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How to Make a Drone / UAV – Lesson 1: Terminology
How to Make a Drone / UAV – Lesson 2: The Platform
How to Make a Drone / UAV – Lesson 3: Propulsion
How to Make a Drone / UAV – Lesson 4: Choose a flight controller
How to Make a Drone / UAV – Lesson 5: Assembly
How to Make a Drone / UAV – Lesson 6: Get it all working together
How to Make a Drone / UAV – Lesson 7: FPV & Long-range
How to Make a Drone / UAV – Lesson 8: Aircraft

So you’re looking to get into drones and UAVs? This tutorial series is designed to help you understand the emerging field of UAVs and guide you through the process of building your own UAV using off-the shelf parts. The terminology and definitions used here are intended to give you, the reader an understanding of each term rather than a dictionary definition. Although many words may have multiple meanings, the definition is used in the context of UAVs / Drones.



ARF Almost Ready to Fly“: a UAV which comes assembled with almost all parts necessary to fly. Components like the controller and receiver may not be included.
BNF Bind and Fly“; the UAV comes fully assembled and includes a receiver. You only need to choose a compatible transmitter and “bind” it to the receiver.
DIY Do It Yourself“, which is now commonly used to mean “custom”. This normally involves using parts from a variety of different suppliers and creating or modifying parts.
Drone This is synonymous with UAV. The term “drone” seems to be more common for military use whereas “UAV” is more common for hobby use
A UAV which has six motors / propellers.
Multirotor “Multirotor” simply means an aircraft with multiple rotors
Octocopter A UAV which has eight motors / propellers.
Quadcopter A UAV which has four motors / propellers and four support arms. Configurations are normally “+” (the front of the UAV faces one of the arms) or “X” (the front of the aircraft faces between two arms).
RTF Ready To Fly“: a UAV which comes fully assembled with all necessary parts. Simply charge the battery and fly!
Size (mm) “Size” is normally provided in millimeters (ex 450mm) and represents the greatest point to point distance between two motors on a UAV. Size can also determine the “class” of UAV (micro, mini etc)
Spyder A “Spyder” type UAV (normally quad or hex) is one where the supporting arms are not symmetric in bot haxes when looked at from the top.
Tricopter A UAV which has three motors / propellers, and usually three support arms
UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle” (of any kind)
V-Tail A UAV which has four arms, of which the rear two are at an angle to form a ‘V’
X4 / X8  X4 and X8 are UAV configurations with four support arms; X4 configurations have one motor at the end of each arm, whereas X8 have two motors per arm (one facing up, the other facing down)
Y3 / Y6 Y3 and Y6 are UAV configurations with three support arms; Y3 configurations have one motor at the end of each arm, whereas Y6 have two motors per arm (one facing up, the other facing down)






Octocopter Frame


CG Center of Gravity“; this is the point on the aircraft where there is equal weight distributed on all sides.
Clamp A “tube clamp” is a device normally used on a round tube in order to connect it to another device (such as a motor mount or a UAV’s body).
Connectors In order to plug and unplug wires, connectors are used at the ends of wires. Common connectors for batteries are Deans & XT60, while connectors for the flight controller and sensors are 0.1″ spaced
Dampeners These are molded rubber parts used to minimize vibration transmitted throughout a UAV
Frame The frame is like the “skeleton” of the aircraft and holds all of the parts together. Simple frames have motors connected to aluminum or other lightweight extrusions (“arm”) which then connect to a central body.
G10 This is a material commonly used instead of carbon fiber to make a UAV’s frame since it is very rigid and lightweight, but significantly less expensive
Landing Gear
Multirotor landing gear normally does not have wheels as you might find on an airplane – this is to prevent it from moving when on the ground and reduce overall weight.
LED Light Emitting Diode“. These are used to make the UAV visible, primarily at night or low lighting conditions.
Prop Guards “Propeller guards” are material which curround a propeller to prevent the propeller from contacting other objects. They are implemented as a safety feature and a way to minimize damage to the UAV
Retract “Retractable” normally refers to landing gear which has two positions: one for landing and takeoff, and another, which takes up less room or improves visibility, during flight.
Shell This is an aesthetic / functional cover used to improve resistance to the elements and sometimes improve aerodynamics. Some production UAVs only have a plastic shell which also acts as the “frame”.


Anti-Vibration Dampener

Landing Gear

Simple Landing Gear

UAV Shell

UAV Shell



BEC Battery Eliminator Circuit“: a voltage regulator built into the ESC which can provide regulated 5V DC power to any electronics which need it.
Blades Propeller blades are the aerodynamic surface which generates lift. A propeller normally has two to four blades which can be fixed or folding.
CW / CCW CW indicates Clockwise rotation and CCW indicates Counter-Clockwise rotation. On a multi-rotor aircraft, you would normally use pairs of counter-rotating propellers.
ESC Electronic Speed Controller” is the device which connects to the battery, motor and flight controller and controls the speed at which the motor rotates
LiPo Lithium Polymer” is the most common battery used in drones and UAVs because of its light weight (versus storage capacity) and high current discharge rates.
There are other types of Lithium-based batteries available on the market as well (LiFe, LiMn, LiOn etc)
Motor The motor is what is used to rotate the propellers; in small UAVs, a brushed motor is most often used, whereas for larger UAVs, a “brushless” motor is much more common
PCB A “Printed Circuit Board” is the flat fiberglass part with many components soldered to it. Many electronic products have a PCB.
Power Distribution
In order to power so many different devices used in a UAV, the battery must be split, which is where the Power Distribution (board or cable) comes into play.
It takes the single positive and negative terminals of the battery and provides many different terminals / connection points to which other devices (operating at the same voltage) can receive power.
Propeller The propellers are what provides the thrust and are more similar to those used in airplanes rather than on helicopters.
Prop Adapter A device used to connect the propeller to the motor.
Prop Saver A type of hub which mounts on top of your motor and replaces the prop adapter. In he event of a crash, a part of the prop saver is lost in an attempt to save the propeller.
Servo A servo is a type of actuator which, provided the right signal, can move to a specific angular position
Thrust The “thrust” is the force which a specific motor and propeller can provide (at a certain voltage). Usually measured in kilograms (Kg) or pounds (Lbs)

LiPo Battery

LiPo Battery


CW / CCW Propellers

Power Distribution

Power Distribution Board


Base / ground /
Control Station
Instead of (or in addition to) a hand held transmitter, a station (normally in a case or mounted to a tripod) is used to house / integrate the necessary components used to control a UAV.
This can include the transmitter, antenna(e), video receiver, monitor, battery, computer and other devices.
Binding The term “binding” refers to configuring a handheld transmitter so it can communicate with a receiver; if a transmitter came with a receiver, it should have been done at the factory.
Channel The number of channels on a transmitter relates to the number of separate signals it can send
Flight Controller The “Flight Controller” is what would be considered the “brain” of a UAV and handles all of the data processing, calculations and signals.
The core of a flight controller is often a programmable “microcontroller”. The flight controller may have multiple sensors onboard, including an accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, compass, GPS etc.
If the flight controller has the ability to control the aircraft on its own (for example to navigate to specific GPS coordinates), it may be considered to be an “autopilot”.
Harness This usually refers to the “Wiring Harness” which are the wires that connect the receiver to the flight controller (and sometimes other devices).
HF/ UHF / VHF High Frequency“; “Very High Frequency” and “Ultra High Frequency” radio waves. Units are in Hz (Hertz)
Receiver This is what processes the information received wirelessly
Sketch / Code This is the program which is uploaded to your UAV’s flight controller (similar to a “thought process”)
Transmitter / Radio
The “transmitter” is what generates the control signal(s) wirelessly to the receiver


Base Station

Base Station



Flight Controller

Flight Controller

Sensors / Orientation

Accelerometer An accelerometer measures linear acceleration in one to three axes. Units are normally in ‘g’ or gravity. An accelerometer can provide your drone’s orientation with respect to ground
Antenna Antennas are what actually receive or send a signal to and from a UAV (the signal itself having been generated by a transmitter unit).
They come in a variety of different types and include directional (strongest in one direction) and omnidirectional
Barometer / Pressure 
/ Altimeter
A Barometer is used to give feedback as to the altitude of the UAV. It measures pressure, and since pressure changes with altitude, your aircraft can “know” its height.
Compass A magnetic compass can provide your compass heading (north / south / east / west)
Flight Recorder A flight recorder records sensor values from your UAV. This feature can sometimes be integrated into the flight controller.
GPS Global Positioning System“: satellites orbiting the planet send out signals which are picked up by the GPS antenna and are sent to be processed by the GPS receiver to provide geographic coordinates
Gyroscope A gyroscope measures angular acceleration in one ot three axes. Units are normally degrees per second squared.
IMU Inertial Measurement Unit” combines an accerleometer and a gyroscope
Magenetometer In low cost robotics, a magnetometer is sometimes used to provide compass direction
Pitch Pitch is the angle of the nose to tail with respect to the ground, or in other words, the rotation of an aircraft about the axis from wing to wing
Pitot Tube A device which measures air speed
Roll Roll is the rotation of the aircraft along the axis from its nose to its tail
Yaw Yaw is the rotation of an aircraft about an axis perpendicular (90 degrees to) to the plane formed between the nose / tail and wing tips

Roll Pitch Yaw

Roll / Pitch / Yaw

Airspeed Sensor

Airspeed Sensor


GPS Module


FPV First Person View“: The UAV is mounted with a camera and the operator has a live video feed displayed on either a monitor or virtual reality glasses
A devices which carries a camera and is normally actuated using either a servo motor or a brushless DC motor. A gimbal is what can stabilize a camera in flight.
GoPro The GoPro series of action cameras is widely used for taking and/or transmitting video
LCD Liquid Crystal Display” is a type of screen / monitor used to display the image received by the receiver
OSD On Screen Display” provides text on the monitor / screen which is being sent from the aircraft (can include altitude, GPS location etc.)
VR Virtual Reality” glasses or goggles provide the operator with a more “immersive” experience


2-Axis Gimbal

FPV Monitor

LCD Monitor for FPV

VR Glasses

VR Glasses

Do you Really Want a Custom UAV?

The choice of UAV depends on how much you want to learn about the field. Building a custom UAV can be quite involved as well as dangerous. If you would prefer to simply “get in the air” quickly, we’d suggest the following, in increasing order of complexity:


Multi-rotor toys are becoming increasingly popular. Most are small, and can fit in the palm of your hand, though some like the A.R. Drone Parrot are larger. Toy multi-rotor UAVs are not necessarily easy to fly, but are more resistant to crashes. Toys tend to be smaller and integrate the frame into the aesthetic shell.


A “Ready To Fly” kit includes all the parts needed for a complete UAV. Parts include the UAV itself (most often pre-assembled and pre-wired), the hand held transmitter, a battery and charger. The craft is calibrated and should be able to fly with relative ease. These are not however indestructible, and a crash may damage the system to the point where it is simply worth buying a new aircraft rather than attempting to repair it.


An “almost ready to fly” kit is one where the frame, motors and most of the “core” parts are included and fully assembled (or a few parts need to be assembled, largely to help with shipping). Normally an ARF kit requires the addition of a transmitter / receiver and perhaps batteries and charger. Other ARF kits do not include the flight controller itself. You may need to do some calibration because of the additional parts required. We do not suggest a BNF kit as not all transmitters and receivers are compatible with one another.


A kit normally includes most of the important products needed to build a UAV, but may not include the transmitter / receiver, battery and charger or flight controller. Different kits have different package contents, so it is important to see exactly what is included and what additional items will be needed. The contents of a kit should be compatible with one another.


A custom setup is where you combine a variety of different products from a variety of different manufacturers and get them to work together. This approach requires that you understand which components are needed to make a UAV and will be the focus of this series of articles.


Do you see terms which are missing and would be useful? Feel free to add them in the comments below.


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      @Hiwayjohnny We currently do not have a list of contract designers for such a project. You might approach students at a local engineering school to see if they might be interested as a side project.

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    my renge is 10000–12000
    how can i contect u
    plz give me ur whats app number

    • Coleman Benson

      @monarch We suspect you mean Rupees? If so, it’s possible, but if you’re entirely new to building robots or drones, we suggest finding a drone kit within your budget.

    • Coleman Benson

      @adamz We have had a few requests for a video, the problem being that it will need to show specific parts, which can quickly be out of date or discontinued.

  66. Mohiul alam

    plz tell me that …can u give me a pic of power distribution board…. front and under pic

  67. sofi

    sir what amount of voltage motor do i have to use?and what about the battery voltage?

    • Eric Nantel

      @sofi, The choice of voltage will be dictated by many factors. One of which is the motor KV you will use as many lower KV motor will require a higher voltage. If you want to go basic, most UAV’s run on 3s LiPo (11.1V).

  68. derick

    pls tell me wher shall i buy this stuffs in online and its website but that should come to india in chennai

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    Your Comment Here…sir, i want to know that how much is your drone range? is it possible , 350 km range controle drone remote…? please help me..

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    I want to make it completely but iam not intrested to buy it’s all componenet, so please tell me a easy or cheapeast way.

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  72. sm mithu

    sir i am bangladeshi . i have made a drone,but i can not understand that drone weight is accroding to how much is propelar turn-KV…….PIEASE

  73. @rohit

    Hello Sir, I am MCA pass-out student (Non-Engineering), and now I am interested in embedded programming, to build a drone, How should I start my first step towards it.

  74. just nitewalker

    good day every one,, please I need help with my home work, am an amateur in science and tech,, but I still gat much to learn,, I have been trying for long to build something that can fly above but all my efforts were faulted, please sir if you don’t mind giving me some basis, I mean like couching me for auto robotics engineering

    • Coleman Benson

      @just nitewalker Please create a new topic on the RobotShop Forum and tell us what you have tried and what you want to do, as well as what parts you have.

  75. shiiv magar

    hello sir!first of all god morning.i am intrested in software learning and computer.then i alwasy drowing in drown but how can solve of electronic circuit and vidio program.please sir give me sagguation.i will be wait for your massage.

    • Coleman Benson

      @shiiv magar It sounds like you are trying to create your own flight controller? If this is the case, it’s well beyond the support we can provide here.

  76. Arturo Loero

    Hello, nice article. Actually, i have a project about make a dron to farms. Also this drone have to be automatic, so no body should control it. Can you give me some advice about the software to make this sistem works? this drone should act like a whatchmen if anything is not working right. sorry if my english is not so good..

    • Coleman Benson

      @Arturo Loero The drone would only work for around 15-20 minutes (in flight). There are certainly autonomous drones out there, and many flight controllers allow for autonomous GPS navigation. In terms of being a “watchman”, you would need to add sensors and change the programming of the flight controller, or have a separate microcontroller which provides signals to the flight controller.

  77. yogesh joshi

    hello sir. I am a mechanical (auto mobile) engineering student. so please tell me a any project or drone which based on automobile

    • Coleman Benson

      @yogesh joshi If you mean a drone which is the size of an automobile and can carry humans, we do not sell any, so a Google search is your best friend.

  78. sm mithu

    sir, i want to make a solar drone but i can not understant this solar palne .how to connection esc for solar plane volt & ampire details..plz…

  79. dilawar hussain

    please required me of all things prepared for drones camera

  80. jigar

    What is the simplest and cheapest way to make a drone @ home?? With particular household items?? And tell which things r required from market.? Which will b not available at home?? Plz reply

  81. sourav kumar

    Can I make a drone at a budget of 15000 to 17000 rupees

  82. Suryansh pandey

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    How can we make a simple circuit board at home for my drone

  83. RASEL

    Hello sir.
    I am from Bangladesh
    Please help me
    Can i make a drone at a budget of 2000 to 25000 taka

    • Coleman Benson

      @RASEL 2000 Bangladeshi Takas is far too low, but you should be able to put together something for 25,000. You will need to do quite a lot of research beforehand.

  84. Rahul Sharma

    Thanks you very much for your helping heart for humanity. Please tell other parts of making. Technology of Drone u.a.v and please ell its part it

  85. Jimit patel

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    and some thing telling about desing engineering project

  86. amit

    I want making a spry drone for agricultural use . The tank capacity atlest 20 liter

  87. noung

    I want to know,about gps data such as coordinate pont
    I want. to coordinate pont servey. With drone
    Which drone able to get new wave point from drone gps
    Please learn me

    • Coleman Benson

      @noung Many flight controllers which have GPS input also allow autonomous flight with coordinate input. If the drone has GPS, check its manual to see if it has what you seek.

  88. Samuel

    Nyc lessons,i would also really like to make my own

  89. Saleem

    hello and thank you for these useful lessons.
    I am third year mechanical engineering student and I have a project about making a quad copter and I really want to know some laws to calculate motors power and propellers dimensions so can you please help me or at least guide me how and where to learn such laws.
    my regards.

    • Coleman Benson

      @Saleem You likely mean “equations”. Unfortunately we do not have these as part of this tutorial, but will certainly consider adding them at a later time. For the moment, do a Google search “calculate propeller thrust” and keep in mind the equations are the same for an airplane propeller.

    • Eric Nantel

      @yash, The easiest would be to use Google Translate. It won’t be perfect but at least it will help people in Hindi language.

    • Eric Nantel

      @suraj umrao, If you have a specific question, it’s best to use the RobotShop Forum. Provide as much information as possible regarding your case.

  90. rosaindica

    if i want to make a drone that is for security purpose, a camera should be fitted in it that it is given some range and it keep rotating around that place and when it indicates some sort of bag or some people around walls of the building it gives us alarm or indicate us . than what components would be needed for it??

    • Eric Nantel

      @rosaindica, this is a rather complex project which involves testing different components to achieve it. We suggest getting feedback on the RobotShop Forum rather than on the blog. Note that we do not provide consulting for customer projects but can help choose parts based on your specific requirements.

  91. M. Amruth Vardhan Reddy

    * First of all thanking you for creating this blog.
    * I am a Mechanical Student willing to make a simple drone project which is able to fly as a copter, further i want to make some of the technical modifications according to design as fixed in my mind.
    * sir first i need to know which of the type is very simple to prepare by my own, not as assembling the finished parts.
    * As you mentioned above types which is simple to prepare
    * As i know its not that simple to prepare, but simpler for starters. because i am a starter
    At last i need some suggestions regarding to prepare in less than 1 month.
    thank you sir

    • Coleman Benson

      @M. Amruth Vardhan Reddy The simplest would be a quadcopter, around 500mm in diameter (between motors). Use off the shelf parts.

  92. saurabhuprikar

    I have make drone but I don’t know how to make so please guide

    • Coleman Benson

      @saurabhuprikar That is the objective of this tutorial series. If you need additional details, we suggest you consider starting with a kit.

  93. Gagan deep singh

    Hello sir i don’t know how to make drone please lend me methods to make it but i could not purchase drone kit

    • Coleman Benson

      @Gagan deep singh That is the purpose of this tutorial series. If it’s too advanced and you cannot purchase a kit, then it’s best to purchase one already assembled.

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    we want to chat with u about the idea.
    can u call us +972-54-7998856

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    hellow sir would you give a cheap method to build a drone ?

    • Coleman Benson

      @Atul Shet Currently custom – built drones start at around $200 to $250 USD. Toys are considerably less expensive.

  96. M. Amruth Vardhan Reddy

    @ Coleman Benson… thank you sir for your previous suggestion
    i am going to work on a starter piece of quad copter so i am in doubt of Li Po battery and camera attachment to starter piece

    * how much capacity can be used
    * how to fix a simple camera for the starter drone
    * which model of camera and receiver screen can be used sir…

    • Coleman Benson

      @M. Amruth Vardhan Reddy The battery’s capacity affects the weight of the robot – higher capacity = higher weight. The type of camera will determine how you can fix it to the frame. The most popular model of camera is a GoPro Hero 3 with built-in WiFi; check to see if people are selling it used if budget is very important. This way you can use a smart phone for video.

  97. Kuro

    I am going to make a frame quadcopter but I don’t know what difference between x4 and +4, hope you explain for me more, thank

    • Coleman Benson

      @Kuro X4 has two arms to the left and two arms to the right (“front” is between two arms), whereas +4 has one arm forward, one arm back, one to the left and one to the right (“front” is along one of the arms).

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    • Coleman Benson

      @Sav First objective should be to build and successfully fly the drone. Watering the lawn won’t be easy since it means either carrying water, or dragging a hose (which affects flight characteristics). Unless you are well versed in programming, mapping a lawn will take quite a lot of code.

  101. Crazy Sid

    Mr. Coleman Benson
    This tutorial is the best source on internet and even very helpful.
    Well i want to make an fully automated drone which can work on its own and have many plans on this and even have a good plane out so if you agree to help me out by my ideas please do contact me or mail me. I will be waiting for your mail.

    • Coleman Benson

      @Crazy Sid If you’re looking to create an entirely custom drone, this is not something we can necessarily help with – it will be up to you to learn as much as you can before and during the build. If you’re new to drones, there is a lot to learn.

  102. Polock

    I want description all drone circuit instrument. please sand me.

    • Coleman Benson

      @Polock Unfortunately we do not have a specific document to send which lists all electronics and shows the associated circuits (with or without explanations). You might take a look at the MultiWii or Pixhawk open-source multirotor project sites.

  103. chandni

    hellow sir i want to make a drone which has a camera in it, iwant to connect it with my laptop using bluetooth ,wifi , also use some sensor with it would you guide me plzzz

    • Coleman Benson

      @chandni That is the objective of this series of articles. We cannot provide a step by step procedure though. If you need detailed instructions, you would be best to purchase a kit.

  104. vamsi

    Hello sir,
    Hope you are doing well..
    Could you please let me know that Electronic components & what are the technologies used in Nano air vehicle(“Hummingbird air vehicle”)
    Thank you in advance.
    Vamsi Krishna

    • Coleman Benson

      @vamsi We are not sure which drone you are referring to. If you mean a drone which has wings which create lift, you need high speed DC motors as well as the mechanical “flapping” system.

  105. malomo victor

    Sir, I am aware of the fact that robotshop delivers worldwide but I am seeking to know the exact town or state in which robotshop delivers in nigeria. Thank you

    • Coleman Benson

      @malomo victor You can add the products to your cart, click “modify my cart” and enter your address to see delivery options.

  106. mukhesh

    sir my intrest is make a drone but i dont have much ideas so please give a best suggition

    • Coleman Benson

      @mukhesh If you are not ready to do research and learn, and prefer to just build, we suggest starting with a complete quadcopter kit.

    • Coleman Benson

      @gaurav That is the objective of this series. If you need more details, we strongly suggest purchasing a complete kit.

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    iam looking forward to make a quadcopter with an fpv provision …..iam collecting maximum data and will notify my progress

    thank you

  108. Daniel

    Thanks for the great info. This is a great starter’s info.
    Quick terminology question. What would it mean if someone is refering to RX and FC? I hear BEC inside ESC powers RX and FC, but I have no idea what those accronyms are referring to…

    • Coleman Benson

      @Daniel Rx = receiver (or receiver pin depending on the context); FC = Flight Controller; BEC = Battery Elimination Circuit (5V output normally); ESC = Electronic Speed Controller. Many brushless ECSs contain a BEC which provides 5V output on the red RC pin. This is used to power the flight controller (so no need for another battery).

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    Simple drone.. Is this possible..

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    • Coleman Benson

      @Imran Ansari That is the purpose of this series of articles. If you need additional information, we suggest you start with a kit which contains all of the parts needed, as well as step by step instructions.

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    • Coleman Benson

      @Tarush If you need a specific list of parts to put together a drone, we suggest you consider a drone kit rather than something custom.

  123. Ankush

    hello sir, i study engineering pre final year and i want to make future in drone technology. but i want some tips for this career. i finish ur lesson 1 its awsome. plz tell me, what things i do for this career. nd yes i want to make a drone. i have some exclusive drone ideas.

    • Coleman Benson

      @Ankush We strongly suggest you pursue a degree in robotics with a minor in aerospace. This does not mean to say that you cannot do really well without an advanced degree – learning when doing counts for a lot. Volunteer at your local university and offer to help them with any aerial vehicles you can. Note that most of the tech in drones is used in ground-based robots, so just because it doesn’t fly doesn’t mean it’s not relevant experience. Good luck and study hard!

  124. Ben

    Helo Coleman am glad to have found this website, I am currently doing my final year project in university related to aerial surveillance using drone. I wanted to ask if there is any specific formula to calculate the maximum altitude which a drone can reach

    • Coleman Benson

      @Ben Unless you are looking to go into the upper atmosphere where the air pressure changes (so the thrust provided from the motors decreases), the limitations are only battery power and signal range. Multi-rotors have gone very high, and airplane drones have almost no limitations (for hobby use).

  125. Pranav

    We design the project with 5kg payload, for this we required BLDC motors but we can not able to choose the motors so plz can u suggest the bldc motors with supported Propeller ,ESC and Battery.

  126. Hariom

    Dear sir, I want to make a drone to use for spraying the pesticide in our agriculture fields. So please guide me.

    • Coleman Benson

      @Hariom You essentially need a normal UAV, but with a very high payload carrying capacity. If this is your first time buildign a drone, then start smaller and learn what is needed; don’t design and build something too big if this is your first time.

  127. Shaggy

    I wanna make a Micro class UAV(not more than 1.5kg excl payload).Electric motor propulsion.With payload bay enclosed(5 inch * 1.5 inch *1.5inch). Hand toss launch and runway landing. Please guide accordingly.

  128. prasad

    hii i am a student and i am working on a drone not a UAV , its an vehicle and i am getting problem while giving input to vehicle via bluetooth on my android phone , so help me how do i give input via bluetooth and what accessories do i need to use .

    • Coleman Benson

      @prasad Although your question does not really relate to this aticle, you need an application on your Android which sends serial commands via Bluetooth. Your microcontroller needs to be connected to its own Bluetooth module and programmed to “understand” the serial commands being sent, at the right baud rate, and then take action. You also first need to pair your phone with the drone’s Bluetooth module. For more information, please create a new topic on the RobotShop Forum.

  129. yashwan kumar

    halo sir , main dron making sikhana chahata hu main kuchh karana chahata hu

    • Coleman Benson

      @Abhinav yadav A video describing how to design and create a custom drone is not the easiest to make as it would require showing specific parts which may be outdated very quickly.

  130. Prashant

    is it true less rpm motor gives high torque ? and 650KV motor, 14*6 propeller with 11.1v are able to give the 2.3 kg thrust if not plz suggest the material?

    • Coleman Benson

      @Prashant You might be thinking about gearing for brushed DC motors where a higher gear ratio would result in lower RPM and higher torque. For non-geared BLDC motors, this is not necessarily the case. You should check thrust data for a motor given different propellers.

  131. Johnnyson Dominic

    I cant get any almost all of the components are not available in my country please I need your help I really want to have one of this dron for my electronic project

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    Hello sir, I am a nigerian who is interested in building a drone but i i dont know hw to get the compo ents

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    i want to design a uav wt 5 kg payload plz which kv bldc motor i have to choose plz suggest

  135. Shaun Gomes

    I am Shaun and I am looking for someone who has experience and expertise in the subject of drones. I am making a drone for my Personal Project (part of the IB MYP Course). If possible I am looking to have a conversation on this topic and how to create one. If anyone could help, it would be very much appreciated.

    • Coleman Benson

      @Shaun Gomes Not sure you will get many replies here. You might want to create a new topic on the RobotShop Forum with specific questions. Be sure to read through this entire series of articles first.

  136. basker


    • Coleman Benson

      @basker We don’t really suggest that approach because the surface area of the solar panels will greatly affect the drone’s flight characteristics and act like a sail / parachute. If you want to use solar power, we suggest considering an airplane or blimp.

  137. Sandeep Sandhu

    I believe FC can be common for all drones with basic control.

    But can you please guide me how to choose ESC and the motor type, especially how to choose the motor which will last long under full stress requiring no maintenance.
    And how many channels FC should support considering one building DRONE will all features like GPS, ALTITUDE Hold, Return Home, Battery indicator..

    Please guide me on the best and the 2nd best FC, ESC and the motor name.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Coleman Benson

      @Sandeep Sandhu Take a look at lesson 3 for ideas on how to choose the motor + propeller + ESC. In terms of which BLDC motor will last the longest, that comes down to quality. Regarding how many channels your remote control should have, note that the features you list can be toggled with one knob, so you would only need a 5 channel remote where the 5th channel was a knob rather than a two or three-way switch. Unfortunately knobs tend to only be found on 7ch or more remote controls. At we try to sell only quality parts.

  138. Pham ngoc Quang

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I am PHAM Ngoc Quang and currently working at Remote Sensing Department in Vietnam. I have been doing research on UAV, but I have encountered two difficulties which I have not figured out the solutions. Fortunately, I came across your email address while reading some documents, and I am writing to ask for your support.
    I would be very grateful if you can give me some suggestion to deal with these difficulties.
    1. Features of day flying and night flying UAVs
    2. Day-flying and night-flying photography of the cameras mounted on UAVs
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you very much for your concern
    PHAM Ngoc Quang

    • Coleman Benson

      @Pham ngoc Quang A multirotor drone does not care if it is day or night; when flying at night, you really should have some LEDs to indicate direction (red on left, green on right). The choice of camera is up to you – in certain areas there is enough lighting at night so that you don’t need infrared (just a normal camera will do).

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    I want to make a drone.Tell me, how to make a drone in details. I am waiting for ur reply.

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  141. Noorain Ansari

    Sir I am mechanical engineer . My project is assembly the parts of drone .
    I want to make some new drone for a Pattent .
    So suggested me what’s I am do and what’s I am added in quaddrone.

    • Coleman Benson

      @Noorain Ansari If you want to patent a new drone design, but are not sure which parts to select, you may want to experiment with drones first in order to get experience. Conside ra drone kit.

    • Coleman Benson

      @Jimmy Creating a multi-rotor drone without a flight controller is really not easy and we don’t have any alternatives to suggest.

  142. Marco Rinciari


    I am starting from scratch and would like to build a drone that has everything

    -GPS(orbiting and autopilot capabilities)
    -Camera that I can control the movement of
    -Live camera view
    -Self-programmable(easily from the computer build and download)
    -Follow me option and self-landing upon command
    -Open electrical ports for attachments like lasers and other cool stuff and for future upgrades
    -sensors so It doesn’t crash into stuff
    -controllable from a remote that I can incorporate in my code

    Is there a micro controller that will allow me to attach these certain components and program all of these features?

    • Coleman Benson

      @Marco Rinciari We see you have contacted us via the support center and have answered you there. Alternatively, you can create a post on the RobotShop Forum

  143. Rajannya

    We students of grade viii r going to nsss space settlement contest what can be by the best project? Help us

    • Coleman Benson

      @Rajannya Find out what projects the NSSS has planned for 10 or 20 years to come, and create a smaller working model of one (or part of one) of their projects. It would show that you know what their goals are, learning how to achieve them and can work towards it. Otherwise, winners tend to really think outside of the box.

    • Coleman Benson

      @Rakshit This would be a general procedure needed when creating an entirely custom mutli-rotor drone. Note that drone kits are far easier to create since all of the parts are already chosen and there is an assembly procedure.

  144. naveed

    Dear sir how can i download all leasons of “Make a Drone / UAV – Lesson 1: Terminology”

    • Coleman Benson

      @naveed Unfortunately we do not have a download link, so you would need to either create a new document, or print/save each page as a PDF file.

    • Coleman Benson

      @ujjawal If you mean how long it will last on a charge, smaller ones fly for around 6 minutes, while medium sized can stay in the air for 15 minutes (with some exceptional cases around 30-40 minutes). If you mean distance, that really only depends on flight time and speed, and if you need to be within transmitter range.

    • Coleman Benson

      @Sunil Unfortunately we do not provide support by telephone. If you have several questions, feel free to create a new topic on the RobotShop Forum

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    i am ready to make an drone….but cant understanding what to do first…..i am belongs to a village where their is no material available to make drone…..please suggest…..regards Hitesh

  146. abhishek

    is the flight controller and its transmitter come together when we buy it ?
    please help me out

    • Coleman Benson

      @abhishek The flight controller almost never comes with a transmitter – you need to select one separately, and to be safe, it should be at least 4 channels and programmable.

  147. santanu

    I have an powerful idea to make an engine which will run thousand miles with out wasting any fuel but, unfortunately i have no money to start my dream project,,,,,,,,,,,, sorry.

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    Sir i am 12 yrs old and want to create a drone please can reduce the price of the instrument and ship it to nigeria for free

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  152. Jonathan Martinez

    My question is , how can you describe in words how drones can lift up , i try to read it but can understand what do it need but not the mechanism to lift up

    • Coleman Benson

      @Jonathan Martinez “Thrust” is what causes a drone to lift into the air.The force of the thrust needs to be greater than the force of gravity acting on the drone. There are aerodynamics involved with the propellers, but not so much with the frame.

  153. Mr.Lwin Ko Ko Chit

    please drone creted programming lesson, i know.

    • Coleman Benson

      @Mr.Lwin Ko Ko Chit It is not easy to create a general programming guide for flight controllers since they are all programmed differently. As such, choose a flight controller which has as many tutorials as possible.

  154. Nazir Ali Parsa

    I want the full video..can you put that in here or guide me where i can find it.
    thank You

    • Coleman Benson

      @Nazir Ali Parsa There is no video associated with this series. A video is not easy to do given that parts and technology are always changing.

  155. Gideon A. W. Oloka

    I want to start a Drone innovation/Assembly Lab in East Africa, how can I get Parts, Training and support at cheap cost ?

    • Coleman Benson

      @Gideon A. W. Oloka Unfortunately RobotShop does not provide training and support, nor are we aware of any in East Africa. You might contact a local university to see if there is any drone research and offer to pay either a teach or student to help train you.

  156. Ahmad

    Can you please tell me where to find standard codes for designing an UAV?

  157. Ahmad

    sorry I missed “and”; standards and codes for designing an airplane?
    thank you in advanced

    • Coleman Benson

      @Ahmad In terms of drone design, we have not been able to find much, except if you plan to use it for commercial applications. For commercial applications go to the agency which manages drones for your country and see what the restrictions are. For long-range, be sure to have a Ham radio license and always fly within visual range.

    • abourque

      We offer complete UAVs & UAV kits here. Some do not include battery / charger.

  158. Anand

    I would like to build a simple drone. Is it possible to build something without installing gps and other kind of sensors as a beginner to this field?

    • Coleman Benson

      @Anand In order to fly with some stability, you at least need a three axis gyroscope and microcontroller. This combination is not too expensive, and if you choose something Arduino compatible, you can use MultiWii to program it.

  159. Anand

    Thank you sir for the knowledge. Where can I buy a three axis gyroscope?

  160. Ravi Pandya

    Respected Sir,
    How many rpms and kv motor we use least & Most for medium size drone

    • Coleman Benson

      @Ravi Pandya The Kv rating should generally be low for multi-rotor UAVs, but it really comes down to the thrust and how much a motor + propeller combination can lift.

  161. Ismael Dias

    Can I translate and adapt this content to the Brazilian reality?

    I am a teacher of children and they love this theme

    I will do all credits and link to this page

    • Coleman Benson

      @Ismael Dias Provided the parts are available, the content covered in these lessons should absolutely apply to Brazil, and feel free to translate it.

  162. Mohammed asfak

    What is meant by SLAM(simultaneous location and mapping),how it is used in uav , and where i can learn it, how can i develop a program for a uav

  163. Abhishek pachauri

    How we get the circuit diagram of. Receiver and transmitter..of drone..Please reply

    • Coleman Benson

      @Abhishek pachauri Normally those are not open source and proprietary to the manufacturer. There may be open projects, but were are not aware of any.

    • Coleman Benson

      @landon If you want to design and build it yourself, this series of articles should help. If you don’t have the time to learn the principles, then opt for a kit.

  164. Zike soko

    Hi,are you able to sale drones that can be used for advertising?how much does it cost

    • Coleman Benson

      @Zike soko We do not offer drones specifically for advertising, nor are there specific ways to do so. You would need to figure out how you would want to advertise considering large surfaces like a poster would cause the drone to be unstable in winds.

  165. Marc

    Hi very interesting courses, may we use them as a base for a creating course on building UAv’s translated in Dutch ?

  166. Vivian

    I want to build a drone as my final year project in school,so I would want u to assist me please

    • Coleman Benson

      @Vivian Unfortunately we cannot offer mentoring – you will need to learn as much as possible, and perhaps find someone locally like a teacher or even fellow student who can help.

  167. Marc

    Thanks for the reply concerning using this course, sure I will mention more than once as a reference and a shop to buy.

  168. Ogban Ethothi

    I just want to build the simplest type of drone without a camera,just the one that can fly. i need your guide please. thanks

  169. srinivas

    Hi Sir,
    Can we make drone with single actuator.if possible, What all the required parts and motor power, camera with HD quality.
    this is my requirement. Is it possible to build a drone with this features.

    • Coleman Benson

      @srinivas With just one actuator, you could have two counter-rotating propellers, but that does not give any control over direction in x and y. Normally you need at least one actuator per motion (x,y,z).

  170. Saikat

    Hello Sir,
    I am interested in making a motion controlled quadcopter with the MPU6050 in my hand. But I am facing a problem with how to transmit and receive data wirelessly .I have a APM 2.8 and a receiver on the quadcopter.

    • Coleman Benson

      @Saikat You will likely need an external transmitter / receiver (or transceiver).The MPU6050 needs to be connected to a microcontroller and the microcontroller connected to the transmitter / receiver. The commands need to programmed to be in the same format expected by the APM flight controller.

  171. Saikat Das

    Thank you Sir,
    I also wanted to know about the transmitting and receiving of data. Will it like be sending 6/8 bit data and receiving..or something else??
    Generally we use a 6 channel transmitter and receiver but what to use in this case??

    • Coleman Benson

      @Saikat Das It’s not very likely that you will emulate a normal RC transmitter – you will need to use the flight controller’s serial port.

  172. survenya

    i want to make a drone with targeting and hitting system.what are the strategies required to make a drone .i want to place a water gun and camera in the drone .can u guide me please.

    • Coleman Benson

      @survenya Aside from an additional servo and a way to mount the water gun, there’s not a lot different from a normal drone. Keep in mind the following: the drone would need to lift a LOT more weight because of the water, and the downdraft from the propellers would likely affect the trajectory of the spray. You’d also likely need to choose a fairly water tight frame.

  173. AsmaD

    Hello,Please can i have a reference for all this informatios pls

    • Coleman Benson

      @AsmaD There may be books available, but the majority of information available currently regarding building a multirotor is from experience: reading through flight controller manuals, understanding the technology involved, sharing experiences, some trial and error etc.

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