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RobotShop is very proud to announce today the acquisition of DiaLFonZo-Copter, a recognized leader in the design and production of multicopters. With this acquisition, RobotShop is pleased to announce the launch of the Lynxmotion UAV product line.

As described in a press release published today, the founder of DiaLFonZo-Copter, Eric Nantel, has joined RobotShop to lead the Lynxmotion UAV Division and expand the product lines.

The first Lynxmotion UAVs are the popular Hunter VTail 400 and Hunter VTail 500 series, and also the Crazy2Fly quadcopters.

The hardware-only kits that include the CNC-cut G10 frames and all mounting hardware are available immediately, and new kits that include motors, ESCs, electronics, and batteries will be available shortly.

New UAV kits, including new models of quadcopters, hexcopters, and octocopters, kits that are almost-ready-to-fly, and kits for professionals who need high end aerial photo / video platforms, will soon join the product line.

Here’s an FPV video that was made with a DiaLFonZo Spyder Quad that will be available soon:

For more information about the Lynxmotion UAVs, see the Lynxmotion website. For questions and discussions about the UAVs, see the Lynxmotion UAV Forum.


6 Responses to “RobotShop, “The Amazon of Robotics”, Enters The Drone Market By Acquiring DiaLFonZo-Copter and Launches Lynxmotion UAV”

    • Eric Nantel

      In this video, you can see a VTail 400 not a 500 but they are very similar. This particular one was setup by a customer and use:
      – Mystery A2208/14 1450Kv brushless motors
      – SimonK 25A ESC’s
      – 8×4.5″ Carbon Fiber Propellers
      – 2450mAh 3S 30C LiPo Battery

  1. ashutosh

    when you please provide me this done circuit diagram , or componunt list and all information to how to make this drone?

    • Eric Nantel

      If you are talking about electrical circuit, we do not have that kind of diagram. Powering a Quadcopter is quite easy you only supply power from the battery to all of the ESC’s in parallel.
      We have a list of available kits that include the components needed to build one of the 500 or 400 version. The more complete models will only need Transmitter and battery to complete.

  2. Larry Gates

    The VT500 frame says it can handle 45mm motors. Specs, availability, power requirements?


    • Eric Nantel

      @Larry, The VTail 500 is available in two different versions the standard one which do not allow for a motor greater than 30mm to fit and the “Large Motor” version which allow for up to 45mm. We do not have a specific power pack for the large motor, it was created for people who need to use their choice of larger motor “pancake” style.

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