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Finding the right battery for your project can be a real puzzle if you don’t know what to look for. But all you really need is to understand a few basic concepts and all the pieces will fit together. In this two-part video series, we will cover everything you need […]



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The cat sensor may be small, but is still an important part of your Litter-Robot Open Air III. Without this small component, your robot won’t detect when your cat is inside the litter. Although the sensor is not prone to defects, it is pretty sensible and you could find yourself one day […]


litter robot guide repair

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Everyone has been eager to know when the LIDAR-Lite would return to market, so we are very happy to announce it is now available for pre-order: LIDAR-Lite v3. The second thing everyone was insistent on asking was: “Will this work with my previous setup/project/custom mounting/etc.?”. In this post, we will cover in more details the similarities and differences of the new LIDAR-Lite.



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This project will show you how fast you can build your own alarm system capable of supervising one or more magnetic contacts and inform you via SMS of the “burglar event”. You even have the possibility to control (ENABLE/DISABLE) the alarm system remotely, via SMS commands. For SMS communication purposes one of two pin […]



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Lessons 1 to 6 of this series of articles involved the design considerations behind building a custom multirotor UAV / Drone. Lesson 7 however is optional and involves First Person View (FPV), cameras and long-range wireless RC considerations.



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In lesson 5 you should have finished assembling the drone (but not installed the propellers). The wires may not be very tidy, but seeing it all come together now has you excited for your first flight. Don’t rush though, since even small mistakes can lead to a crash. You still have a few steps to go before your first flight, so be patient and follow the guidelines listed in this article..


How to Make a Drone Lesson 6