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iRobot Braava 380t Automatic Floor Cleaner With Cradle

Product Code : RB-Iro-128

by iRobot


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  • Cleans your hard floors systematically using wet and dry cleaning cloths
  • Includes cradle for faster charging
  • Longer run-time than original Braava
  • Features the New Pro-Clean System
  • Includes new NorthStar2

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About this product


  • Cleans your hard floors systematically using wet and dry cleaning cloths
  • Includes cradle for faster charging
  • Longer run-time than original Braava
  • Features the New Pro-Clean System
  • Includes new NorthStar2

With fast charging, longer run time and expanded cleaning area, you can cover more ground on a single charge and power Braava 380t back up quickly so you are always ready to clean. Braava 380t is ideal for larger homes, more frequent use and more extensive mopping.

The Braava 380t Automatic Floor Cleaner sweeps and mops using popular cleaning cloths. Guided by NorthStar Navigation, Braava 380t tracks where it cleans so it doesn't miss a spot. It's sole mission is to meticulously clean your hard surface floors. Using popular and proven cleaning cloths from brands like Swiffer and Pledge, Braava helps keep floors fresh and clean for you. Cleaning with a standard dry cloth, Braava picks up the dust, dirt and hair that constantly accumulate on floors. In mop mode, Braava uses a special cleaning motion to dissolve and wipe deeper dirt and grime, leaving floors shiny, fresh and clean. Braava's whisper quite operation means that you and Braava can take care of your respective tasks in the same room, and you won't be interrupted. Even your pets won't mind having Braava around.

The Braava 380t is Smart. It is not just another pretty face. There are serious smarts inside. The Braava 380t is simple and snap to use. Put your cloth of choice on Braava's cleaning pad, press the start button and let it clean for you.

iRobot Braava 380t Automatic Floor Cleaner With Cradle

How it works:

The NorthStar System works like an indoor GPS, with the NorthStar Cube emitting a signal that Braava uses to determine its location. Then Braava builds a map of the area as it cleans, marking walls, obstacles and drop off as it encounters them. Braava starts by cleaning open areas, moving methodically back and forth across your floor. Braava then follows with a perimeter sweep along the edges of furniture and walls for a complete clean. When Braava is finished cleaning, it returns to where it started and parks itself so you know right where to find it. Smart sensors help Braava slow down before bumping walls and furniture, detect areas that are too low for Braava to enter, avoid area rugs and avoid falling down stairs.

iRobot Braava 380t Automatic Floor Cleaner With Cradle

Cleaning cloths: Braava works with both disposable cleaning cloths and re-usable microfiber cloths for dry sweeping and wet mopping floors.

Disposable Cloths

Braava is compatible with most brands of dry and pre-moistened wet cleaning cloths including Swiffer® brand and store brands like Target®. These are widely available at grocery, drug and mass merchant stores. You can even buy them online. Please note that Braava is not compatible with Swiffer® WetJet® Refills.

Microfiber Cloths

Braava also works with specially designed microfiber cloths that can be re-washed and re-used hundreds of times. There are different cloths optimized for different kinds of cleaning. Dry Sweeping Cloths: white cleaning cloths are used dry when Braava cleans in Sweep Mode. Wet Mopping Cloths: textured gray cloths are meant for mopping. Just dampen the cloth with water to use. You can also use water and vinegar. Soapy solutions are not recommended.

iRobot Braava 380t Automatic Floor Cleaner With Cradle


  • NorthStar2® navigation system
  • Cleans up to 4 hours on a single charge
  • Square shape reaches all the way into corners
  • Compact size gets under furniture and other hard to reach places
  • Special mopping motion gets deeper dirt and grime off your floor
  • PerfectEdge™ technology cleans along edges and walls
  • Smart sensors avoid stairs and area rugs
  • Whisper quiet operation

New features:
The Pro-Clean System mops longer and better than ever before. A special Reservoir Cleaning Pad dispenses liquid throughout the cleaning cycle, continually refreshing the Pro-Clean microfiber cloth with fresh fluid. The fluid reserve keeps the cloth damp so Braava Plus can mop up to 350 square feet in a single cleaning cycle.

New with NorthStar2, Braava Plus can travel from one Cube to another to expand its dry sweeping area up to 2,000 square feet in a single cleaning cycle. Set up is easy. Simply place a Cube in the first area you'd like to clean and set additional Cubes set to different channels in other rooms or areas you'd like Braava Plus to reach. As Braava Plus encounters each new Cube it will lock on and keep building its map while it cleans.

New with NorthStar2, the cleaning cycle can be paused to change the cleaning cloth by pressing any button or simply picking Braava Plus up by its handle while it is cleaning. The map of area covered is retained while paused so when Braava Plus resumes cleaning it can continue cleaning areas not yet covered.

Quick Clean Mode:
Braava can be set to clean only open areas and not perform a perimeter clean so you can cover more ground more quickly.

Note: Customers outside of North America will need to supply a plug adapter. Braava is compatible with input voltages of 100V-240V.

What's Included

  • 1 iRobot Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot
  • 1 NA Adapter
  • 1 2000 mAh NiMH Rechargeable Battery 
  • 1 NorthStar Navigation Cube, Channel 4 (requires 2 C batteries, included)
  • 1 Microfiber Mopping Cloth, 1 Microfiber Damp Mopping Cloth
  • 1 Multi-Purpose Cleaning Pad 
  • 1 Pro-Clean Reservoir Pad 
  • 1 Turbo Charge Cradle


  • Mint Battery: Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride
  • Cube Battery: 2 Replaceable C Batteries


  • Dimensions: 9.6"W x 8.5"D x 3.1"H
  • Weight: 4 lbs.


Supplier Product Code

Bravaa 380t

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Reviews Summary

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Customer Reviews

Simply amazing!

Review by Ahmed

i have been using this for many months now. i like that once you buy it and have enough washable cleaning cloth pads you do not need to buy anything more later. the separate navigation monitor that maps the room is really very intelligent and it almost covers all the area while only missing tiny very deep corners. it it is not made for very hard core cleaning but if you run it every few days using both (dry sweeper 1st then wet cleaning.

i generally do not write reviews at all but this one deserved it because it keeps my life clean!

(Posted on 1/21/17)

Love this bot

Review by Carol

This floor cleaner was purchased as a Christmas gift for someone who admired mine. It does a great job and doesn't mind sweeping up the dog hair everyday. I do the wet mop once or twice a week. I have owned mine for several years and only recently had to put a new battery in it. Much cheaper than a cleaning service and whisper quiet while it works.

(Posted on 12/20/16)


Review by Judy

Very useful!
Strongly recommend it to everyone.

(Posted on 12/15/16)

My robot cleans my house perfectly!

Review by yvonne_leung

I got the irobot 380t. Shipping was timely and the price was unbeatable. Highly recommended!

(Posted on 9/26/16)


Review by vincent

Man this robot is QUIET. It does a great job of getting to all areas of the room, is reliable, and effective. The battery needs more Milliamps to run in mop mode for a longer duraation. Bought a 3,000 milliamp after market battery and it cleans twice as long now.

(Posted on 11/23/15)


Review by lillianlingili

I am very impressed with its quiteness and overall functions. Easy to use and can save me lots of energy to keep my ceramic tile and hardwood floor clean. Never regret to have it. Will recommend it to my family members and friends.

(Posted on 10/7/15)

A great product!

Review by Lillian

I am very impressed with its quiteness and overall functions. Easy to use and saved me lots of energy to keep my ceramic tile and hardwood floor clean. Will definitely recommend to my family members and friends.

(Posted on 10/6/15)

More than a great product

Review by Pham

It's great! It save my time on household. Just love it.

(Posted on 8/31/15)

really useful!

Review by Hien

awesome product. It helps me clean the floor with simple steps.

(Posted on 8/29/15)


Review by Hien

Really happy with this robot

(Posted on 8/24/15)

Love love love it

Review by Pamela

This floor cleaner is great, silent and does an impressive job. I use both the dry and wet options and am absolutely happy with both. We have white ceramic tiles in the bathroom and kitchen and it is great to have this Robot around to keep them clean on a daily basis. The quantity of liquid that the wet cloth uses is just perfect and dries almost instantly!

(Posted on 8/17/15)

very cute and works well

Review by Yadong

i used it on hardwood, ceramic, and stone floors. quiet and does a great job. it left some dust bunnies right at the junctions with carpets, but that's expected and easy to pickup afterwards. only complaint is battery life, but that's probably limited by the small size of the robot. we liked it so much that the kids named it Kenny. used it almost daily and kept the floor super clean.

(Posted on 8/11/15)

The best one

Review by Judy

This is the best mopping robot in the world. I would like to buy another one for my mom.

(Posted on 8/8/15)

Great product

Review by Hien

we are happy with this product, then we introduce to other members of my family.

(Posted on 8/7/15)

Love it!

Review by Sarah

As others have said, this is more about maintaining relatively clean floors than doing a hard scrub on filthy surfaces. That said, I still love it! My hardwood flooring shows streaks and smudges easily and takes forever to clean. Now I try to run my Roomba while my children are in the bath at night (it's a bit loud) so that I can turn on the Braava when it's their bedtime. It's whisper-quiet aside from it's beeping alerts. I bought extra wet mop cloths on Amazon that I should have just ordered in the first place on here. I don't use the dry mop option very often and don't find it terribly effective anyway. The Rubbermaid Reveal system was the only other way to get my floors streak free before, but it took time and energy. The Braava is really so effortless and effective and gives the same results as the Reveal mop. I'm very happy with the purchase.

(Posted on 7/20/15)

Fantastic Product

Review by Jamie

I have finally found a cleaning system that actually makes my life easier and is easy to use.
Being somewhat technically challenged, I was intimidated when I first opened the box. I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy the 380t was to set up and use. The included manual was easy to read and understand and best of all it answered all of my questions!
I'm absolutely thrilled with this product! It has performed beyond my wildest expectations. Having two cats and a large dog, animal hair on my tile and hardwood floors is a neverending problem. I can honestly say that it's no longer an issue.
I love that it works for four hours and then recharges so quickly. My only wish is that it would last eight hours on a charge. I know that's an unrealized expectation but I can still hope!
I love, love, love this robot!

(Posted on 12/29/14)

Absolutely fantastic

Review by Judy

The Braava has been absolutely great, we are looking to get another few more as presents!

(Posted on 11/28/14)

Very pleased

Review by Carol

I had planned on simply purchasing a new battery for my old mint model but couldn't resist this new robot when I read about the new features. I love my old mint but this little guy is even better. I love the new water reservoir and the very fast charge time. An additional benefit I hadn't counted on is that this robot doesn't seem to wedge itself under my couch like the old mint sometimes did. Mint has now been banished to the safety of the kitchen while Braava takes care of the rest of the house. My daughter has christened the new Braava "Ludicrous."

(Posted on 9/26/14)

Great job

Review by Marcos

This robot does a great job in my house.
It cleans very well and it is very easy to use.

Now I can do housekeeping much faster.

(Posted on 9/19/14)

Even better than the Mint

Review by Dan

We have had one of the Mint versions for a couple of years and just purchased the newer 380t.
Upstairs and Downstairs are their new names.
We loved the Mint and the Braava is even better.

It's small things, small changes. The sensor lip in front is longer and the new model doesn't get itself wedged into the ony spot in our huse that occasionally trapped the old model.

The new cradle charge is convenient and fast.

All around a great product.

(Posted on 6/26/14)

Excellent robot

Review by Ranj

Braava runs 2 or 3 times a day in our frame shop. Floors are cleaner than ever, also a fun talking point for staff and customers. We'll be buying a 2nd unit for home.

(Posted on 6/26/14)

Smart and easy to use

Review by htc

The robot has an excellent navigation system and is great at keeping the floors clean. Clean the floors once before your first use and the robot can take care of it from then on.

(Posted on 6/17/14)

Good for maintenance

Review by tm

Pretty good product, but bear in mind, it's for maintaining a relatively clean floor, rather than making a dirty floor clean.

Also, it's not a "set & forget" system and requires human intervention to load the pads and get it running, so it's not good for those that like their robot cleaners to work when they are not home!

Tends to get stuck more frequently when in "mop" mode rather than in "sweep" mode, so I just tend to use the "sweep" mode even when I use a damp cloth and the reservoir pad.

Great navigation system
Pause / Resume cycle allows to switch pads halfway
Covers wide area in sweep mode
Good for maintaining a clean floor

Requires human intervention to change pads (every 20-30 mins)
Unable to fully clean dirty stains effectively, it's not a floor scrubber
Does tend to push dirt around, so if your floor is particularly dirty, need to change pads frequently

(Posted on 4/8/14)


Review by emperingham

I bought the robot vacuum with the sweeper washer and I love love them,with the pair my floors have never been this clean, without getting on my hands and knees and scrubbing with a brush.

(Posted on 4/1/14)

Great product.

Review by Joobee

The Braava is a great product for picking up pet hair, dust and fine debris. It is also very quiet. You can make it clean while doing other things around the house and it will not bother you. It is also virtually maintenance free. No brushes that hair and debris can get caught on, just install the sweeper or cleaning cloth and then toss it in the washer when done.

(Posted on 3/20/14)

Didn't believe these things would work.

Review by Annette

I am the most obsessive person when it comes to clean and am also a very sceptical person. Didn't believe these things would work. I have had my Braava floor cleaner for nearly two weeks now and don't know how I've managed without him. I manage a 7000 sq ft house, am a caregiver to a very ill person, and " Santa's Little Helper" (I named him) has been a life saver. Shipping was fast and my order was filled perfectly! I am patiently anticipating the arrival of the pool cleaner. Now if you can only come up with something that cooks!

(Posted on 2/11/14)

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