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Usually when you think about “robot videos”, you think about blockbuster movies like Transformers, Wall-E, Short Circuit, Real Steel and others. You would be surprised however to see just how many free robot-themed animated / CGI short movies are out there, many of which could easily be misconstrued as short […]


Reach Robot Animated Short

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Steven Spielberg announced he will be directing the upcoming Robopocalypse movie.  The popular director showed lots of interest for the Robopocalypse book by by Daniel H. Wilson and prepared for the production in advance as it was being written. The film is projected for shooting in January 2012 and for distribution in 2013 At the same time, Jack Black […]


How To Survive a Robot Uprising

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Rumor has it that Eric Allard, the original designer of Johnny-Five, the star of everyone’s favorite robot movie, Short Circuit, may be planning on releasing blueprints and selling parts to build your own! The folks at Johnny-Five.com write: “It’s not for sure, but Eric Allard, the man who originally built […]