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NASA in on a “Journey to Mars”. According to the space agency, we should see the first humans landing on Mars by 2033. Along this journey, NASA is planning to send robots to prepare the big landing. In 2013, NASA unveiled four sister robots which are the first of the next generation of robots in […]


Valkyrie Robot

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The Mars Curiosity Mission is by far one of the most important robotic achievements of all times. Today, we got the first 360 degrees panorama from the rover and it is quite stunning. See it for yourself over at 360cities.net. Needless to say, NASA is very proud of their achievement and they have been […]


Curiosity on Mars

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Not many robots enjoy full autonomy; humans often prefer to supervise them and make sure they are doing their job right. However, there are some situations where direct supervision is impossible. For instance, when sending robots to explore space, the communication latency increases as they get farther away from us, […]


Curiosity Approaching Mars Surface

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During this end of the year, we could remember all the amazing robots 2011 brought to us including the new Asimo, the awesome bionics projects and incredibly popular Tankbot. But instead, we would like to show you a single picture that might inspire you, or more likely instill some fear into your soul: You might remember Robonaut 2 from […]


Centaur 2