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For robots, being able to understand or navigate their environment is often critical to functioning properly. While there are plenty of sensors that allow robots to glimpse their surroundings, one category of sensors that is rapidly gaining popularity is light and laser-based (LiDAR) distance measurement/object detection. In this article, we […]



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The new version of the LIDAR-Lite v3 “High Performance” (LLV3HP) is now available at RobotShop. It offers key improvements while staying compatible with the current interfaces (I2C & PWM) our customers have grown used to. This article will go over the main improvements and differences. Improvements The casing is now IP rated at IPX7, […]


RB-Pli-17 - LLV3HP

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Everyone has been eager to know when the LIDAR-Lite would return to market, so we are very happy to announce it is now available for pre-order: LIDAR-Lite v3. The second thing everyone was insistent on asking was: “Will this work with my previous setup/project/custom mounting/etc.?”. In this post, we will cover in more details the similarities and differences of the new LIDAR-Lite.



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Most of you, by now, are likely aware of the RPLIDAR 360° Laser Scanner. This amazing product gave hobbyists everywhere the chance to get started on SLAM-based projects at an affordable cost and with a piece of equipment of good quality. Of course, improvements to this product were possible and RoboPeak did just that, by bringing us the RPLidar A2.


RPLidar A2

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We would like to introduce you to the LIDAR-Lite Laser Rangefinder [RB-Pli-01] from PulsedLight. This affordable and compact laser range finder is all the robotics enthusiast with ranging needs could want! It features laser range finding for distances of up to 40m


LIDAR-Lite Laser Rangefinder [RB-Pli-01]

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About a week after the Open LiDAR project was announced,  the Neato XV-11 has been hacked and now its juicy LiDAR data can be used by everybody. This effectively makes the Neato XV-11 not only one of the most advanced vacuum cleaner robots in the market, but also, the cheapest LiDAR available. We have to […]


Hacked Neato XV-11

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As launched by our friend William Cox, the Open LiDAR Project aims to reward the first to be able to successfully hack the Neato XV-11 LiDAR. More precisely, the first person to get useful readings out of the Neato XV-11 LiDAR and published his code and procedure under an open license, will get a […]