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This article doesn’t reflect RobotShop’s or its owners’ opinion and aims to simply be a reflection upon iRobot’s current situation and possible future. This shouldn’t be used to inform financial or investment decisions. The author wished to remain anonymous. Despite seeing its stock reach an all-time high no later than […]


5 reasons why irobot might crash

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We’re moving towards a world full of robots, that’s a fact. In this series, we’re taking a break for a second to assess where Contemporary Robotics are at today and what the future looks like. For this second chapter, we’re focusing on Domestic robotics. Domestic Robots are now common things As […]



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If you grew up watching Hanna Barbera’s futuristic 1962 cartoon, The Jetsons, you might wonder where our version of Rosey the Robot is today.  The show was actually set in the year 2062 – so we’ve still got 45 years to catch up with the flying cars, 9 hour work […]



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We are happy to announce that the iRobot Roomba 980 is now available for purchase on our website. The Roomba 980 comes with great new features and a new navigation method the iAdapt 2.0 Navigation makes it the best Roomba out yet.


iRobot Roomba 980

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According to Alexa, the leading provider of global web metrics, RobotShop and iRobot have been head to head for a while in terms of web traffic. The graph below (courtesy of Alexa) shows RobotShop in blue and iRobot in red, specifically for the US market: We all know iRobot as the leading […]


Daily traffic rank trend for the last two years