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Hitec 2 Axis Joystick GIM-01

Product Code : RB-Hit-129

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Aurora 9 Gimbal
Create your own control solution
Can enable or disable self centering on both axis
Feature high sensitivity, 8 ball-bearings, and adjustable tension

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About this product


Aurora 9 Gimbal
Create your own control solution
Can enable or disable self centering on both axis
Feature high sensitivity, 8 ball-bearings, and adjustable tension

The 2 Axis Joystick GIM-01creates your own control solution. These gimbals feature high sensitivity, 8 ball-bearings, and adjustable tension. You can enable or disable self centering on both axis and enable ratcheting on the Y axis. Standard 5K pots built-in (4.8V to 12V).

Hitec 2 Axis Joystick GIM-01


Axis configuration

Hitec 2 Axis Joystick GIM-01


The dimensions of the Aurora 9 joystick are not available from the manufacturer, so we suggest measuring the unit when you receive it. For some general dimensions, please refer to the image below:

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Customer Reviews

these are great for the money

Review by Yang

I am customizing my own remote controller, and these are great gimbal joysticks for my project. They are much precise than those cheap arduino joysticks, comes back to exact middle point every time, and great force feedback as well. Each axis can be easily customized to auto-centering, or stay at the position, by tightening or loosening a screw. If there is a drawback, it is a bit thick, so could not design a low profile controller based on these.

(Posted on 3/23/18)

Please keep carrying these

Review by Elizabeth

These are one of a kind joysticks. They are high quality and very adjustable. We haven't found anything else out there on the market like these. In the past, these joysticks have often been out of stock. Please keep carrying them!

(Posted on 5/10/17)

Robotshop and these gambles, they are both the best.

Review by Wynne

I replaced the gimbals in my Taranis RC with these; you don’t know how good they are till you do this. They feel smooth during control and more precise and seam to my your flying flow than feel rough in control. You can see the quality and I would highly recommend changing to them. Robotshop have been fantastic keeping me informed all the way as they were finding it hard to get hold of them, don’t let this put you off as they are hard to get but well worth doing so.

Again I can’t give a better recommendation than Robotshop and these gambles, they are both the best.

(Posted on 12/22/16)


Review by reviewer

This works great and is very versatile. We couldn't find anything else like it.

(Posted on 1/25/16)

Great Gimbals and upgrade for 9X

Review by Ron

Received mine yesterday ,took about 2hrs to install into turigy 9x, not a direct replacement,but with a bit of dremmeling and soldering they go in fine,and when finished are silky smooth and way better that originals.

(Posted on 1/21/16)

Awesome gimbals for 9x

Review by Andrey

Purchased a pair of these to replace gimbals in Turnigy 9x. Doesn't feel like $50 radio anymore and actually no longer is :-)

(Posted on 11/17/15)

Installed on 9XR Pro

Review by Vasily

Best gimbals for turnigy. Nice and smooth movement. Very easy to install.

(Posted on 10/6/15)

Needed it so badly

Review by Pip

Installed it in my Hitec radio and it is as good as new

Thank you

(Posted on 8/2/15)

Installed on 9XR, feels very good

Review by Piotr

Very good joystick, feels fine, spring tension adjustable, centering adjustable, throttle clock od smooth adjustable. 5kOhm poti, centered. I increased the voltage on my 9XR to 7V (instead of 5V) to use more resolution. Works fine. I am satisfied.

(Posted on 5/7/15)

Very good feeling

Review by Hanbin

This gimbal is same as Hitec Aurora9. I installed it my Turnigy 9x and it works great.

(Posted on 3/11/15)


Review by Mark

The gimbals feel amazing and I have installed them into the Turnigy 9X. Very happy with the product

(Posted on 2/24/15)

Nice gimbals

Review by JAC

Smooth action, better than many other plastic gimbals. No one's mentioned the pot resistance, which is 5K ohms, total. The pot wipers are centered when sticks are centered and there is no adjustment, unlike older style gimbals. I bought a pair of these for a MicroStar2000 Encoder that needs approximately 0V at the low end. Unfortunately, my particular application will require a level shifting circuit.

(Posted on 1/20/15)

Excellent gimbal

Review by Sandor

I installed them into a turnigy 9x transmitter eith some modification. These are very useful and precise joysticks, so I advice them, because exactly better than the original turnigy gimbals.

(Posted on 11/6/14)

2 axis joystick gimbal 01

Review by jkmz

I installed them in a Turnigy 9x. They needed some adjustment but they fitted very nicely.
I adjusted also the spring tension on both of them and removed the spring for the throttle tension and used the already fitted tension adjustment for the throttle movement which offers two possibilities: a) either “click” movement or b) continuous movement.
I also adjusted the length of the sticks.
I calibrated the sticks through the transmitter software. The neutral position of the sticks seemed to be ok. However, after some use the rudder neutral position was not completely accurate but this can be witnessed only in the transmitter’s software (stick movement visualization) and not on the model.
I general these gimbals are many times better and a lot more accurate than the original ones

(Posted on 11/4/14)

Quality product

Review by bptracker55

Product installed with a little work. The performance of these gimbals are very smooth and have precise control. Center gimbal detent solid. Adjustable tension is very easy. Quality product for exact control.

(Posted on 9/23/14)


Review by VRSS

works perfect, great, highly recommend.

(Posted on 7/16/14)

Excellent in mechatronics engineering

Review by Jhonny

This is a joystick precision of excellent quality and very adjustable to programming in mechatronics engineering with projects that can sse highly sensitive because they can be removed only by removing the mechanical self-centering springs and trucanle while

(translated from Spanish with Google translate)

(Posted on 7/4/14)

Nice joystick

Review by Robbie

I've used this in a 3D printed enclosure attached to a MS Surface Pro to control my robotic boat. I've wired it to a TEENSY 3.0 which makes it appear as a USB joystick and it works great. No complicated wiring. I just put the POTs to 5V, GND and analogue inputs. It would be nice to have documentation on the wiring and a more detailed CAD model would be a real bonus.
Solid product!

(Posted on 5/26/14)

Great Gimbals

Review by systemsfail

These are very accurate, smooth and rigid two axis gimbals. They offer a high level of adjustability as well. I strongly suggest them.

(Posted on 4/22/14)

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