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Pololu Wheel 90 x 10mm Black (Pair)

Product Code : RB-Pol-122

by Pololu

 In stock

Fit onto the 3mm D shafts of Pololu's Mini/Micro Metal and 120:1 Mini Plastic Gearmotor
Comes with silicone tire (3.54" diameter)
Size:  90 x 10mm
Sold in pairs

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About this product


Fit onto the 3mm D shafts of Pololu's Mini/Micro Metal and 120:1 Mini Plastic Gearmotor
Comes with silicone tire (3.54" diameter)
Size:  90 x 10mm
Sold in pairs

Pololu introduces the Pololu Wheel 90 x 10mm Black (Pair). These black plastic wheels press-fit onto the 3mm D shafts of Plolu's mini metal gearmotors, micro metal gearmotors, and 120:1 mini plastic gearmotor 90-degree 3mm D-shaft output to make a nice drive solution for small robots. The wheels have silicone tires and measure 90 mm (3.54") in diameter. Two additional mounting holes make it possible to use the wheel with Pololu's universal mounting hub for 3mm shafts, 4mm shafts, 5mm shafts, and 6mm shafts. The slots in the six spokes allow additional accessories to be mounted to the wheel (e.g decorations or parts of an encoder system). The left picture below shows the wheel mounted to a 37D mm metal gearmotor with a universal mounting hub for 6mm shafts. The wheels are sold in pairs.

Pololu Wheel 90 x 10mm Black (Pair)


• Size: 90 x 10mm
• Weight: 0.8oz (Per wheel, including tire)
• Shaft diameter: 3mm (D-shaped hole for press fit onto Pololu micro and mini metal gearmotors)

Pololu Wheel 90 x 10mm Black (Pair)

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Customer Reviews

Perfect with Polulu mounting hub

Review by Bresch

I use them on a balancing robot driven by two NEMA 17 stepper motors. Connected with Pololu Universal Aluminum 5mm Mounting Hubs, the wheels are easily and strongly fixed on the schaft.

(Posted on 2/23/17)

Good wheels.

Review by Ken

Solid construction, grippy tires, and with the Polulo universal hub, it fits all motor shafts. Can't ask for more than that.

(Posted on 8/5/16)

Good wheels

Review by Esben

Good wheels. The rubber on the wheels adds good traction.
I bought the pololu Universal mounting hubs, and some 4-40 screws.
only 4 out of the 6 mounting holes line up with the wheel, but that still seems to be enough, as they are very stable.

(Posted on 7/6/16)

Very good wheels!

Review by John

These are very good wheels but I'm dumb so they didn't work out great for me. I bought these wheels and 4mm universal hubs. These wheels don't work with the universal hubs that I used, so I had to drill holes in the wheels. Also, make sure to keep track of both of your tires. I lost one of mine and couldn't use the other tire either since it would be uneven. I just duct-taped around the edges to add some traction. I use these wheels on a robot and they still work pretty well even with my constant stupidity throwing everything I have at it. However, these wheels are very nice quality and very stable, even with my duct tape wheels. Just don't be stupid like me.

(Posted on 4/26/16)


Review by Bill

Better than expected. Very stable wheels.

(Posted on 6/25/15)

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