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On the weekend of March 2nd to March 4th, a Global Cloud Robotics Hackathon will be held in several cities around the world. This initiative is born in Montreal, Canada where the main event will be held but other cities are challenged to participate and to show off their robot […]


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The Neato XV-11 has been hacked! Hooray! Now, every hobbyist has access to a (relatively) cheap and fairly accurate LiDAR. This kind of technology usually sells for several thousands of dollar and now is available for the price of a robotic vacuum cleaner (and it includes the vacuum cleaner in the price 😉 )   Hash79 successfully […]


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About a week after the Open LiDAR project was announced,  the Neato XV-11 has been hacked and now its juicy LiDAR data can be used by everybody. This effectively makes the Neato XV-11 not only one of the most advanced vacuum cleaner robots in the market, but also, the cheapest LiDAR available. We have to […]


Hacked Neato XV-11

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At RobotShop, we have a weird tendency to disassemble our robots (especially lately). This time, we bring you the total dismantling of the cute and innocent Nabaztag. This little rabbit is a very interesting piece of equipment since it has a powerful ARM processor, RFID reader and WiFi capabilities among other things. See the video […]



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William Cox from RobotBox created the Open Lidar Project. Basically he offers a 400$ bounty to the first person who is able to get useful data from the Neato XV-11 LiDAR and open his procedure and code. This initiative is inspired by a similar bounty offered by Adafruit to the first to […]


Open Lidar Project