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Display works Intermittently

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Posted: 2018-04-10 09:34 

I purchased one of your 7" Capacitive LCD
w/ HDMI Interface Product Code: RB-Wav-43 and am having trouble. Sometimes the display works fine and sometimes not. I'm using it with a raspberry pi 3 using HDMI. This PI has been connected to 3 other monitors at varying resolutions and always works except for your display. Sometimes it works fully, sometimes I only see the boot screen but not the OS GUI and sometimes I see nothing. I have set the config file to the resolution and settings specified.



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Posted: 2018-04-12 10:39 
Hi Bart,
  1. What is the power supply you are using to power your Raspberry Pi and LCD Screen ?
  2. What is the version of the firmware of your LCD ? (Rev2.1 or Rev1.1)
  3. Did you follow the setup instructions (with Raspberry Pi) provided in the product's Wiki ?
  4. Could you attach clear pictures showing the issue ?

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