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Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Product Code : RB-Nto-37

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  • High-performance robot vacuum that's best for picking up dust and allergens 
  • Includes new spiral blade brush, high performance filter, boundary markers and new brush and filter cleaning tool
  • Uses patented Neato BotVision to scan and map the room 
  • Vacuums dirt, crumbs, and dust bunnies from all floor types 
  • Combines powerful suction with a 50% larger brush 
  • Easily scheduled daily cleanings

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About this product


  • High-performance robot vacuum that's best for picking up dust and allergens 
  • Includes new spiral blade brush, high performance filter, boundary markers and new brush and filter cleaning tool
  • Uses patented Neato BotVision to scan and map the room 
  • Vacuums dirt, crumbs, and dust bunnies from all floor types 
  • Combines powerful suction with a 50% larger brush 
  • Easily scheduled daily cleanings

The Neato BotVac D80 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a patented laser-guided technology scans and maps the room, plans, and methodically cleans, automatically moving from room to room. It features a combo brush that is uniquely designed to pick up pet hair—and is quieter, too, especially on hard floors like wood and tile. 50% larger brush, bigger-is-better dirt bin, extra large filter, and precise edge cleaning brush pick up more dirt and debris. Schedule daily cleanings or push a button for instant multi-room or spot cleaning. Automatically goes back to charge base, then returns to where it left off.

 Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Easy-to-use boundary markers keep it where you want and away from place you don’t—like pet bowls, cords, and toys. Just drop them down. Nothing complicated about it. Automatically goes back to its charge base to juice up then returns to where it left off and finishes the job. Easily schedule daily cleanings or just push a button for instant multi-room or spot cleaning.

 Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


  • Features a combo brush that is uniquely designed to pick up pet hair—and is quieter, too, especially on hard floors like wood and tile. 
  • Advanced SpinFlow Power Clean system picks up more of the stuff that lands on the floor--like dirt, cereal, dustbunnies, and crumbs.
  • 50% larger brush gets closer to the wall than those round robot vacuums.
  • Bigger-is-better dirt bin holds more and is easy to empty.
  • Extra-large filter captures more dust and allergens.
  • Precise edge cleaning side brush makes sure not a speck of dust escapes its path.
  • Easily schedule daily cleanings or just push a button for instant multi-room or spot cleaning.
  • Automatically goes back to its charge base to juice up then returns to where it left off and finishes the job.
  • Easy-to-use boundary markers keep it where you want and away from place you don’t—like pet bowls, cords, and toys. Just drop them down. Nothing complicated about it.

Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

What's Included

  • High Performance Robot Vacuum 
  • Integrated Charge Base 
  • Power Cord 
  • Spiral Blade Brush
  • Combo Brush
  • High Performance Filter
  • Side Brush
  • Boundary Markers 
  • Brush and Filter Cleaning Tool


  • Battery NiMH (nickel metal hydride) 
  • Charger Voltage 110V, 220V


  • Length 32.1 cm / 12.7 in
  • Width 33.5 cm / 13.2 in
  • Height 10 cm / 3.9 in
  • Weight 4.1 kg / 9 lbs


Supplier Product Code

Botvac D80

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Customer Reviews


Review by Annabelle

The robot works well but sometimes it can't find his way to go back to home and end up in funny place.

(Posted on 12/22/17)

So far so good

Review by wwiggy

This is our second Neato. It replaces our Neato XV-21, which we had to admit was no longer repairable. Our XV-21 worked great for about a year, we kept repairing it ourselves for another year or so, to keep it limping along. Finally the plastic parts were wearing out and an unfortunate liquid incident put it out of its misery. To be honest, for the price of these vacuums it should have lasted longer, and were relucatant to invest in another within a couple of years of buying our first one.
However, we have a multi-pet household that is under 1000 sq ft and needs to be vacuumed multiple times per week to keep the hair load to a manageable level (not to mention I hate vacuuming when there are so many other things I could be doing). So we took the leap and bought a BotVac D80.
So far we are glad we did for the following reasons: it is much quieter than its predecessor, the dust bin is much bigger, the brush design is easier to clean and it looks like they have fixed some of the problem areas of the the previuos version, the side brush is an welcome addition (no more dust accumulation along the wall edges).
It also appears to be smarter - cleaning the house more efficiently/quickly and doesn't get stuck on things its predecessor couldn't handle. It really does a great job.
The only reason I can't give it full stars is because for the price it better last more than 2 years! If it does, I'll come back and upgrade my rating, if it doesn't I'll have to seriously reconsider my robot vacuum addiction!

(Posted on 8/16/17)

We call it Rosie!

Review by Mariana

Remember the Jetsons' robot maid? That's what we've decided to call our Neato, because it's awesome. We have an old cat that loses a lot of hair throughout the day, so it's been a blessing have the house effectively clean everyday with little effort. We had an iRobot before, and found Neato more effective, because it doesn't just randomly clean. It actually makes a strategy of cleaning lines. Thank you technology !!!

(Posted on 6/20/17)

I like it a lot!

Review by Connie

Great idea...will look for future improvements. Does the work that I don't have time to do.

(Posted on 11/13/16)

Best place to buy your Neato

Review by lucianopedro

RobotShop is the best place to buy your Neato Robotic Vaccum
5 year warranty is a big plus and it really works with no issues
Highly recommended

(Posted on 7/21/16)

After two weeks daily use

Review by Dennis

I'm a retired Structural Engineering Consultant with 3 Golden Retrievers and a Chocolate Lab. Our home is about 2,000 Sq. Ft. with Saltillo Tile throughout and area rugs scattered up the living room, three bedrooms and dressing area and hallways. My wife and I are over 65 years old and my wife has a neuromuscular disorder (Myotonic Dystrophy Type 2).
We live on a fixed income and if we were able to afford it we would hire someone to clean house at least two days a month BUT..... I have a bad habit, when my wife leaves town to make her annual visit to Mayo Clinic I stay home to care for the dogs and look for the latest floor cleaning appliance to automate my chores as much as possible. Years ago I purchased one of the new IRobot carpet robotic vacuums. I was very excited to use it but have to admit that I soon found cleaning the brush and unit out ended up retiring the robotic vacuum before I retired.
This year I have to admit I'm home with the dogs and started looking for the latest floor cleaning advancements since the iRobot. Actually, it was a late night infomercial for the Samsung robotic vacuum. This led to YouTube video reviews. I never heard of Neato Robotics (I'm part of the Baby Boomers generation and the term "Neato" was as corny enough as was the early 60's phrase "Neato Keen". But, the reviews were promising and the profile much lower than the Samsung. Comparing YouTube reviews put the Neato D80 Botvac second only to the iRobot 450.

I found the Neato D80 Botvac through Amazon Prime shipped free from New York to California second day free shipping with no sales tax for $375.00. I was willing to wait a few extra days expecting it to arrive around June 15th. It arrived early having been shipped via FedEx by the Retailer who contracted with Amazon.

I unpacked it and had a good idea of what to expect but to be honest I was pleasantly surprised at how user friendly the Botvac was. I expected to have to clean it often to keep it in top shape but I have to admit it usually results in a day or two in bed with a migraine from my severe allergies to dust and pollen.

The D80 is much more than I expected. It cleans the entire home here in the desert in about four hours including a pause to recharge that take about 90 to 120 minutes. The GPS works so well that the Botvac will know when it needs to be charged and follow what seems to be an illogical path back to its floor charger were it backs itself into its docking station. If it gets stuck and doesn't make it back to its docking station you can manually replace it. When it is charged, place it within two feet of where it ran out of power and it will start up from where it left off.
Cleaning the Botvac is a pleasure due to the strong suction when using the combination brush that has 50% neoprene squeezes and 50% brushes that are easy to clean. The collection bin contains a large capacity HEPA Ultra Filter that has almost as much bin capacity as my Dyson rechargeable stick vacuum. In fact I use the Dyson to assist me in cleaning the Botvac. The bin, filter, rotating side brush (a magnet keeps it connected to a metal post and is easy to remove. The roller brush cover unsnaps buy inserting each thumb on the rear of the base roller cover and lifting it off. The roller easily lifts out, in my case with dog hair wrapped around the roller brush. Neato provides a brush comb that looks like a plastic letter opener and has a similar protected cutting edge. Ideal for cutting tangled hair while the comb frees it from the brush. My Dyson comes in handy here to clean up the hair that's removed. Each end of the roller has a plastic plug that locks the removable brush and squeegee sections into tracks on the roller allowing complete cleaning. On one end, the plastic plug is served into a ball bearing roller. The fixed end fits Ober a dquare Peg that is part of the powerful motor.
I haven't mentioned the two large rubber wheels that are spring loaded. It the Botvac becomes tangled on the fringe of a rug other it becomes blocked in a tight space the wheels lift the rear body of the robot and provides sufficient torque to work the Botvac free from almost all obstacles. If it can not free itself it will issue a sufficiently loud beeping to alert you it is in distress. It's happen a couple of themes but the Botvac will continue to work itself free.

The ball bearing plastic plug on the one end of the roller brush became obstructed. I don't know if it was a piece of dust or possibly a failing ball bearing. This is the only frustrating problem I had. It appears that this removable plug can not be purchased without buying a new combination roller for $22-plus dollars. This piece is perhaps less than a few dollars or less. There is a second squeegee roller included but for some reason the end plugs are not removable.

Finally, I haven't been able to determine if the front bumper could be removed. I do believe that it must be allowed full motion to trigger the sensor behind the bumper to alter it's path and to move around obstacles. The plastic bumper can be partially released from the sides sufficiently enough to get a brush or Q-tip in the space to remove any hard object that would prevent the bumper from moving. The bumper should be allowed to "giggle" enough to allow the "switch" to be triggered.

I'm impressed by the Neato B80 Botvac. It performs exceptionally well although it should not be allowed to become inactive from the failure of an inexpensive but fragile component. Still, I believe it is worth the best rating I can give it.

(Posted on 6/29/16)

Great service and great robot vacuum!

Review by Tamara

This is my second Neato robot vacuum cleaner. In between the first and second one I tried a bObi by bObsweep. After a couple of weeks I sent it back and bought another Neato. My in-laws are on their second Neato also. I highly recommend Neato and the newer models.

(Posted on 5/1/16)

Great robot!

Review by b0om

Bought this after some research and all I can say is 5 stars. This picks up a lot of dirt, I was amazed by how much it actually picked 2 days after the house was cleaned!
All you need to do is set the schedule and empty the bin, rest is taken care of.

(Posted on 3/7/16)

Great Vac

Review by Ryan

Bought this vac for a large house. we move it from room to room it works great. filters last about 2 months if you use the vac 2-3 times a week. charge is fast and cleans well, lots of room in garbage bin so you don't need to empty it every time. great product wish the price was a bit lower. but you get what you pay for.

(Posted on 2/27/16)

Love my vac

Review by Stacey

Bought because I don't have enough time to do daily or every other day vacuuming with my Husky in the house. This thing has no problems getting around the house, cleaning in sections. Haven't set a schedule for it yet, but anytime I'm leaving the house I turn it on and am amazed at how much it collects in the bin. And the unit isnt near as loud as I was expecting, probably half the noise as my regular vacuum. so glad I purchased the vacuum and kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

(Posted on 1/20/16)

Great Logic, but we're still working on Intuition

Review by R4Kees

We purchased the D80 a month ago so that we could move the Roomba 665 to another floor. The past month has been a good head-to-head comparison between these two as each floor is a primary residence: the basement apartment with a long-haired cat; and the main floor with a long-haired dog.

Both robots clean well and I only need to do the extended maintenance (removing fur from the rollers) once a week. The D80 does have a stronger vacuum and it does handle the thick rugs on the main floor more aggressively than the Roomba did. However, the D80 is also more apt to get caught on the sloped base of one easy chair - something the Roomba never did.

As others have mentioned, I do like the methodical back and forth logic of the D80 over the random "wanderings" of the Roomba. Even though most of our rooms are fairly full of furniture - only the hallway has the long clear floor shown in the promo videos - the D80 does work its way around the many obstacles (except for that one easy chair) easily and does clean very thoroughly.

The Roomba bangs into obstacles while the Neato, though definitely the more aggressive machine, treats obstacles it can "see" much more delicately. The D80 is also able to climb over obstacles much better than the Roomba. For example, I have a desk chair that has a tubular metal frame leg structure sitting on a carpet. The Roomba would bump the 1.5" frame base and go around the chair. The D80 climbs over the metal tubing base and cleans under the chair and climbs back out again.

I have scheduled the robots to run 6 days a week. The Roomba does the basement apartment only. The D80 does the main floor for 5 days, and, on the 6th day, I take it upstairs to do the top floor. Since all floors now keep equally clean, I conclude that the D80 is better than the older Roomba as it can keep 2 floors clean.

Both these robots have good logic for finding their way around the house. I love the D80's ability to return to base, recharge, and then resume cleaning where it left off. With 1,300 sq. ft. per level, it's nice to have that feature. The older Roomba simply returns to base when its battery is low and does not go back out to finish what it missed.

In my title, I mention "intuition". The main floor has a 12 year old dog. He has been run into a few times by the D80 as neither one of them has yet figured out how or when to move out of each other's way. I think the dog will need to use his intuition to sort this one out. As well, I have learned to look "through the eyes of the robot" as I go through the house and to move cables that are lying on the floor and things that the robot could become entrapped in. Until I learned this, the robot did get trapped more often. Now, with me trained, it can get through the cleaning with just a few "Please clear my path" alarms.

Each time I clean the robots (empty dustbin and clean filter daily; rollers and wheels weekly), I remember that I didn't have to vacuum the house - and I'm very glad to have my two robots!

(Posted on 1/9/16)

Second Neato

Review by Freda

I gave this Neato to my daughter & son-in-law for Christmas. Since they only have had it for a few days this review cannot tell exactly what the D80 is capable of doing. I have had one XV-11 for over 5 years now and I have it cleaning a two storey house 7 days a week (3 days on one floor & 4 days on the other) We have replaced the batteries & a few small other parts but are 100% satisfied with Neato. Let us hope the D80 can stand up to our old one.

(Posted on 12/27/15)

D80 Robot Vacuum

Review by Reebo

D80 robot vacuum was a christmas gift to my wife, we used it once so far and did an excellent job and went right back to the charging station like it said, now if you make a robot to do laundry and cook i can trade her in lol.

(Posted on 12/27/15)

This Robot Works Great

Review by Roger

We just received our botvac 3 weeks ago and are so impressed with the cleanup it does. the first 3 times out it finished cleaning our top level of our home and it was completely full of dirt. My wife couldn't believe how well it worked. We are so happy we are thinking about getting another botvac for the main level.

(Posted on 12/17/15)

Excellent product

Review by P_Mtl

The robot is great. With a baby at home, I didn't have time to clean the floor everyday. Now that I have the robot, the house is cleaner and my baby can crawl the entire house. :) The robot is not so loud. It doesn't disturb me that much. However, there are some places that the robot can't go by itself. In my house, the robot don't go to the bathroom, because the floor is not at the same level with the aisle. I need to manually take the robot to the bathroom.

(Posted on 11/26/15)

No more hair

Review by Curtis

Had the robot for a couple of weeks, and it has done a great job keeping our German Shepherd's hair off the floor.I have it programmed to clean Monday-Friday while at work.Clean the dust bin and filter daily. Great product, wish we had it sooner!

(Posted on 11/18/15)


Review by David

Coming from previous-generation XV-21, which died after 2 1/2 years of valiant service.

D80 is significantly quieter, it's more tolerable to run while we're around the house.

Battery lasts longer.

Side brush works well, no longer leaves dust by the edge of the room.

Filter seems improved, may be allowing less dust through?

Gets stuck about as often as the old model. My roommate nicknamed the old one "stupidbot", and it's kind of apt.

A whole lot better than (never) vacuuming myself!

Expensive, but I figured it was worth it with the 5-year vendor warranty.

(Posted on 11/16/15)

very good product

Review by liqun

other than occasionally got tripped, this robot is great! I especially like the way it cleans the floor. It didn't go like a blind robot that roams randomly, but it would detect the boards of the rooms first and then, within the boards, it started to plan its way cleaning the floor row by row. A truly smart robot. love it. have already recommended a friend to buy it.

(Posted on 11/12/15)

Far superior to Roomba, great floor coverage

Review by Mark

First a little about our house - down stairs is the kitchen, dining and family area which is all hardwood. Upstairs is bedrooms, all pile carpet.

The Botvac lives downstairs and is set to run at midday every day of the week. It takes about 38 minutes to run. We no longer need to use the large noisy upright vacuum downstairs, the Botvac is amazing on wood floors.

I purchased the Botvac for two primary reasons - the Roombas were driving me crazy, and because I hate having crumbs on the floor in the kitchen. Roombas just smash around the room, crashing into things and them bouncing off on some other angle. It's like randomly hitting a ball on a pool table and watching it bounce around. Nobody would vacuum their floors like that. As an engineer, I really appreciate the thought that has gone into the Botvac - it has a SUPER wide brush and pickup area relative to the Roomba meaning it really gets in the corners and along edges. The real reason it shines though is that it maps the room, runs around the outside of the room and then does a "lawnmower" pattern to clean the floor in the middle with about 30% overlap. This is exactly what a robot vac should do in my opinion - nothing is missed, every last bit of floor in every room is covered. The Roomba would miss bits of the floor and would spend 1.5-2hrs doing that, plus the 5 series Roombas we had did not get into the corners or along edges anywhere near as well - it was more likely to push debris away than collect them.

The only thing that gets our hardwood floors cleaner now is the mop, because no vaccuum is going to remove fine dust that comes off shoes or marks from wet food that may have slipped off the bench and not being wiped up properly. So I still mop once a week or so, but i'm no longer vacuuming every other day.

On the carpet is a different matter. I used to vacuum twice a week with a brand new hoover vac (5 months old when we got the Botvac). I figured the floors would be pretty clean. After running the Botvac over the carpet 8 times in a row, the filter was finally not logged with dust, hair and carpet fluff. I was pretty amazed. I take the botvac upstairs every other day and run it over the floors twice, this always gives me just enough dust and fluff to fill the pleats of the filter. So I figured it was doing a pretty good job, when I first got it a month ago, it kicked the hoovers butt with the sheer amount of stuff it pulled out of the carpet (and this is a new house, so its not like there is years and years of crud in the carpet). It still manages to pull up more crud every time it's run, but not a lot. Today I vacuumed the carpet for the first time in a month with the Hoover, after having run the botvac twice yesterday - the hoover had a pretty surprising amount of fluff and fine dust/sandy stuff in it's canister - enough that it would have completely filled the Botvac's bin. I did do a really good job of the carpets though, going over it slowly from two directions to see how much the botvac had missed. Then, I bought the botvac upstairs and ran it again, and it has pretty much filled it's filter to the top of the pleats and has fine dust/sand and such sitting in the bottom of the bin. So it's still getting stuff the hoover couldn't get, and the hoover is getting a bunch of stuff the botvac cant get (the hoover has FAR higher suction, so i'm not surprised by this). That being said, I think the botvac complements the upright vacuum - meaning I just need to vacuum once every 4-6 weeks with the upright, because the botvac is getting 90% of the dirt.

A few other notes on the Botvac vs Roomba... the roombas are pretty destructive, they hit things with a lot more force than the Botvac, the Botvac knows where things are and if the thing is shorter than the laser scanner it barely bumps it before backing up. The roomba will happily shove a shoe all around your house, the botvac will move it 2-3mm and back up.

The botvac gets full coverage of your house. The roomba is random chance as to whether it will go into a room or not. 50% of the time the roomba would not discover the downstairs washroom, the botvac will always get it.

The suction on the botvac is impressive, for a battery powered vacuum cleaner it does a damn good job - the roomba running on our carpets barely shows anything in the filter or the bin when it is done.

The botvac is logical, it follows a logical pattern around a room, completes the full room then moves on. It always knows how to get back to it's charge dock. The roomba smashes around until it's run for a certain amount of time, then figures its done. It rarely makes it back to it's dock.

If the botvac runs out of power whilst cleaning, it returns to it's dock, charges up, and then continues on where it left off. The roomba just stops where it is and chirps that it's finished, despite the fact it missed 3 rooms because it spent an hour bouncing around the dining table and chairs (and pushing them all over the room!)

With the roomba you need to tidy up things on the floors before it runs, or the bags/shoes/mugs that might be on the floor will get pushed around or broken. Its not uncommon to find a shoe in another room altogether. The botvac we don't bother, it avoids or JUST brushes the items. Very light shoes may be up a 1cm from where you left it, but not much more.

Now, the botvac does get stuck at times. Where our stairs are it can sometimes get itself into the spot where there is wall and stair a bit too tightly and it cant figure out how to get out, because it's tried to clean the corner of the stair a little bit too hard. I've also found it wedged on an angle between two chair legs before. I'd say it gets stuck once every 3 days, but I just need to move it a tiny bit, hit the home button and it continues where it left off.

I wish the scheduler had the option to schedule multiple passes, so it would clean the house twice rather than once - this would be particularly good on the carpets.

The Botvac doesn't have the option for firmware upgrades. The older Neato robots did, which I thought was wonderful because they can be upgraded to do their job better as the developers continue to work on it. Software/Firmware is never finished. It made me a bit sad to find I couldn't do a firmware upgrade.

Some people have said on other websites that the lack of a remote control/phone/wifi interface is a negative for the botvac - I really dont see this as the case. The need for an external device to setup a schedule on the vacuum is stupid. The roomba needs this, it doesn't have a graphical display just some leds and buttons. The botvac has a nice little colour screen so it can tell you what it wants, and several capacitive touch buttons (which are PERFECT for a vacuum, they can't get clogged with dust after years of service and stop working!). From the time the Canada Post guy dropped the box off to the point I had the robot out of it's box, charging, and scheduled to run every day was 4 minutes. I wasnt rushing. I haven't had to touch the settings or options since, and dont foresee the need to. Adding the cost of bluetooth, wifi, wireless remotes etc is pointless - it does not make it clean better and it does make it cost more.

(Posted on 10/23/15)

Great little vac

Review by Jared

Wonderful little vacuum! I had the XV signature pro previously, which I loved until it broke beyond repair. This vacuum is definitely an improvement over the previous version. The added side brush helps around baseboards, the larger dust bin is a big plus as well. The main brush is also very easy to remove and reinstall, which makes cleaning and maintenance super easy. The vacuum still gets stuck on occasion, but overall makes cleaning so much easier. The amount of dirt, dust, and hair this thing picks up on a regular bases is mind boggling. If only our dog loved neato as much as we do...

(Posted on 10/19/15)

Almost Awesome

Review by Michael

Have had Higgins for nearly a month. Family of 4 with 2 pre-teen kids and a growing puppy. Higgins is responsible for about 1,500 square feet and takes about 1.5 hours to complete. Sometimes he can do it in one charge and other times not. As his power depletes, the suction part turns off and he roles back to his dock to recharge and starts back up when charged again. He resumes cleaning from where he left off.

Overall, impressive little bugger. Navigates very well and is efficient in the grid approach it takes. Unfortunately, there have already been a few instances where he gets lost and can't orientate himself and asks for the path to be cleared when there is nothing in his way. We are hoping that with an update, these little bugs will be sorted out.

On cleaning power and frequency: Higgins is set to clean the space every other day and there hasn't been a situation where the bin isn't nearly full. We were floored the first time this happened as we consider ourselves above average in cleanliness. We empty the bin religiously and clean the filter religiously also. We believe this improves Higgins' ability to clean. One small note, order many additional filters. We ordered the 6 pack and I'm pretty confident we will cycle through 1 a month.

We are about half hardwood and half carpet and it's clear on the carpet his cleaning matrix. He gets almost every spot negotiating corners, table legs, piano benches, chairs, bags, etc.. He's not too bad with cords and generally muscles over them. We haven't seen him get mechanically stuck on these so we are currently not being too fussed about tucking them away.

It's interesting when in tight places how the programming tries to get every inch by pivoting and elevating his rear-end at times. Yes, Higgins rear wheels are on spring-type mechanisms allowing the machine to go somewhat vertical to get out of tight, cramped locations.

On the display...many reviews on the web give it a tough review. It's a simple display, without a remote, but this is a vacuum cleaner. You set the time, the language, the schedule and quite honestly, you don't have to do much more after that. It's fine and we are happy there aren't any fancy bells and whistles that will eventually break down. It beeps and reminds you to empty it and if you forget to put the bin back after emptying, it reminds you of that too.

The 2 physical buttons on the machine allow you to override the schedule and clean the house with one touch and the other button allows you to clean a 6ft by 6ft area (I think it's that or damn close) immediately in front of the machine.

Looking forward to a simple software update to fix the couple of hiccups we've experienced, otherwise great product. Hopefully it lasts and hats off to Robotshop for stepping up and back in it with a 5 year warranty.

(Posted on 9/26/15)

Just Get One !!

Review by Merlin309

My daughter did her homework and got a D80.
We were in the market - so she brought it over and we let it run around the living room.
Now understand - we have a whole house central vac system and regularly use it to keep things clean - but we also have 2 cats.
When the D80 was done with the living room, we were AGHAST !! The bin was almost full with fur, dust, and chibbles - - those little hard bits of stuff that must tunnel into your carpet through hyperspace. So - - we ordered one.
It took 35 days to arrive - - popular little bugger - had to wait for the next shipment. It got here the day before we'd scheduled a pro cleaning crew to come in and give the house a thorough once over prior to beginning monthly maintenance. Among other things, they vacuumed all.
We sent 'Rosie' {our D80 - named for the Jetsons housekeeper :-) } out the next day. Whenever she went back to the dock, and sometimes in mid-cycle, we'd check and empty the dust bin. It was ALWAYS FULL !! :-O :-O
A week later - we sent Rosie out again - with similar results. We plan on sending her out weekly until she comes up empty handed.
I also have to hand it to Neato - - the AI in this little thing is INCREDIBLE ! The first time Rosie went out - my wife and I watched her for at least 30 minutes - - Fascinating! Rosie worked her way around table legs, under chairs and couches, never missing a spot, and always remembering her way 'home' AND where she'd left off.
I am just a bit jealous of my Daughters D80 though - HER unit says 'thanks for emptying my dust bin', and mine just says 'please put my dust bin back in'. I've checked and there are no downloadable firmware updates for the D80 yet. But there is always hope :-)
Rosie saves us about 90+ minutes of work with out central vac every time we send her out, and from what I've seen, she does one HECK of a better job. Of course - it takes her about 6 - 8 hours, or 3-4 recharges - - but she is Definitely a Permanent member of the family !

(Posted on 9/16/15)

Very impressed

Review by Derek

The Neato Botvac D80 has exceeded my expectations. The robot vacuum does an excellent job of navigating around obstacles and dislodging itself if it becomes stuck. The vacuum performance is very good and the battery life is more than sufficient.

The filter and dirt bucket needs to be cleaned after each vacuum and cleaning the filter thoroughly generates a lot of dust but this is to be expected and is a good sign that the vacuum is actually cleaning things up.

(Posted on 9/16/15)

Fantastic, Just as Advertised!

Review by Seth

Just moved into a larger apartment and the task of keeping the floors clean with two cats and a wife with long hair was daunting. This robot has completely solved my problem! I have programmed it to clean the entire apartment (~1000 sq ft) every morning after my wife and I leave for work. The robot does an excellent job and always finds its way back to its charging base. In fact, the only way I can tell that it actually ran each day is to check and empty its dustbin. Huge time saving device, and now I never have to worry about cleaning cat and wife hair off of my clean socks!

My only suggestions for future improvement:
1) Make the exhaust vent in the back of the robot point up rather than horizontal. With a horizontal airflow (along the floor behind the robot), pet hair that is waiting to be picked up tends to be blown around. So while the robot covers every square inch of my apartment, if the hair moves to an area that has already been cleaned, then it does not get sucked up. To Neato: simply allow the exhaust to vent upward and this problem will be solved!

2) The dust bin and filter need to be cleaned almost every cleaning. This involves dumping the dust (easy) and then scraping hair out of the filter (harder). There must be a better way for those of us with hair producing animals. Maybe add a flat screen in front of the filter so that hair can easily be removed?

Overall, highly recommended and by far the best robot vacuum on the market!

(Posted on 9/16/15)

Really great device

Review by Frank

Was skeptical but after reading lots of reviews, I decided to take the plunge. Amazing to watch this little booger work. Not at all perfect but really does a great job stretching out how often you have to do a thorough vacuuming. Wife says it's the BEST purchase we have made in a long time. Just wish we had a docking station for each room instead of having to relocate the one we have. Buy extra magnetic boundaries to keep the little booger from trying to go under places it won't fit. REALLY love this machine!

(Posted on 9/16/15)

Best Investment

Review by Jo

I ordered botvac 80 the day it was available in Canada. I was very excited to test out this robot as I've had read so many reviews. A long time ago I've used a roomba from Costco and never understood how good it covers the floor plan if it randomly bumps around a room so never used it for the longest time. Until recently, I've had a child and realized I have no time to clean, I decided to research and found this botvac and was highly recommended and it actually maps out the room and vacuums in a strategic path that doesn't leave a spot unvacuumed. First time using it I was already impressed and like watching it run. I wanted to watch it work at least the first time so that I know what furniture or items I need to put away. Even with toys everywhere and a thick rug the only thing it got stuck on was my high chair since the leg was circular, so all I did was put the given magnetic strip so that it will bypass it. The only problem I had was to find the spot to put the charging dock, so it actually needs 1 meter from each side and in the front as originally I was going to put it in a corner. The robot is a bit loud so I run it late night or when I am away. As well, I didn't realize there was a newer version called botvac connected (which came out a few days after mine). If I had known I would had opted for that one but not out until near year end. New botvac connected is suppose to have wifi which you can control on your phone and two suction functional that has a quieter mode. But so far no regrets and very happy with my purchase. I've also been out of commission as I had just finished an operation and this botvac has helped immensely. Dumping the garbage is easy too and it comes with a comb to help get rid of the debris. Easy to do even when I am not as mobile.

(Posted on 9/15/15)

Great robot, saves time

Review by Florence

We have a large apt, all on the same floor. It saves us 2h/week. Our home is now much cleaner than it was before because we use it more frequently. The robot works pretty well, less noisy than our normal vacuum, eve if we set it up to work when we are not at home.
The robot needs quite a bit of time to clean all rooms, and it needs to charge the battery in-between, but that's fine.
It is nice to watch! Works really well on the floor and carpet.
The downside is that you have to be careful and don't let anything on its way (which is a bit difficult when you have kids): no socks, no USB, no doormat... Or you can see it as a good side because it helps you to tidy things up!

(Posted on 9/15/15)


Review by Robert

I'm an engineer. Although I've wanted a robot vacuum for a long time, I couldn't bring myself to buy a robot that bounces around the room like a pinball in a pinball machine. We're on the verge of having self driving cars navigate through busy city streets, yet most brands of robot vacuums can't even navigate efficiently through a house? I watched my friends' Roombas leave an unappealing criss cross pattern on their carpets and was not impressed.

But then there's the Neato brand. Specifically, the new D80, which is a beefed up and improved version of previous models. Unlike the Roomba, it navigates efficiently through rooms in straight line patterns.

We received the robot yesterday. Before setting it off on its first run, I had my son vacuum the entire upstairs of our house. I wanted to see what the Neato would pick up on a freshly vacuumed carpet.

For starters, the robot did a great job navigating through all of the bedrooms. It only got stuck twice. Once it halted after sucking up my wife's shirt, which was hanging onto the floor of our walk-in closet. The second time it managed to ride up on the metal leg of a bed. Other than these two problem areas it navigated perfectly and found its way back to the base.

As I popped open the dust container, I expected to see very little dust since we had just vacuumed the carpet. But I was shocked to find the dust bin was completely full and overflowing! And even more interestingly, I noticed it contain mainly fine dust and dog fur - the kind of stuff you'd expect to be trapped deep in the carpets.

After a couple hours of recharging, I ran it again. Again it picked up a lot of dust although not as much as its first pass. Navigation was even more efficient than the first time, as it started at the farthest room and worked its way back towards the other side of the house.

As I type this, the D80 is working on its 3rd pass of our upstairs bedroom area. I'm determined to get the carpet clean - and keep it clean - with this robot vacuum to help my son with his allergies.

So my first impression of this robot vacuum cleaner is very positive. But time will tell whether it continue to perform well. I'm curious to see how durable it is and whether it requires frequent servicing. I bought it from the robot shop because they provide a free 5 year warranty with the unit.

(Posted on 9/1/15)

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