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itbrainpower.net l-LTE v1.07 4G/LTE CAT 1 shield and l-LTE v 1.07 4G/LTE CAT 4 shield, the smallest 4G/LTE shields available today, have one high-performance GNSS [GPS+GLONASS] engine embedded. By default, the GNSS antenna circuitry is configured for passive antennas [does not have enabled the GNSS antenna power supply circuitry]. Even […]


l-LTE shield - 4G/LTE + GNSS shield compatible with RaspberryPi, BeagleBone, Arduino and Teensy

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About two years ago, we had an unfortunate surprise. Our little five-year-old boy was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Not only was the hit very hard on our family, but ten days later, our youngest son had developed the same disease (two out of three of our children). This post will explain how we improved our lives with the xDrip Bridge for Type 1 Diabetes.



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The world of consumer and professional drones is evolving very fast and so are flight controller systems for UAVs & Drones. At the same time, many developments are being made for consumer electronics at a low cost and the Raspberry Pi is one of the leaders in this field. This raised questions […]



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Arduino has grown almost exponentially in popularity since it was first released and is well known in the world of robotics as an inexpensive, highly versatile and easy to learn software and hardware platform for electronic and robotic experimentation. However, the introduction of the Raspberry Pi single board computer is one of the first real indications of a tendency to make electronic experimentation affordable to the masses. Priced at not too much higher than an Arduino, many people who are looking to get started in robotics don’t know which to choose, or where to start. So if you are new to robotics and are wondering where to start and what to get, this article is here to help.