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For the third year in a row, RobotShop is among the fastest growing companies in Canada, ranking 186th according to the 26th Annual PROFIT 500 ranking. In 2013, RobotShop was ranked 151st, while in 2012 we were ranked 63rd. As a comparison, Industry Canada reports there are around 1.1 million active businesses in Canada. Despite this amazing growth, the robotics market is still in its infancy, and as manufacturers make their products more accessible to the masses, the industry is set to explode, with robotic products changing every aspect of our daily lives. Products such as 3D printers and quadcopters are now commonplace, whereas only a few years ago, only people with a robotics background knew what they were.

Profit 500 Canada

2014 Profit 500 Canada

We here at RobotShop strive to carry the latest and greatest robotic products and provide the best service possible, essentially “putting robotics at your service™“. None of this would have been possible without our amazing and passionate customers, who, with their interest in buying or building all things robotic, have allowed us to get to where we are now. We are always interested in getting your opinion and feedback regarding our products and websites and invite you to stay tuned for even more amazing changes we have planned for 2014 / 2015!



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