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The Neato XV-11 has been hacked! Hooray!

Now, every hobbyist has access to a (relatively) cheap and fairly accurate LiDAR. This kind of technology usually sells for several thousands of dollar and now is available for the price of a robotic vacuum cleaner (and it includes the vacuum cleaner in the price 😉 )


Hacked Neato XV-11

Hash79 successfully hacked the Neato XV-11 by adapting the code produce by Xevel and chenglung and was able to get useful  readouts from the LiDAR. Kudos to you guys, we hope you enjoy your bounty and the free vacuum.

For those of you wanting to get your hands on the code and hack the XV-11, simply visit the gitHub project page.

Via RobotShop Blog.


5 Responses to “Neato XV-11 LiDAR Hacked!”

  1. Tom

    I wanna buy a Neato XV-11 Vacuum Cleaning Robot.
    It doesn’t hit walls and furnitures like my Roomba does. this is the best investment I can make in cleaning my house, and it’s only 400 on

  2. Terri

    I agree that this is a great robotic vacuum. The Neato makes more sense than the iRobot Roomba.

  3. Pheube

    Wait a min your talking about using this for what it’s intended? Of course you can eBay just the LIDAR module for about $80!

    • Coleman Benson

      @Pheube This Lidar has the advantage of being able to rotate 360 degrees with positioning. We do ovver the LIDAR-Lite for $89 USD. If you are aware of a 360 degree lidar for $80, we would be more than happy to see if we can bring it in, as it would be a very popular product.

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