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Usually, when we think of Honda Robotics, we immediately picture the Asimo, their amazingly advanced humanoid. This might change next summer when Honda introduces a new robot: Miimo, a robot lawn mower. As described by Honda in their press release, the robot will feature adjustable cutting height and will use […]


Miimo and Asimo having an argument

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Honda has just unveiled its new model of the Asimo humanoid robot: the P4. Careful though, it’s not a new version in the literal sense since this model is based on one developed in 2000. The P4 measures 1.60 m in height like the P3 but it has lost weight: […]



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As we say goodbye to the 200x’s and welcome the 201x’s it’s good to pause a bit and think about the world as it was ten years ago. There was no Wikipedia, no YouTube, internet access was still dialup for a huge portion of the population, and we didn’t have […]