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Brushed or Brushless

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Posted: 2018-04-13 15:13 
 Post subject: Brushed or Brushless
My build apparently requires a geared dc motor.

My target rpm is 30 rpm, but need a range from 15 to 60.

I noticed a geared motor on the website.

Lynxmotion 12V 80 rpm 47.77oz-in 1:26.9 Brushed DC Gear Motor w/ Encoder
Product Code : RB-Wtc-20

by Lynxmotion
seems like the one I would need BUT, I have been told that BRUSHLESS motors are much better.
Is there a "BRUSHLESS" equivalent? or is there reasons to go with a brushed?
I will be implementing a speed controller since the rpm's need to be controlled to output at any desired settings of rpm between 15 and 60.
I prefer something like an analog dial - i think they are called a potentiometer.
I want to keep it simple to start, then maybe do the arduino stuff later. - what do you recommend? I'm not very comfortable with the circuit boards stuff at this time, but if simple enough for a learner/beginner - then I'll do it.
I've also been told that the dc speed controllers need to be "brushed" or "brushless" specific. (PWM).
The size, power consumption/efficiency, weight etc is not an issue. Quality is paramount.
It would be nice to just be able to purchase a pre-assembled dc speed controller, so then it's pretty much just plug and play.
your help will be appreciated.

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Posted: 2018-04-16 11:02 
 Post subject: Re: Brushed or Brushless
Hi Tim,

Saying "brushless" or "brushed" motor are better is not real.
They will perform better in some conditions but no one is overall better.

If the RPM, the torque and the voltage are good for you then the RB-Wtc-20 would be a good choice.

Brushed motor controller are really easy and low cost.
Unfortunately we do not have an off-the-shelf solution for you but you could hook a potentiometer to a Pololu 18v7 controller.


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