinking, I found that turning it off and picking up the globe then putting it back on the track and turning it back on would work. Sometimes I’d have to do it a couple of times, it would make a noise and move a notch then stop. Once I got it to cycle it would be fine for weeks or even months. But now it’s stopping midway through every cycle.

    Is it the sensors or the motor?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Raquel Does the red light flash? When the red light is flashing, it indicates that the cat sensor was triggered continuously for more than 2 minutes. Make sure there’s no excess litter in the globe. The litter level should be at least two inches below the bottom rim of the cat entry opening. Also, check to see that the Litter-Robot is on a level surface. Test the cat sensor sensitivity and adjust if necessary.

  91. Alex

    My litter robot had a bad motor, so i replaced it and now it works fine except it cycles until about 2in away from triggering the opening of the waste port–so it doesn’t dump (checked the safety pinch line sensor as well). Any idea what else could cause this? My thinking was a bad hall effect sensor, but I’m trying not to go on a wild goose chase.

    • Bryan Hubert

      @Alex, yes it could be the hall effect sensor, but before you go ahead and replace this part there is one thing you could verify. Behind the globe there is a pin, it is there to open the waste ports, when the robot is cycling is this pin pushed all the way up the key hole for the waste ports to open? If so than replace the hall effect sensor, if the pin does not go all the way up the key hole than there is a problem with the opening mechanism of the waste ports.

  92. Tim

    How long is it supposed to take for the LR to cycle? Just took my girlfriend’s LR out of the garage because she said it stopped working. I had to jiggle some wires to get it to power on, but once I turn it on the yellow “cycling/in use” light blinks and it rotates at an incredibly slow pace. Is it supposed to be 10-15 minutes for a single revolution?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Tim It definitely shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes for a complete cycle. The problem you are experiencing is usually caused by the motor, if the power supply does give ~15V.

  93. Lorena Castaneda

    My robot has been having issues with the motor (I think). I sent it back for repair sometime in 2015 before the warranty expired and this one has been intermittently stopping mid cycle with all the lights flashing, not turning, turning the opposite way or just sitting there with all lights flashing. It always seemed to get back to working order after leaving it turned off for a couple of days.
    This week it started cycling very slowly and sounding like the motor is struggling. Since yesterday it begins to cycle normally, but stops halfway through and reverts back to the original position, never reaching the opening to the drawer. I know it probably needs a new motor, but does the stopping halfway through mean something else might be amiss?

    Thank you

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Lorena Castaneda If the cycle is taking longer than usual and stops mid cycle, it means the Litter-Robot may think the dump position should have been reached by the time and it cycles back. We suggest you to replace the motor and it should fix the problem you are experiencing.

  94. Jacqui

    I lost the spring that keeps the door closed, do you have a rough dimension of the size so I can find a replacement?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Jacqui Unfortunately, we do not have the dimensions of this spring, but we suggest you to contact Litter-Robot directly, as they are possibly selling this replacement part. You can contact them here.

  95. Giselle

    Hi. My litter robot is only 1-1/2 years old. It’s stopped rotating and the yellow light (cycling) just stays on. If I turn it off and on, it will occasionally go back to the green light being lit, but will not rotate or make any noise. Should I buy a new motor?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Giselle It does sound like the motor is defective. We suggest you to open your Litter-Robot and verify the motor connections. You can refer to our guide to help you with this task. If the motor connections seems okay, then you will probably need to purchase a new motor.

  96. Walker

    Excited about our new litter robot! Having issues with litter escaping from the waste ports during the cleaning cycle. Not a lot but a little every time which is leaving a mess. Any advise?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Walker Open the waste ports and verify if there’s any debris stuck on the edges. Also, litter escaping from the waste ports can be caused by the litter not clumping enough before the cycle starts.

  97. Jill

    Hello! We are having two issues. Litter comes out the trap doors during rotation and robot senses cat, blinks red, but never cycles on its own. It cycles fine, other than the litter out the side, when we press the cycle button. Please advise. Thanks!

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Jill If the red light is flashing, it means the cat sensor was triggered continuously for more than 2 minutes. We suggest to verify the cat sensor sensitivity. As for the litter coming out the trap doors, it may be caused by the litter type as it may not clump enough before cycling or, it may be caused if you are overfilling the Litter-Robot.

  98. Jamie

    I’ve had the same problem for over a year now… I turn it on, the motor does a little jerk sound but doesn’t move, then the yellow light stays on for approx. 2 minutes before flashing red. If you’re thinking cat sensor, I can hear it click when I apply a small amount of pressure to the box (i.e. simulating a cat). I’ve also dismantled the cat sensor, put it back together, replaced the switch inside, then replaced the motor, circuit board and wiring harness. Still, it does the same thing. All of my connections are tight. There’s no debris. Could it have something to do with the hall effect sensor? That’s the piece I don’t fully understand. I’m at a loss.

    • Bryan Hubert

      @Jamie, if you replaced the wire harness then you also replaced the the hall effect sensor. It should be positioned like shown in the troubleshooting guide, sounds like to motor is not getting the necessary power to have it rotate, could be the power supply since it is the only part that was not replaced, sometimes the power is good enough for the lights and circuit to function but then not enough for the motor to rotate.

  99. Marta

    Help! My Robot 2 keeps stopping midway and all 3 lights are flashing. Tried unplugging and restarting it and it starts rotating fine, then it looks like the globe starts “skipping” and not rotating. The gear is turning but the globe is not. I checked the gears and they all look fine and I checked the track on the globe and it looks fine also. Any Ideas? I’m sure it’s out of warranty. We bought it used and have had it for a few years. It’s been working great until now.

    • Bryan Hubert

      @Marta, when you state that the gear is turning but not the globe, is this when you remove the globe that you see this? If you put back the globe will it stop turning? If it is the case then the motor might be too tired to have the globe rotate properly. In that case replacing the motor will fix this issue.

  100. Scott A

    Hi, I recently replaced the motor in our LR, which took care of the solid amber light, but now it won’t do a complete cycle. I get no errors per se, but it won’t turn far enough to actually empty the waste. It turns a partial rotation before cycling back (with waste still in it)

    • Bryan Hubert

      @Scott A, when you replaced the motor did you move the sensor? The white line should be visible on the sensor such as shown in the troubleshooting guide. If the sensor is in the correct position then it might need to be replaced.

  101. Lorena Castaneda

    @Mathieu Thibault, thank you for your response. I went ahead and changed the motor and it worked perfectly for the first two days and now it’s back to the same issue. It sounds strained, the globe turns very slowly and it reverses back before reaching the end of the cycle (which means the dirty litter is never dumped). While I was replacing the motor I made sure to check for other issues and everything else seems to be working fine. I’m at my wits end with this as my cat is very fussy and has started seeking alternative places to go to the bathroom. Does this sound like any issue that you’ve dealt with before?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Lorena Castaneda Have you make sure to install the motor correctly? Make sure the wiring are correctly connected. Are you using the original power supply? Do you have a voltmeter to test the voltage from the power supply? It should be around 15V.

  102. Lorena Castaneda

    @Mathieu Yes, I followed the guide carefully and ensured everything was properly and securely connected. I am using the original power supply and I tested it with the voltmeter. It reads exactly 15V.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Lorena Castaneda Please contact our support center with your order number and the details about the problem you are experiencing and we will proceed with an exchange under warranty.

  103. Denise Wallace

    After my litter robot dumps the litter, it cycles back and the gear does not connect fully in the holes. It starts to “bump, bump, bump” and won’t return to the correct position. What can I do?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Denise Wallace According to our system, you have purchased a Litter-Robot 2 Motor. The problem you are experiencing is probably caused the installation of the replacement motor. We suggest you to take a look at the repair guide and make sure it is properly installed.

  104. Kelly Miller

    The globe is cycling normally, but recently began dumping a significant amount of litter into the waste container during each cycle. In just 1-2 days, there is hardly any litter left in the machine and it is all in the waste container. This started after my most recent cleaning of the machine. Nothing appears out of place. I am using the same brand of litter I normally use (and have had no previous problems) and am not over filling it.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Kelly Miller We suggest you to start a cleaning cycle and verify if the Litter-Robot is doing its cycle correctly. You will see if the Litter-Robot doesn’t cycle correctly, if it stops during its cleaning cycle or the cause of the litter dumping. Let us know how it goes.

  105. Sabrina Vocaturo

    Hi. Have a bubble litter robot. We find it sitting wirh flashing red light about every other day, globe still in starting oosition, with used litter. Often there is litter sitting on the lip (one cat is a big digger). We have tried adjusting the sensor to be less sensitive. We use a bag in the tray. Manually cycling button sometimes works, sometimes we have to turn it on and off and then cycle. We have three cats, 11lbs-22 lbs. Still under warranty bought through Montreal shop.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Sabrina Vocaturo The red light flashing is caused by the cat sensor being triggered continuously for more than 2 minutes. Please verify the cat sensor, you can adjust the sensitivity if necessary.

  106. Charles

    I had to replace my wiring harness, after getting everything back together I noticed where the cats safety line is the two plastic tips broke off.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Charles Unfortunately, we do not hold the plastic parts in our catalog. We suggest you to verify the hardware store. You could then use crimpers to crimp these plastic tips back on the wire.

  107. lia dimitriou

    hi i need help. i find out when i clean the globe one small plastic part like part of pin looks behing spring.
    my problem is how to replace this part?

  108. Gene Lambert

    I have a bubbleback unit. It’s out of warranty. I replaced the circuit board and motor about a year ago, I have used my multimeter to verify the cat sensors. What happens is that when you turn on the unit, the yellow light comes on, and the motor turns, but only for a second, After the very small rotation, the yellow stays on for about a minute, then it turns off, and the red light comes on and flashes. I’m thinking it might be the hall effect sensor, but I have no way to test it, I removed it, and looking at the wires, they appear to be ok. I would think that since it has 5 wires, (orange, red, black, yellow, purple) that red and black are power, and the other three wires are the equivalent of a SPDT switch. If I’m right, can it be tested at the pcb?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Gene Lambert If the red light flashes, it means the cat sensor has been triggered for more than 2 minutes. We would suggest you to verify if the metal part press on the cat sensor enough to trigger it. Also, make sure the connections are correct on the cat sensor.

  109. Lisa

    I have had my Robot -litter box for 3 years now. It started with the 3 flashing lights. So I purchased and installed a new motor. The globe would cycle a little the stop. I the purchase and installed a new circuit board. The global is now moving counter clockwise half-way and the cycling back to the left- clock wise half way and the back to original position. Stopping before the sifting screen. What is next for me to try?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Lisa Please verify the connections and make sure they are all properly in place.

  110. Will

    Hi there. Woke up a to a pretty miserable situation, this morning: Litter Robot seems to have broken down during the night, and our poor cat decided our bedroom closet was the next-best place to do his business. While I continue cleaning, I thought I’d leave a message here, to see if anyone can help us fix the darn thing. Something is wrong with the waste port sliding door thing: it stays shut when you press “Fill” (instead of sliding open as designed, to let you fill the chamber with litter), and gets tripped up near the end of the “Empty” cycle, so that the entire chamber full of litter just gets dumped into the drawer. I’ve cleaned the black sliding door, the globe, and the safety line in the base. I’ve tried repositioning the globe several times, and running the various cycles several times each. I can’t for the life of me figure out why the waste port sliding door thingie won’t slide, but the unit is unuseable until/unless that’s fixed, and it’s only a matter of time before our cat decides he’s going to have to go rogue again. I’d rather not buy another “dumb” litter box; we much prefer the robot, when it’s working.

    Help me, Mathieu-won Kenobi. You’re my only hope.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Will For the waste port, look through the Cat Entry opening and locate the ribbed handle of the Internal Guard inside the Globe, on the right. Grab this handle and rotate it upward (clockwise) until it snaps into a horizontal and locked position. Note that the pin on the opposite side of the globe should be locked behind the spring. It should stay in place for the filling.
      You are mentioning that the whole litter is getting dumped inside the drawer. If you press on the “Cycle” button, does the globe turns counterclockwise?

  111. Steven M

    I’ve had my LR2 for about 5 years. Last week, it started rotating the wrong way as the cycle, dumping litter out on the floor in the process. I got it to run correctly a few times, but now it consistently runs in reverse (it even levels the litter at the end – even though none is left). It then flashes all the lights. I see others have had this problem, but no resolution. Can you guide me to the usual culprit?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Steven M It is usually caused by the circuit board or the sensor harness. It seems you already have purchase the replacement parts, please let us know how it goes.

  112. Joanne Sohl

    I have had the Litter Robot for 4 1/2 years and love it but it is acting up now and not sure what is wrong or what to do to fix it. It seems to be “stuck”…..the center yellow light is on solid, not blinking and I cannot get it to start up and do the complete cycle. I have turned it off and then back on and it “kicks in” like it is going to run but then immediately stops with the yellow light still on. I have removed and replaced the globe to be sure it was on track, pressed the other buttons, emptied the collection bin, checked for urine on the control panel, but nothing has helped. When it was working, it also would not automatically cycle once the cat was done and I have adjusted the underside piece designed for that down as far as it will go. Any suggestions of what to try next? Thank you!

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Joanne Sohl It may be triggered by the cat sensor, which wouldn’t be in place correctly or the safety line sensor. We suggest you to verify the proper installation of the cat sensor. You can verify our guide for that.

  113. Michael Bokar

    My robot litter box 2 is not working at all, I unplugged it, turn on and off clean everything, no light is coming on it’s not given me anypower

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Michael Bokar The problem you are experiencing may be caused by the Power Adapter, the circuit board or the Power Jack. We suggest you to test the power adapter with a voltmeter and make sure it gives at least 15V. If it does, then the problem is either the circuit board or the power jack. You can also verify the pins on the circuit board with the voltmeter, once the power adapter is plugged in and the switch is at the On position. Make sure you do not jump the pins and verify if there is voltage in the circuit board. If you do have voltage, the problem is caused by the circuit board, you would simply need to replace it to fix the problem you are experiencing.

  114. Sara Minor

    I love my litter robot, but recently it is not getting all the clumps out. It is still cycling, but when it is finished several clumps are left in there. It never did this before and has just started within the last month or two. What should I do?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Sara Minor Have you verified if the Litter-Robot completes its cycle before turning back to its home position? Does the cycle appears to be slower than normally?

  115. Sara Minor

    Yes it does complete the cycle and seems to be turning at normal speed.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Sara Minor Please verify if the cycling is working properly. Also, make sure to verify the troubleshooting guides to verify if there’s something getting in the way of the Litter-Robot to complete its cycle.

  116. Breann S

    My Litter-Robot has stopped working. When plugged in and turned on all three lights are on (not flashing). The gear does not turn even when the globe is removed. Is this likely the motor?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Breann S All the three lights are on but they are not flashing? There’s no error related to this behavior. If they are all blinking once per second, it means the globe cannot find its home position. If they are blinking twice per second, it means the Litter-Robot is jammed. If they are not blinking at all, it could be related to the circuit board, but we have not seen this behavior.

  117. greg

    Hi there, my bubbleback is out of warranty. I’ve just moved so I think I’m doing something stupid. The unit is not cycling. If I trip the wire manually it does, but when I feel under the unit, the ball is not resting on the wire (there is 1/2 inch gap) so there’s no way for it to actuate. I cant figure out how to get the ball lower so it rests on the wire. I must be nuts as this has worked like a champ until I moved…

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Greg The safety line when tripped should stop the Litter-Robot from turning, not the other way. If seems like you have changed the switch connections. Make sure to install the connections like this.

  118. Markus

    Does the globe on the inside ever wear out? I tried every litter on the market and even brought litter from litter-robot website and everything gets stuck inside the globe. I have to use a litter scoops to loosen the litter up. Any thing I can do to fixed it? Does anyone else have this problem? I had my litter-robot for about 4 years now. I would buy another globe but they are so expensive. Any suggestions?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Markus The inside of the globe can wear out, but is the problem you are experiencing is due to litter sticking to the inside of the globe? If so, maybe you do not put enough litter inside the globe or you don’t change the litter enough.

  119. Aria Capone

    My liter robot turns on and runs but the globe doesn’t spin. It’s not catching the grooves on the ball. So the actually spinner that operates he machine works cause when we lift the globe up and we can see the machine trying to work? What am i doing wrong and how can I fix this? I haven’t owned the robot long and I don’t want to replace it or have to send it back but I have 2 cats that enjoy it and I want it to work again I’m a very busy business owner and like this method of cat waste. Please help thank you

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Aria It seems the black cog wheel is not tighten on the motor. Simply remove the globe and tight the black cog on the motor shaft.

  120. Brian

    Hi, we’ve had a litter robot for a few years and it just recently stopped working in the following way:

    Plugging it in allows it to rotate counterclockwise (with a little struggle) until it reaches the empty point. At that point it reverses direction clockwise to reset position, but with significant struggle. The motor runs very slowly while rotating clockwise (and there may be a slight clicking noise) until it stops mid cycle and the 3 lights flash slowly about once per second. Power cycling repeats this issue.

    The robot has gotten dirtiy in the past and I’ve thoroughly cleaned it, but at this point there is no significant debris or litter blocking anything that I can see. As I mentioned I thought I heard a slight clicking when the robot cycled clockwise normally earlier, but the slow operation and stopping is new.

    Thoughts? Perhaps the position Sensor was interfering earlier and now the motor has worn out? I can purchase and install new parts but would like some guidance based on the symptoms above prior to purchasing new parts.

    Thanks, Brian

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Brian It does seems to be caused by the motor. If the motor is turning slowly, it can creates positioning error such as you experienced. We would certainly suggest you to try and replace the motor.

  121. Dan

    The spring loaded doors don’t close anymore. Am I able to buy new springs or do I need to purchase a new globe?

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Dan Unfortunately, we do not carry the springs for the flap doors. However, it would be possible for you to find it on websites such as eBay.

  122. Jerry Yang

    I am having similar complaint as Dylan Campbell on January 9th, 2016. I do not have any circuit complaints/damage. Please advise.

    “I’ve had my Litter Robot for several years. Last year the motor went out, so I bought a new base unit. Now I’m losing litter, and I can’t tell why or where it’s coming from. The unit seems to cycle just fine. But I’m finding mounds of litter on the floor to the side of the unit. I don’t think that I’m over-filling it. Besides, if that were the case, my cats would be tossing the litter out as they cover their messes. This is like litter leaked out while the globe was spinning. Btw, as I look at the unit, the litter is on the right hand side. Since the globe spins counter clockwise, it’s not coming out the openings on the side. I took the thing apart, gave it a good cleaning and even replaced the seal strips. I’ve looked inside the globe to see if there was a tear in the lining, and it seems okay. But I’m still finding litter outside and on the floor. Help! Do I need a new globe?”

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Jerry Yang Is there any tear in the lining, inside the globe?

  123. Veronica

    the waste port on my litter robot seems to be stuck and is causing a “skip” in the rotation of the globe. I can’t seem to figure out what is causing this. There is no apparent obstruction. Is there something I’m missing?

    • Josué Michaud

      @Veronica Behind the globe, there is a small handle that you can move up and down. You should be able to move it. If there was something stuck , it should come out.
      There’s nothing electronic attached to this part of the robot. It’s probably something stuck that’s preventing it to move freely.

  124. tink

    my litter robot is fouling up. the yellow light comes on when plugged in and then the three lights blink. it used to try to cycle but now didn’t earn do that. any advice besides check the board foe urine?

    • Josué Michaud

      @tink This issue may caused by a defective power supply. You may to replace the Power Supply. Here!

  125. Robyn

    Our sensor seems to work, the red light comes on. But then it just goes to green without spinning. I can cycle in manually no problem. Thoughts?

    • Josué Michaud

      @Robyn, The circuit board or the cat sensor will probably have to be replaced.

  126. Wesley

    My Robot is stopping mid cycle and the yellow light in blinking on the bottom.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Wesley Does the yellow light is blinking rapidly? If so, it’s possible the power supply is defective, we would suggest you to take a look at the voltage of the power supply.

  127. Beverly

    My litter robot sensor no longer works. I’ve tried resetting. The only thing that has changed is that I moved the litter robot to a different room in the house and now the sensor will not work. I can press the cycle button and it works but if I put pressure on the unit the emergency stop will not work. Please advise

    • Josué Michaud

      @Beverly, we will suggest you to try the followings check ups HERE

  128. kelly

    I have 2 robots. 1 working great the other was rotating through the dump position and would stop at a random spot after a while. I used parts from the good robot to test the bad robot. The good globe did not fix it, the good circuit board did not fix…so I ordered the wire harness and replaced. Now it is cycling and stopping at the correct dump position, rotates back correctly, but over rotates slightly past the home position and stop and flashes all 3 lights. Did I install something wrong on the wire harness?

  129. Laura Shannon

    Just purchased my Litter Robot III. It works great the majority of the time, but sometimes will stop during the cycle, and the yellow light will blink rapidly. The instructions say this is an indication of a pinch sensor however it is difficult to tell from the illustration how to clear this.

  130. Mike

    When I power on the LR2 the yellow Cycling/In Use light immediately lights. After a few minutes all three lights flash. Repeat every time I power it on. I’ve reseated the cat sensor multiple times, also pulled the sensor out of its home and cycled the button, doesn’t seem to make a difference. Any suggestions?

    • Josué Michaud

      It seems to be a jammed motor. You can try replacing the motor. You can fin new ones HERE

  131. Mary Morelly

    I have a LR2 that seems to be working fine. It cycles completely at the right speed. The problem is that all the clumps are not being dumped into the waste drawer. Some are but many still remain in the globe even after several cycles. If I had to guess, I’d say there is an issue with the waste ports, although I am getting some clumps in the drawer along with some clean litter.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Mary Morelly Hi, we suggest you to start a cycle by pressing on the Cycle button and verify the reason why some clumps are still inside the globe. If there’s an issue with the waste ports, we suggest you to verify and clean them accordingly.

  132. Aimee Carter

    I have a litter robot II…the yellow light is stuck. When I unplug it the yellow light stays on when the power comes back on. Any suggestions?

    • Josué Michaud

      @Aimee Carter, The yellow steady light means that the motor must be jammed in some ways. You will need to verify if the motor is jammed.
      Did you buy the robot with us? If so please contact us trough our Support Center under the Domestic department.
      You can also find a new motor HERE.
      Here is a LINK about how to replace the Litter Robot 2 motor as well

  133. Eveline Bijlmer

    I have a litter robot II…. and when it cycles it doesn’t stop at the waste disposal point but just keeps turning. And when does stop it’s upside down. If I then switch it of and pull out the electricity jack and turn it back on a couple of minutes later it returns to normal again. But a day later it does it again. What’s wrong with it? Any suggestions? Because I don’t know which parts I have to replace.

    • Philippe Jutras


      From what you are saying, it seems that there is an issue with the Hall Effect Sensor which causes the robot to have difficulty tracking the position of the globe.
      We suggest you try replacing the Sensor Harness: RB-ltr-62
      To replace the Sensor Harness, we suggest you follow this guide made by one of our Domestic Robot Specialist: click here

  134. JoJo

    Hi, the litter robot II does not automatically cycle although the green light is on. If I manually turn on/off the robot, it starts the cycle. Could you please advise?

    • Josué Michaud

      Hi Jojo,
      It seems that the cat sensor will need to be replaced.
      Here is a LINK to our website of how to replace the cat sensor.
      You may also find the cat sensor HERE.

  135. Linda

    Litter robot stopped cycling after cat uses. Light stays green.replaced the wire harness and didn’t fix. Red light comes on when I manually click the sensor switch. However doesn’t cycle just returns to green. Pushing the other buttons has no impact on red light. Robot cycles fine if I push the green button. Not sure if a switch issue or the control panel. Did notice that my safety. Switch set up is different than your instructions. Had a black plastic piece that the two black wires were connected to rather than being connected to metal pieces.

    • Josué Michaud

      Hi Linda,
      It seems that you will need to replace the Cat Sensor on your unit.

      You may find it HERE.
      Here is how to replace it as well. Click HERE

  136. Bennett

    My litter robot has been having issues lately; now when i switch the power on, no lights even come on half the time, or if they do it is just a solid red light which begins blinking red if it’s left on for an hour or so. It seemed like the motor was struggling more and more – could the motor have burned out? Or do you know what else might be indicated by this behavior?

    • Philippe Jutras

      The red light flashing is caused by an excess of weight or the cat sensor being activated for a too long period of time. We recommend that you verify the cat sensor installation. The motor could also be an issue since there are small gears inside the assembly and they could be damaged.

  137. lisa walker

    I inherited a litter robot when I adopted a 10 year old cat from a divorcing couple. It seemed to work perfectly until I changed the litter. When the kitty came he came with a 20 lb bottle of Tidy Cat Glade litter. My housemate brought home a different version of Tidycat litter the Tidycat Lite and now the used clumps of litter just stick to the bottom of the globe. Is this a litter issue or is there something I need to apply to the bootom of the globe to prevent the litter from sticking? Poor kitty he is such a good boy he deserves better. Advise please…what is the best brand of litter for the robot? Or do I need to coat the interior with something if so what? Help pleas.

    • Josué Michaud

      The Litter-Robot has been designed to work with various types of litter, not just the premium clumping clay litters. The sifting screen is suitable for both clumping, scoopable clay litters as well as for alternative litters such as Litter Pearls, Crystals or World’s Best Cat Litter.

  138. Robert Oravitz

    Hello, I recently Our have day a replacement circuit board for my LR -2. Everything seems to work fine, except when t goes through a cycle, it’s doesn’t go all the way around. It stops about 60 degrees short of dumping the waste, then spins back clockwise slightly past the rest point then returning to the rest point as it should. I’ve checked all sensors and connections for cleanliness and everything looks good.

    • Philippe Jutras

      @Robert Oravitz
      We suggest you contact us via the support center since this issue will require further troubleshooting. Try to include pictures of the unit or video of the cycle.

  139. Kayla

    My litter robot has a solid yellow light that stays on. It runs properly other than this light staying on. I’ve tried unplugging it and resetting it.

  140. Robert E Fuchsberger

    My lr2 rotates about 9 holes then sits there and skips. I have been just rotating it one hole when it does this. It will complete its cycle like normal if you move when it skips. How do i fix the skipping?

    • Philippe Jutras


      Thank you for reaching out. In order to better serve you, we suggest you contact us via our support center. Our technicians will then be allowed to troubleshoot further the issues of your robot. IF you can add a video of the problem, it will help us to figure out if the robot needs repair or replacement parts.

  141. Cathy

    LR11 10+ years old – starts cycling on its own now. The start and stop “stuttering” happens many times during the cycle. During the cycling the yellow light is steady, even when it stops. It probably takes 3 or 4 minutes to cycle. When it finally gets back to starting position the light does turn green. But then it starts up again within a minute. Motherboard? I did clean everything thoroughly. I did want to mention also that because my LR is so old, the rubber on the bottom of the globe was losing its slipperiness due to urine. So I cleaned it very well and used an Armor-All type of product and it restored the slipperiness. Now the litter slides right off again. That may help other people with that similar product. Thanks so much for your feed!!

    • Josué Michaud

      Concerning the issue of the robot cycling on its own, the problem may be caused by a defective motherboard. You can buy a replacement HERE
      You can also buy replacement seals so the globe won’t slip anymore HERE

  142. Jessie

    Hello, our litter robot 2 is moving slow recently, so we purchased a motor to replacing the old one. However, once we followed the instruction installed. when turning it on, the yellow light is on steady, i can see the motor have a very brief move and it stop right away. Any idea of what’s going on? Thank you.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Jessie Make sure that you have plugged the cat sensor and the anti-pinch trigger switch properly. Also, make sure that you have plugged the motor correctly. Green-Red wires together and Brown-White.

  143. Peter

    Hello, I’ve read through all the posts and seems many are experiencing the same issue as me but different answers are given so I don’t know where to start. When I turn it on, motor will move for a split second and yellow light stays on. After a minute or so the red light will flash. Nothing else happens even if I press the buttons. I checked the sensors and all seems to be fine and not triggered. What part needs replacement? Thanks!

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Peter The issue could be caused by either the cat sensor, the anti-pinch sensor being defective or the motor being jammed. You can use a voltmeter and test the switches to verify if they both triggers when pressed down. If they do, then it is possible the motor is the problem.

  144. Alex

    Our robot won’t turn on at all anymore. There was recently a storm that tripped the breakers on the wall where the robot was plugged in. Potentially a surge? Turning the breakers back on every other appliance and outlet is now working without issue but our robot won’t turn on! Devestating! How can I fix I it? Is their a reset button? To clarify plugging it in the unit appears turned off no lights.

    • Mathieu Thibault

      @Alex It is possibly a surge and damaged the electronics. We would suggest to replace the circuit board.

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