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We’re moving towards a world full of robots, that’s a fact. In this series, we’re taking a break for a second to assess where Contemporary Robotics are at today and what the future looks like. For this first chapter, we’re focusing on robotics in Education. Robotics are a cross-disciplinary field […]



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This is the second part of three in our series “Why Do We Need Robots?”. The goal is to highlight the major reasons why robotics will be part of our future, and an essential one, by looking a bit further. While the democratization of robots is rendering them more and more present […]


why do we need robots artificial intelligence ai

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Ever since the stories of Isaac Asimov, robotics had long been restricted to the imagination. Although it had been unclear in the past, the present state of technology shows that robotics has become a tangible reality. The evolution of robotics follows the same course that was once followed by the evolution […]


Robot Visions by Isaac Asimov

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A recent study by Latitude shows that children from around the world see robots as a natural companion that able to help them learn and play. We encourage you to read the full report. The study also shows that the inherent “nerdiness” of a robot is cool and that children blur the differences […]


Robot Companion by a 9 y.o. German boy