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RoboClaw 2x15A, 6-34VDC Regenerative Motor Controller

Product Code : RB-Bat-47

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  • Can supply two brushed DC motors with 15 Amps
  • Dual quadrature encoders with up to 19.6 million pulses per second
  • High performance motion control intelligence
  • Can also change direction during full throttle without damage

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About this product


  • Can supply two brushed DC motors with 15 Amps
  • Dual quadrature encoders with up to 19.6 million pulses per second
  • High performance motion control intelligence
  • Can also change direction during full throttle without damage

The RoboClaw 2x15A, 6-34VDC Regenerative Motor Controller can supply two brushed DC motors with 15 Amps continuous and up to 30 Amps peak. With its multi-mode interface it can be controlled from USB, RC radio, serial devices, analog and or microcontrollers such as an Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

RoboClaw 2x15A, 6-34VDC Regenerative Motor Controller

Dual quadrature encoders with up to 19.6 million pulses per second are supported. In addition, a wide range of sensor inputs including potentiometers and absolute encoders are supported. RoboClaw's close loop functionality creates absolute control over speed, velocity and direction regardless of loading changes.

At the heart of RoboClaw is a high performance motion control intelligence which achieves high precision control and optimum motor performance in open or closed loop modes.

RoboClaw 2x15A, 6-34VDC Regenerative Motor Controller


  • 3.3V Safe Outputs: Yes
  • 5V Tolerant Inputs: Yes
  • Quadrature Encoders: Yes
  • Absolute Encoders: Yes
  • Encoder Auto Tune: Yes
  • Motor Channels: 2
  • BEC: 5 VDC @ 3Amp
  • Thermal Protection: Yes
  • Current Sense: Yes
  • Battery Protection: Yes
  • Regenerative Braking: Yes
  • Other Voltage Protection: Yes
  • Under Voltage Protection: Yes
  • Max Voltage: 34 VDC
  • Min Voltage: 6 VDC


  • USB: Yes
  • Analog: Yes
  • RS232: Yes
  • CAN Bus: No
  • RC Pulse: Yes
  • Configurable I/O: Yes
  • Scripting: No
  • Position Control Mode: Yes
  • Velocity Control Mode: Yes
  • Torque Control Mode: Yes
  • Motor Type: Brushed DC


  • Dimensions: L: 74mm x W: 52mm x H: 17mm
  • Weight: 61 grams
  • Cooling: Top Side Heat Sink

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Customer Reviews


Review by Bart B.

Works as expected.
Connected first to a Windows PC with the USB interface and used the software from Waveshare to test. Worked directly.
Thereafter connected to a raspberry Pi via the UART interface. Used the Waveshare libraries ( C code ) and works like a charm.
Great controller!

(Posted on 1/27/18)

Good mid-level motor controller

Review by Rhys

I bought this as a replacement for a Sabertooth motor controller that blew up and it has for the most part served me well with a couple minor complaints.

As described in the product description the controller has a USB connector that can be talked to via the API the manufacturers provide. This is nice and is far more reliable than operation via a PWM input or using an Arduino as an intermediary. However as I mentioned I have the following complaints:

1. The ROS driver they list in on this page was not originally written by them, it was simply later picked up off of the original author. This would not matter were it not for the fact that last I checked the driver had several race conditions in the code that could lead to garbage being sent to the motor controller.

2. The Ion Studio app aside from not being cross OS compatible appears to potentially have issues with it's auto-tuning. When I attempted to use it with my setup, it led to some extremely weird behaviour and resulted in PID values that were useless, so I had to resort to manual tuning instead.

3. The motor controller freaks out if you disconnect an encoder when you are commanding the motor controller to reach a certain speed. This is actually more of a hardware issue, but given the controller only offers header pins, unless you intend to solder your encoder lines on this is something to be aware of.

4. Finally, I've encountered cases where despite cutting off all commands to the motor controller it continues with the last command. This means that if your motors are spinning like crazy, the only option at that stage is to find some way to cut power to the controller.

Despite these complaints, the motor controller overall has been reliable and was a nice step up from my previous Sabertooth motor controller (Despite little difference in price, I might add).

(Posted on 1/13/18)

Great, BUT......

Review by SimonR

Be VERY careful of the USB socket. it's surface mount soldered in place but the smallest force will dislodge the socket.
I've managed to fix one by soldering a fly-lead on to the board - but the other one is toast.
I'm going to cover the USB socket with a short USB lead plugged in with hot glue on the next one to try to make it a tiny bit more robust.

The good bits:
Very easy to set up with the IONStudio software. Great for potentiometer or quadrature closed loop setups. It has an auto-tune function but I never managed to make it work very well (easier to tune manually).
If they put a decent through-hole USB socket on these, it would be the best controller in it's class.

(Posted on 12/10/17)

Very good and complete product

Review by Michael

It's a little expansive but it worth what you pay for.

Just read the user manual and you 'll understand

(Posted on 6/19/17)

Awesome product!

Review by Maximilian

The RoboClaw combines a motor driver, quadrature encoder decoder and motor controller into one product. This enables you to get your drive train set up and running in no-time.

It can save you many hours of implementing all the motion control algorithms and tuning your motor's speed and position controller's PIDs!

Simply wire it up according to the manual, configure the parameters as needed and auto-tune the position and velocity controller - no additional work is requred!

In addition to that, there's also a 3rd party ROS driver available, which works pretty well, although it's not officially supported by the RoboClaw's manufacturer.

(Posted on 5/31/17)

fast and easy service

Review by Mike

fast and easy

(Posted on 2/13/17)

Not too happy for my application

Review by robocrane

I bought this in combination with an RC transmitter and receiver to control a manual crane. Decided to use this setup to get variable speeds on the motors (versus a more simple on/off of motors using FOBS and relays) but I can't get the full voltages out of the controller nor can I figure out how to troubleshoot! I'd put up with the size of the transmitter (RC versus FOBs) but I tested this with just a voltmeter to exclude any motor issues and the inconsistent voltage outputs is an outstanding issue. I really need the full 12 VDC to these motors.

Even without full power, I can still spin 3.6A wheelchair motors (24VDC running slower at 12VDC) and love the fact that it has indicator lights to signal when RC signals are coming in. You have to change the default mode to RC but otherwise, it was fairly easy to get going. Not too sure how to troubleshoot the inconsistent voltages coming out of this unit. Might be going to a simple FOB to relays, Robotshop doesn't carry that so I'd have to buy it somewhere else.

(Posted on 8/17/16)

Excellent board with a lot of options

Review by Francois Jr.

Fast free shipping.
One have to be well versed in electronics/automation/robotics/programming to use and configure these boards but boy do they deliver in terms of capabilities and configurability.

The manual from iMotion lacks concrete application examples. It also warns users that connecting positive and negative in reverse will damage the board...I confirm this....don't make such a mistake.

Very satisfied with the board.

(Posted on 3/5/16)

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