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HICAT Livera Robot Kit

Product Code : RB-Hic-01


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  • Full API support for Arduino
  • Open access to embed linux
  • Open Source both SW and HW
  • WIFI Module
  • 720P HD Video live streaming

About this product


  • Full API support for Arduino
  • Open access to embed linux
  • Open Source both SW and HW
  • WIFI Module
  • 720P HD Video live streaming

The HICAT Livera Robot Kit is an open source hardware project which aims to bring machine vision features to the Arduino community.It is the combination of a Wi-Fi router, web cam, accelerometer, Arduino and Raspberry Pi, within a small board size.  It is also a good platform for building visual driven robotics. HICAT Livera Image Sensor has a Full API support within Arduino IDE,Arduino I/O port support.  It also has Open Source code and design, Unique WIFI module allows you to set up AP Mode or AD Mode.  You can record and Live streaming HD video to any or your device or control center.  The mobile app helps you connect and control the board from a mobile device.

HICAT Livera Robot Kit

Image Capturing

Livera is a great platform for image capturing and processing. You can simply get images or videos by writing code or using the custom Web app.

HICAT Livera Robot Kit

Line tracking via OpenCV

It provides a C program which keep getting images (yuv format) from Livera, and using openCV api to detect the black line and draws down marks on the image, constantly updating and viewing the updated image through web interface.

HICAT Livera Robot Kit

What's Included

  • Boards: HICAT.Livera Boardx1 Livera Motor Driver Boardx1
  • Camera: Livera Camera Extend Cablex1 Livera Camera Modulex1
  • Storage:2G SD Card with firmware built in
  • Guidebook: Livera GuideBookx1 Livera Robot Assembly GuideBookx1
  • Power: 9V Lipo Battery and Bat Carrier
  • Motor: E-MAX SERVOx1 DC Gear Motor set (Motor + Motor Carrier + Wheels) x2
  • Structure bits: Robot Base Acrylic Panels set, Omni-directional Wheel Set
  • Screws: M2x15(+6) mm Nylon Studx4, M2x6mm Nylon Studx4, M2x6(+6) mm Nylon Studx8, M2x10(+6) mm Nylon Studx8, M2 Nylon Nutx4
  • OUTPUT: LASER Beanx1
  • Accessories: Stickersx1, USB Cablex1, Screwdriver (+,-) x1


Livera Motor Driver

  • Flexibility: Control up to 4X DC Motor, 4X Servo Motor and 2X Stepper Motor. Would cover most of the Robotics related use cases.
  • Power: Accepted 3 ways of power input, including USB, Standard 2.54 Power Connector and Bonding Part For 5V~12V DC Current.

Livera Robot Kit

  • Assembly and Play: Learn Robotics and computer vision technologies by hands on Livera Robot assembly kit, with detailed guide through Programming and Mechanical Building.
  • Reusable: The Robot kit contains Livera, Livera Motor Driver and various electronics and structural components, all of them are reusable for your advance robotics development.
  • 3.7V lipo battery (No higher voltage)
  • USB Port (MCU)
  • I/O port(VIN)


HICAT Livera Robot Kit


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