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The Lynxmotion Quadrino Nano Flight Controller (with GPS) was originally designed as a flight controller for drones but, it also has awesome applications for robotic rovers too. Composed of an ATmega2560 (Arduino Mega Chipset), a collection of sensors, GPS and a host of I/O options it is an ideal “sensor ball” for navigation, positioning and more.


Quadrino Tutorials - Raw Sensor Values

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The DFRobotShop Rover products have been out for a while and we have received many questions since then on both our support center and on our forum. One common question we get is how to control the rover using a smart phone / tablet?. This tutorial will cover a simple Android-based solution to make this happen for you and your rover!


DFRobotShop Rover - Title 3_25

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It has been a few years since RobotShop released the original DFRobotShop Rover, and we continue to be amazed and delighted with what people are using them to do. Recently German researchers used the DFRobotShop Rover as well as additional parts (light sensor, camera, software) to mimic the simple nervous […]


Spiking Neural Network

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If you have visited the Arduino website lately, you may have noticed a strange circular board under “Hardware” which Arduino has simply named the “Arduino Robot“. Arduino is set to release this new product in July of this year. The round shape is obviously for maneuverability (just like most robotic […]


Arduino 2WD Robot Features

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This article is a follow-up to the RobotShop Grand Tutorial Series and includes all the hardware chosen in the “Practical Example” at the bottom of each lesson. The RobotShop Rover for Arduino is a small tracked platform designed around the popular Arduino USB microcontroller. The first product that one might […]


RobotShop Rover

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  After over five years of tireless service, the Mars rover Spirit is one again in trouble.  Our long-lived martian friend now appears to be stuck in the sand. Spirit, which has been dragging an immobile wheel for nearly three years, has been circling a, “low plateau called ‘Home Plate’ […]