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RobotShop is happy to participate in Force Friday 2017. We’re excited to share with you today brand new products and exceptional discounts! Build your own Droid ™ with the Droid Inventor Kit from littleBits   With the new Droid Inventor Kit, kids can create their own R2 unit and bring it […]


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When we think about Star Wars tech, we think about 3 things: light sabers, spaceships and of course, droids! The new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie is set to hit the big screen on December 18th 2015. The movie is not even out yet and a new character is getting every Star Wars fan’s attention: BB-8. The good news is that Disney teamed up with Sphero to bring this new robot to life!



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A paper presented by a group of computer engineers from Vanderbilt University at the Humanoids Conference in Nashville describes how robots can be used to diagnose and treat emergency room patients. While human would still take care of the  most serious patients, the robots will be able to diagnose and sometimes even treat the other patients. For […]


Medical Droid from Star Wars