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Learn how to build your own IoT temperature logger with data uploaded to the cloud. This project uses itbrainpower.net dual SIM full-size GSM shield [a-gsmII] for data transmission (or itbrainpower.net dual SIM full-size GSM GNSS shield [b-gsmgnss]) and Dallas/Maxim 18B20 1wire temperature sensor. Required time: 30-45 minutes – hardware side 30-60 […]


18B20 wiring details

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Finding the right battery for your project can be a real puzzle if you don’t know what to look for. But all you really need is to understand a few basic concepts and all the pieces will fit together. In this two-part video series, we will cover everything you need […]



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This tutorial explains in an easy and intuitive way to help you understand the theory, design and implementation to make your own generator and sensor for a perimeter wire. The files (Schematics, Eagle Files, Gerbers, 3D Files and Arduino Sample Code) are also available for download. This way, you can add the wire perimeter detection feature to your favorite robot and keep it within an operating “zone”. How cool is that!


Generator Setup

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About two years ago, we had an unfortunate surprise. Our little five-year-old boy was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Not only was the hit very hard on our family, but ten days later, our youngest son had developed the same disease (two out of three of our children). This post will explain how we improved our lives with the xDrip Bridge for Type 1 Diabetes.



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Everyone has been eager to know when the LIDAR-Lite would return to market, so we are very happy to announce it is now available for pre-order: LIDAR-Lite v3. The second thing everyone was insistent on asking was: “Will this work with my previous setup/project/custom mounting/etc.?”. In this post, we will cover in more details the similarities and differences of the new LIDAR-Lite.



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Build yourself your own Arduino temperature SMS alarm – thermal monitoring system having MAXIMUM and MINIMUM temperature thresholds, keep alive messages and (oldies but goldies as) SMS paging and remote ARM/DISARM system. You can supervise one or more 1WIRE temperature sensor(s) and page via SMS the “heating and chilling events” and keep alive messages, including last temperature.