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Afinibot A3S 3D Printer (Kit)

Product Code : RB-Aff-02

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  • Kit needing assembly
  • Delivers superior quality 3D models
  • Easy to use and produce for ultimate working experience
  • Includes a 210x210mm Bed and sturdy metal crafted Extruder for easy working
  • Print preview enables you to cost prototypes before final production

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About this product


  • Kit needing assembly
  • Delivers superior quality 3D models
  • Easy to use and produce for ultimate working experience
  • Includes a 210x210mm Bed and sturdy metal crafted Extruder for easy working
  • Print preview enables you to cost prototypes before final production

The Afinibot A3 3D Printer is an easy to use machine, developed to print high quality 3D models at the convenience of your desk or visualization, collaboration, and functional testing. 

Afinibot A3S 3D Printer (Kit)

The innovative design of this machine is intended to improve 3D print spooling speed. It is easy to assemble and easy to disassemble, if required. The print preview option installed in this 3D printer enables you to print prototypes before final production.

Afinibot A3S 3D Printer (Kit)

Afinibot A3S 3D Printer (Kit)

The Afinibot comes with host operational software that can let you speed up the slicing and help print big models. It also has multi-language selection for operating convenience.

Afinibot A3S 3D Printer (Kit)

Afinibot A3S 3D Printer (Kit)

What's Included

  • All assembly units
  • All assembly tools
  • All assembly datasheet (document, picture)
  • Software


  • Frame: Threaded rod (parts and components)
  • Structure: Acrylic sheet
  • LCD screen: Yes (Support) 
  • XY axis positioning accuracy: 0.012mm
  • Z axis positioning accuracy: 0.004mm
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm (standard configuration) 
  • Nozzle temperature: 170oC-275oC
  • Platform temperature: 110oC (adjustable)
  • Platform material: aluminum plate
  • Printing material: PLA, ABS, HIPS
  • Software language: English
  • File format: STL,G-code
  • Power supply included: Input 110/220v +-15%, Output 12V DC 20A
  • Host computer software: Repetier-Host
  • Environmental requirement: Temp: -5 - 40°c
  • Humidity: 20-70%


  • Print Size: 210*210*180mm (Max)
  • Layer thickness: 0.1-0.4mm
  • Material diameter: 1.75mm
  • Machine dimension: 430*405*370mm
  • Package dimension: 480*430*26mm

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Customer Reviews

Good for its money

Review by Barry

Bought this for fun and to my surprise it actually worked relatively well. After few weeks problems with the quality of spare parts appeared. Put it on shelf.

(Posted on 10/6/17)

Good printer for the price, really lousy quality control

Review by Les

I've built three of these printers. First one went together pretty well without issue. There is a bit of a learning curve but overall, not bad. Second machine had a faulty mother board. I took the mother board from the other yet to be assembled machine and completed machine number two.

Machine number three has been a total cock up. Emailed RobotShop, requested a new mother board. They sent me a mother board for a Makerbot instead. Wrong board. In the mean time I reflashed the original mother board and things looked good until I went to install the control panel. One of the buttons was broken off and missing. Emailed Robotshop and requested a new control panel. Control panel showed up and was installed. Build was completed and I fired up the machine for about one second until the power suipply went 'Pop' and blew out.
Emailed Robotshop and requested a new mother board and power supply. I'm currently awaiting these parts.

Overall the Robotshop has been good and supportive. Before all the BS and time spent simply dealing with some poor parts (and bad luck) I would have given these machines a four out of five. I'd give them a two and half if I could.

(Posted on 9/19/17)

First printer,really impressed

Review by Jean-Simon

Prior buying this I read every reviews here and I was still skeptical. After 2 evenings of work on the printer I finally made it move but the heated bed and the extruder were not heating. I had to install the Afinibot A3S V2 firmware using xLoader ( none of them loaded on the SD card I got.

The X limit switch had an wire that needed soldering. My SD contained only 3 files, none of which could help me building the printer.

Fortunately, the customer service is awesome. I wrote to them and within the next business day I got my answer. They uploaded the content of the SD card as it should have been on a dropbox for me.

Now with full instructions I was able to level the bed, calibrate the extruder feeding rate and motor steps. After that, everything worked really well.

So for the printing quality itself I do not own another 3D printer so I cannot really compare but it is far better than anything I would have expected.

I have yet to try ABS and other kind of filament but for PLA, if you use the correct printing settings for what you are printing, you'll get excellent results.

(Posted on 5/12/17)

Awesome printer

Review by B

As others have mentioned, the instructions are vague or out of date, but once you start building it becomes pretty obvious how certain parts are meant to be connected. Watch the video and read the PDF included on the SD card before you attempt building.

I had a bad control board but Robotshop sent me a new one very fast and I was good to go.

As for printing, it's definitely the best printer for the price by a long shot.

(Posted on 2/21/17)

Pretty Decent ..Great customer treatment ..fast shipping

Review by louis

I have just recently put my printer together and quite please with the results so far ..Instructions were a bit vague but with a little help with youtube and trial and error I managed to get it put together and set up within about 1 day ..I wanted to have my laptop as the source of operation as well as the disc and with a bit of frustrating trouble shooting I figured it all out ..everthing is all included ..happy and printing ..Thanks Robot Shop

(Posted on 1/16/17)

great printer for a committed hobbyist

Review by Ken

All the other reviews are pretty much spot-on. This is my first 3d printer, and on the whole I think it's pretty awesome for the price. But it's definitely a kit, not a finished product, and it takes some thought to put it together properly. The parts list and written instructions were pretty bad but I hate trying to follow instructions in a video so I tried to work from the .pdf file anyhow. Big mistake, definitely take the time to watch the videos. Fortunately they are really, really sped up, so not too painful to sit through. That said, the videos also weren't quite entirely correct -- they seem to have been put together from a mix of videos from various previous versions of this kit, so not all parts and instructions actually match what is in the kit -- though they are close enough to figure out what is intended.

But if you take the time to read/watch/think, then assemble carefully, and are reasonably meticulous with the print table leveling, the actual printing process and quality is pretty amazing. All the print jobs I've run so far have come out perfect, including some "test cases" I threw at it just to see what would happen, with complicated curves and overhanging bits.

Also, Robotshop was great to buy through. Like other reviewers, there were a few pieces in my kit that weren't right (wrong limit switch, one plate missing a hole) and Robotshop had the correct parts shipped out to me within a day. Bear in mind, it's not actually Robotshop's fault if the kits are incomplete, that's clearly coming from the original manufacturer in China, but Robotshop support for the product has been great just the same. While I found other versions of this same printer design from various online sources (it's an open-source design), and some of those might have been a bit cheaper, I'm glad I went through Robotshop just for the confidence that they would stand behind the product if I ran into issues.

Definitely pretty cool to have this technology on my desk, which only a few years ago seemed like pure science fiction.

(Posted on 11/17/16)

Great Printer!

Review by Nate

This is a great printer for those who are new to 3D printing. All the recommended settings worked pretty much right away.
Spend the extra time to properly zero your bed before each print!

(Posted on 11/6/16)

Great deal for its price

Review by Chris

There were a few minor issues with the parts included in the kit, but RobotShop customer support took care of them quite quickly. Overall this printer is fairly easy to build and produces decent quality prints. It's not going to out-do a $50,000 machine, but it's currently producing better prints than a $2200 printer bought last year.

For anyone willing to put the time in to properly assemble and tune it, this is a very good deal.

p.s. It comes with Allen keys, but assembly will be much easier if you get some proper metric hex-key screwdriver bits and socket drivers.

(Posted on 10/24/16)

Excellent Printer

Review by Raydysan

My first 3D printer. Easy to assemble. Only one part, missing a hole, and was replaced immediately. Exceptional service from RobotShop. Printer works flawlessly. Highly recommended.

(Posted on 10/19/16)


Review by Ronny McD

I bought my first 3D printer when the technology was still in its infancy. Recently, I decided it was time to upgrade to a new model, and see how designs have progressed over the years. I chose the A3, and I have no regrets whatsoever! I was extremely impressed at how well the kit went together, and the quality of parts. I was printing in mere hours! The fit and finish is second to none, within this price range, and the print quality is very high as well. Super easy to use, and consistent results. So glad I bought this!!

(Posted on 8/1/16)

Great Printer Kit

Review by Todd

Very fast and secure transaction and delivery. Well made parts with OK instructions. make sure to get the upgraded info PDF from the SD card as there were a lot of discrepancies with the printed assembly pamphlet included with the kit. Only real problem was the X-Axis limiter switch which had the cables attached poorly and the screws for it were too small. Fixed it up easily enough but it wasn't up to the rest of the kit.
My first print was within .5mm on the calibration piece and second within .1mm.
Very happy in general. It seems to be one of the better kits for this design. Also very well priced.

(Posted on 5/17/16)

Best printer I've ever tried

Review by sound_kid_14

This was an amazing little kit, came with everything you could need with easy to follow instructions. It went together easily and has been working great. Handles all the jobs I have thrown at it no matter how big or small, or how complex. The quick and safe delivery was a nice added bonus

(Posted on 4/21/16)

Awesome printer for the cost

Review by zedzz

I was kind of unsure about this printer , but it was fairly easy to put together. I am new to 3D printing and it has taken me a while to calibrate the printer properly but now that I have it prints great! the software makes it really easy to go from a 3D model to a printed product.

(Posted on 4/4/16)

great 3d printer

Review by de repentigny

if you want to start doing 3d printing and want hands-on experience this is defenitly the printer for you

(Posted on 2/16/16)


Review by Kassem

Amazing printer, easy assembly, no problems at all. Would recommend for any hobbyist looking for their first 3D printer.

(Posted on 1/25/16)

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