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Man versus machine has quickly become man merges with machine as assistive technologies continue to develop. Today, the loss of a limb does not automatically translate into the loss of mobility. This year introduced the Cybathlon, where athletes compete for gold using their assistive technologies. Prosthetics range from body-powered replacements to high-tech interfaces that involve direct brain control.



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This past Saturday the team from South Korea which designed, built and programmed their humanoid robot DRC-HUBO took home the $2 million dollar first-place prize as part of the 2015 DARPA Robotics Challenge. The focus of this year’s challenge was to create a robot which could complete a variety of […]


DARPA Team Kaist

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In many post-apocalyptic stories, the impetus for the end of order and reason is a “robot uprising” – the idea that robots created by humans have gained sentience and want either their freedom, or to rule humans. The question is, could this really happen? Could the human race be enslaved […]


Robot Army

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  In many ways, the human race has advanced radically in a very short period of time. People born with missing limbs can now live full and “normal” lives, as can those who have suffered injuries and amputations. This is a far cry from the days when an amputated leg […]



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What has a pair of seven degree of freedom robotic arms, 360 degree sonar and inherited a bunch of robust features from its industrial “father”? Why, the Baxter Research Robot of course! This next generation educational / research tool combines features normally found only on expensive industrial robots with highly […]


Baxter Research Robot Front View

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When we first saw Robotis release their new line of professional (and large) Dynamixel Pro servo motors, we knew it would not be long until they were used to create larger humanoids. So, not long after their release, “THOR” was revealed; Robotis’ child-sized humanoid entry into the DARPA humanoid challenge. […]



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In the past, ASIMO’s public performances have heavily monitored by humans and orchestrated by hidden operators. With the hope of rendering the robot more autonomous, Honda has partnered with Japan’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation to create an interactive presentation with their little humanoid robot. Since Asimo was […]


ASIMO working at Meuseum